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We love to hear suggestions from our readers… so when Jessica from “It’s Not About Your Stuff” asked us to put up a FeedBlitz subscription form, we got right on it.

If you’ve never heard of FeedBlitz, it’s a free service that sends you an email to let you know when blogs you’ve subscribed to have been updated.

Many of you probably already receive email updates from other blogs via FeedBlitz, and now you can also find out whenever we publish a new entry here at “5 Minutes for Mom”.

(If you’re already using Bloglines or another means of reading our RSS feed, then that’s even better. But for those who prefer to stick to email, FeedBlitz is a great tool.)

Signing up with FeedBlitz is really simple — just enter your email in the field in our right sidebar and press submit.

Then you’ll be sure to never miss a post.

And after you’ve signed up with FeedBlitz, click over to the Blogging Chicks Carnival because it’s that time again.

Blogging Chicks Carnival

Blogging Chicks Open Theme Week
Sunday is Carnival Day at Blogging Chicks.


  1. says

    Cool! But I already have you in ‘favorite places’ and check over here every day. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog and the nice thing you said about my daughter!

  2. Susan says

    That’s wonderful to hear that you use Bloglines Kailani. That’s a great way to stay on top of all your blogs.

    And Mom2fur, we love to hear that you’ve got us listed in your ‘favorite places’ and that you check here every day. Warms our hearts!!!

    Thanks Ladies!

  3. says

    I use Wizz RSS for Firefox. I love that it just hangs out right next to my browser window and I can see which posts are new and which I’ve already read. I’ve never used bloglines, but if it’s as good as WizzRSS, I’m in full support of it!

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