The Fighting Never Ends

by Janice

I suppose most of you with more than one child immediately pictured quarrelling siblings. But alas, my son Jackson has no siblings to fight with. And Julia — his cousin — is still too small to really put up much of a fight.

No, the fighting I am talking about is my four and a half year old son’s obsession with “battling” and “good guys” vs. “bad guys.” Every stick becomes a sword, every toy engages in conflict. (He has even announced many times, “I only like fighting,” when I suggest he plays another game.)

And it is driving me crazy! Jackson will sometimes concede and do other activities, but his heart remains firmly attached to battling. This is extremely disturbing to me.

The other day we were at the Christian Bookstore choosing some new books for him. The one he instantly fell in love with — and couldn’t wait to get home to read — was David and Goliath. And he didn’t choose the nice cartoon one. No, from across the room he spotted the realistic drawings of David, Goliath and the armies dressed in knight clothing.

“Can we get this one?” he asked, totally captivated and not removing his eyes from the cover to even look at me and beg. He proceeded to request that story over and over for days. He would even want to come in from playing outside to read his David and Goliath book.

And this obsession continues despite my attempts, both subtle and overt, to distract him with more agreeable forms of play.

So my question to you mothers out there: Is this normal?!?

Have any of your boys been fascinated with battling and fighting? What should I do? How concerned should I be? Will he grow out of it soon?

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