What’s For Dinner?

I was out of town for a full week (My hubby and I took a little trip to paradise). I came back and the grandparent babysitters had cleaned out my fridge (at least it seemed cleaner than when I left), and organized my daughter’s closet (I asked her if they helped her clean up, and she said, “I think they did it while I was at school.”). I was beginning to feel like a bit of a failure as a mom, or at least a homemaker, when they confessed that the kids ate a lot of take-out, mac-n-cheese (which my daughter loves), and hot dogs (which my son would live on if he could).

That’s certainly fine with me. I’m not pointing any fingers. I’m sure that the kids requested this kid-friendly fare, because they do eat a good bit of it at home. Especially on evenings where I have a meeting in the evening, or my husband has a dinner meeting and won’t be home for dinner, I do rely on simple kid-friendly dinnertime food.

But what’s the hands down easy kid-friendly meal that I feel no guilt about serving? Spaghetti. Red sauce is full of vegetables and cancer-fighting lycopene. It’s easy. The kids like it. It’s relatively healthy.

Ragu has made it even easier with their new Fresh and Simple Pouch. You can simply clip it and microwave it and pour it over pasta. However, I go even one step easier. My kids are always waiting forever for their food to cool down, so I simply pour a bit of the room temperature sauce right onto an individual sized serving of pasta and stir. If one child is eating an early dinner before a baseball game, and another child is home and wants a hearty lunch, and Dad is home late after a meeting–they can all eat a fresh, hot, meal on their own time.

Ragu is trying to make it even easier for parents with a new site–Feed Our Kids Well. You can sign up to receive a free recipe booklet, read opinions from nutrition experts, celebrities, and other moms.

What’s your favorite quick and easy use for tomato sauce?


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    Don’t feel like a failure! It is HARD for a working mom to prepare a home-cooked meal EVERY single day. As if we didn’t have enough things to do?? I’d have to say my favorite (and my sons’ favorite) recipe involving tomato sauce would have to be ravioli. You just boil a package, pour the sauce over it and it’s ready to go. I try to make sure my kids are getting a few extra vegetables but cutting up some fresh carrots and cucumbers to eat along with it. It’s an easy balanced meal full of nutrients. The best part of it is my kids think they’re getting the world’s greatest treat!

    p.s. It’s good to know that Ragu sauce has an even more convenient way to serve their yummy, healthy sauce.

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    I tried these pouches recently and thought they were very tasty. And healthy too! I do worry a little bit about microwaving that little plastic pouch (I wonder how good that is for you…), but I am impressed by how quick and convenient this is to throw together at the end of the day. I served it over angelhair pasta with a loaf of homemade bread.

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