What do you do on a Date Night?

(Okay — well — I mean what activities. I don’t mean that!) 😉

So, today is my 14th wedding anniversary! (Which means I got married VERY young, ok???)

date-nightI am thrilled to be celebrating fourteen years with my wonderful hubby — who has sacrificed MANY date nights for this website!

My mother-in-law is coming over to babysit and we are going OUT!

What to do???

But what should we do? Where should we go?

I have to admit something: My favorite thing to do on our date nights is to go to dinner and a movie. I know — so unoriginal and boring. But I LOVE going to the movies and I rarely indulge unless it is date night.

When I asked my hubby if we could go to a movie, he rolled his eyes and said, “Well I am not seeing another Black Swan!” lol

So, tell me please, what do YOU like to do on date nights with your spouse? (Given a reasonable budget, of course!)

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  1. says

    One of our favorite activities on a date night is to go furniture shopping…with no money. Just planning for the future. Someday when the kids are grown we’ll want these nice leather couches. Someday we’ll get this entertainment center with this big TV. It costs no money, but gives you lots of time to hang out with your spouse and talk. We can even sit a couch or chair or bed and relax while talking. Lots of fun!

  2. says

    We haven’t seen it yet but we’ve heard from everyone we know that it is a wonderful movie. I love finding movies that are family friendly and everyone loves.

  3. says

    A good meal with a glass of wine (or your beverage of choice) at a place where we don’t usually take kids is always a favorite thing to do on date night. Sometimes we go to a professional baseball or basketball game. We’ve gone to the theater a couple of times. Sometimes we go to a movie, and every now and then, we just browse a book store. For an anniversary, do something you woulnd’t normally do on a date night! Have fun, and congratulations!

  4. says

    Happy Anniversary! Next month my husband and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary. Is that crazy?

    We are pretty boring. We like dinner and a movie. We also like going to outdoor concerts and walking around on a nice night. It’s been ages since we did anything really unique. At least now, though, since we’ve got a built in babysitter (ie–a 14 year old daughter) we DO go out regularly!

  5. says

    Date night, you say? What’s that?!? Haha.. we usually plan for dinner and a movie, but usually skip out on the movie to go the grocery store or Sam’s. Whatever takes us up to the very.moment the sitter needs to leave. Now that’s living on the edge :)

  6. says

    Happy Anniversary!

    My husband & I have been married for 12 years & our tradition is to not exchange presents – just an expensive dinner ($100-$200) and a card of course. It’s once a year, and we cannot pick the same restaurant twice. So, every year we have gone to a new-to-us restaurant and we look forward to choosing! (the caveat – we used to live in Vegas where it was really easy to choose a new restaurant every year…in Idaho we are going to have a tougher time in a couple years when we run out of nice restaurants…so we may end up duplicating a choice in a few years!)

  7. hippie4ever says

    Have not had a post baby date night yet, but pre baby favorite:

    Making a YUMMY, different (than usual) dinner together while listening to great music and enjoying a robust red wine :)

  8. says

    I am pretty unoriginal too. My favorite thing to do is go out for a nice meal and then go hang out at Barnes & Noble. We also like going to see a movie or a play too. We have tried bowling and miniature golf, but we quickly learned that he is way too competitive for my extreme non-competitive nature. I say anything is game as long as you both have fun. Enjoy your date night, and Happy Anniversary!! :-)

  9. says

    We LOVE to go out to fine restaurants (the kind that don’t serve chicken fingers). But it’s rare that we get the chance. So…several times a week when he gets home from work, we open a beer (we tend to like to try different things, microbrews and craft beer). And on weekends, we open a bottle of wine and cook together. It takes all afternoon, but we make extravagant things at home and talk and act silly all afternoon while we cook.

  10. Diane says

    My husband and I have been married for 25 years and on our special occasions we like to sit at the beach and watch the sunset. We then like to go to dinner and a movie and then drinks afterwards. This makes for a nice relaxing time together. Congratulations and many more!

  11. Dorothy says

    I am now 72, but my late husband and I learned to square dance about 35 years ago. As the kids got older and moved away, we danced more and more…all over the USA and even Germany. We had hoped to be able to dance in every country in retirement, but that day never came. Enjoy each other while you can!

  12. says

    My husband and I either go to a movie or out for dinner every Saturday and while that’s wonderful, it can be a little bit predictable.

    Every now and then I try to really pull out all the stops while keeping things very realistic for our budget. This is what I did for our 16th anniversary back in February:


    P.S. I just found your site as my friend Coralynn Gehl recommended it. Wonderful place, I can tell I’ll be spending a lot fo time here.

  13. says

    Date night for us is usually dinner or a movie. We have tried bowling and mini putt and they are fun.
    We do like a Wii night once in a while where we play Wii tennis and bowling etc.

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