Thursday Thirteen – 13 Foods I Eat Regularly

Thursday Thirteen
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I am a food wimp. I hate sushi, shellfish, escargot, and anything spicy. At a restaurant I tend to go for foods that I know.

And at home, I tend to eat the same stuff pretty regularly. If forced to, I could live off the following foods and be pretty content.

13 Foods I eat Regulary

  1. Wraps – I have told you about my wrap obsession and even shared my favorite wrap recipe. I love them and they are so versatile – I use them for salad wraps, cream cheese and avocado or cream cheese and apple wraps for Jackson, soft shell tacos or quesadillas.
  2. Rotisserie Chickens – Why cook when you can blog? Oh yes friends – I am all about these chickens. I use them all the time – especially in wraps or on frozen pizza.
  3. Thin Crust Pizza – Did I just mention pizza? Yum – Dr. Oetker makes a great thin crust pizza – our favorite is the spinach and cheese. (Yes even Jackson’s favorite is the spinach!)
  4. Salads – I make killer salads! I love all different kinds – Greek, green, summer salads with fresh berries, coleslaws.
  5. Fresh fruit and veggies – One of my favorite parts of summers is the fresh fruit – berries and peaches are my favorite. I love to add them to salads. I add apples and craisins too! And I could eat my weight in on-the-vine cherry tomatoes. I have seriously eaten a bag of them in one sitting on more than one occasion.
  6. Orange Juice – It isn’t a “food” I guess, but it is critical to my daily survival. I hate coffee and so orange juice is how I start my day. When I am fighting off a cold, I crave orange juice and could drink 2 liters a day if I let myself.
  7. Craisins – Can’t live without them! I use them on my cereal if I don’t have fresh fruit and on salads and wraps. I love ‘em!
  8. Bran Flakes – And I add All Bran for extra fiber.
  9. Red River – And I add ground flax meal and flax seeds to boost the fiber.
  10. Garden Burgers – The veggie burgers that have rice and mushrooms and other veggies in them. I love them! I eat them all the time.
  11. Process cheese – Yes kinda crazy. But I prefer process on my veggie burgers and my sandwiches. I like real cheese, but process is so handy and yummy! (My husband thinks I am nuts!)
  12. Feta Cheese – It is agony when I am pregnant and I can’t eat feta cheese. I LOVE it!
  13. Ice Cream – Ok, I don’t eat it too regularly. In fact I often let the ice cream in my freezer get frost burned and I have to throw it out, which is quite surprising because I love ice cream. It is one of my great weaknesses. Add some brownies, whip cream and chocolate sauce and I am about as happy as a woman can get.
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  1. says

    Yeah, I’m a bit of a food wimp too – although I like to try different things when I get the chance, at home I do the same old recipes forever.

    It’s a good list tho – you could live off it if you had to, whereas my list would be much less nutritional:-)

    My TT is up

  2. says

    I agree with you: “why cook if you can blog?”, he he. What? you hate coffee? tsk tsk. You made me hungry and I just had breakfast: your nr. 8. And I love wraps too! but I am not a fruit person (that’s too healthy!) except for green apples (granny smith) . Happy thursday!

  3. says

    I am with you on being a food wimp…Stick with what you know is kinda my pholosopht!, LOL! I wholeheartedly agreee with the rotiss chicken and wraps…boy do we live off those and salad in the summer!

  4. says

    I’m with you on processed cheese for burgers. I mean…it’s already cut and ready for you! Too bad about the feta cheese. When I was pregnant, it was fried chicken. I couldn’t stand to see the grease in the pan. I wouldn’t give you two cents for those Garden Burgers, though. I’ve tried them…yuck. Oh, and of course orange juice is a ‘food’!

  5. says

    You are one healthy eater. And I’m with you, I am so not a seafood person. And hearing Alton Brown on the food channel say that lobster is an cousin to the ######### just confirmed all that in my head. :)

  6. says

    Wraps..very yummy. Thomas’s makes a sundried tomato wrap, that is really good. I like, grilled chicken, asiago cheese, a little cesar or ranch dressing and lettuce in mine. Great list.

  7. says

    You get Dr. Oetker in your area – oi, better pack my stuff and move :grin:.
    Great list, except for avocado ewwww (sorry) – can’t stand them….But I totally dig seafood. Hard find good stuff in the desert though :sad:.

  8. says

    I am ABSOLUTELY into the wraps. Good way to use up leftovers in our house, too. That and pitas.

    And we are FINALLY using flax to get more bran into our kids. That and the bran cereals, making muffins, you name it. Ugh. ;P

  9. says

    Oh, yeah, know what you mean about the garden burgers…me too. That’s my “late night snack”. Must say though, I’m a sushi it!

  10. says

    Creative list there, and some good ideas! I’ve just discovered wraps, and love ’em. I’ve always been afraid of rotisserie chicken — not quite sure how long it’s been sitting there. But since you’ve never had trouble, I might give ’em a try — especially on those nights we need a very quick dinner.

  11. says

    pregnant lady here who can’t find ANYTHING that sounds good to eat right now yet starts to gag if she gets too hungry thinks the chicken ranch wrap looks FABULOUS! wanna come make it for me…..i can’t prepare the food i need to eat in order to not gag either….such a dilemia! LOL!

  12. says

    Okay … I’m sharing this with you because I love you, and … because I know you’re wanting to get pregnant again … and I don’t want you to be in agony for nine months!

    Most soft, imported cheeses are pasteurized, and don’t harbor bacteria. Including Feta. In fact … Athenos Feta Cheese is made from pasteurized cows milk! So it’s safe! Good thing, because I’m a feta lover, too! (Athenos is made by Churny, a business unit of Kraft Foods, Inc.)

  13. says

    mmmm…I’m hungry now!! I posted some recipes on my blog…check em’ out! Actaully, ya probably won’t like them…although there is one with feta cheese. LOL! Great list…our TT is up , too. :-)

  14. says

    ice cream
    my favorite EVER – chocolate chip and peanut butter. from SAFEWAY. seriously, this on of the all time best kept secrets. it’s called “nuttin butter”
    and truly
    there ain’t
    nuttin butter.


  15. says

    My thirteen:
    french fries
    hmmmm….? At a road block here….
    WW lemon snack cakes at 1 point
    gee… I’m doing great here…
    Smart Pop popcorn
    Diet Coke
    Water (can that count as one?)

    Okay, my diet sucks.

  16. says

    Great list! Although I’ll take the real deal over processed cheese any day!
    You do eat healthy, though! And now I’m suddenly craving feta cheese!

  17. says

    OHHH Icecream!! ME TOO, and chicken, YUMMY ME TOO….

    Though I have been eating a double whammy, icecream on top of a heated brownie, OMG SOO GOOD, but SOOOO BAD! ;D

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