Need to Spice up your Play Life?

by Janice

Sadly, summer is ending. Soon it will be too cold to run through the sprinkler and go to the beach. The long days of outdoor play will abruptly end.

Instead, we will be shuttling our kids from school, to sports, to music class and then back again. Somehow we will fit in trips to the grocery store and making nutritious meals.

But when will they play?

Whether you have an only child (like I do) or a large family with many children, play dates are critical. I believe “having friends over” is big part of children’s social development.

So let’s grab the calendar and try to schedule in some play time.

But then the inevitable question — what will they do? Well… they can play with their toys or if the weather is nice go outside. But after awhile, the play “rut” starts to form and we have kids whining that they are bored.

We don’t want the kids turning to TV or video games — but sometimes we run out of ideas. (Now some of you moms may be naturals at coming up with unique games and fun crafts. I, on the other hand, could use some help.)

So where do we turn? Well, we blogging types go online of course!

A fellow work-at-home-mom approached us to review her site called and I am thrilled she did! It is an excellent resource of play date and party ideas with theme Fun Packs, complete with invitations, craft ideas, recipes, games etc. ready to download and print. Fast, easy – and right now they are all FREE!

Fun Pack Play DatesWe will have the coolest play dates and parties in the neighborhood with these sets and our children will have fun with their friends.

The site also includes great information such as Play Date Etiquette, Play Date Initiative, and Healthy Fun Food recipes.

Another great feature of the website is the column Ask the Expert with Betty Lou Bettner Ph.D. In the current post, Dr. Bettner gives a helpful example of how we should help a child who is being excluded from the group. (I tend to rush in and “save” my son or other children, and I really appreciate Dr. Bettner’s expertise on this delicate subject.)

So if you need some creative ideas for play dates or parties definitely check out With all their packs on for free for a limited time – it is an excellent chance to spice up the play life at your house!

PS – Did I mention she has a blog too? Her latest post gives some fun hints for how to survive a rainy camping trip.


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