The Summer Soundtrack

by Jennifer Donovan

Summer should have a soundtrack.

There are certain songs or CDs that I associate with specific events or road trips or outings. Fun, kicky music is often what I thought of as driving music or the backdrop to the carefree summer of my younger self. Now that I’m a mom with kids in school, I think more relaxed self-focused tunes fit better, because that’s what summer is to me.

It’s a three-month indulgence of no early-mornings at the bus stop, no afternoon homework wrangling. Instead I am free to enjoy the hours sitting on my front porch or back deck reading, surfing the net, or listening to music while the kids enjoy the great outdoors.missy.jpg

I have recently had the opportunity to review two new CDs, and one of you will be able to win one from the artist of your choice. Maybe one of them will become summer soundtrack.

Missy Higgins is a 23-year-old Australian singer/songwriter. If you are hip to the new music scene (which I am not), you have probably heard of her, because she has been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard magazine and Entertainment Weekly. On her website, you can listen to many of the songs from her CD On a Clear Night. I love the mellow and introspective “Where I Stood” and the more upbeat “Steer.” Each song has it’s own distinct flavor, with her clear voice backed by guitar and/or pianoidina.jpg.

Idina Menzel is a Broadway Baby. This immediately makes me love her. In fact, it is her voice that I hear on my Wicked soundtrack as Elphaba, the role which she originated. I Stand is her first pop offering. You can hear three of the songs on her website. Every once in a while you can hear that voice that reached the back of the theater in Wicked and Rent, but I do wish that she would let loose and belt it out a bit more. You can also see if she is coming to a city near you on tour. I’m sure she puts on a great show.

Would you like to win a CD? Click through to both artists’ web sites. Listen to a bit of her music, and tell me which CD you’d prefer. I will randomly pick a name on June 13 , and send out the CD you requested.

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