Thursday Thirteen – 13 Foods I Eat Regularly

by Janice

Thursday Thirteen
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I am a food wimp. I hate sushi, shellfish, escargot, and anything spicy. At a restaurant I tend to go for foods that I know.

And at home, I tend to eat the same stuff pretty regularly. If forced to, I could live off the following foods and be pretty content.

13 Foods I eat Regulary

  1. Wraps – I have told you about my wrap obsession and even shared my favorite wrap recipe. I love them and they are so versatile – I use them for salad wraps, cream cheese and avocado or cream cheese and apple wraps for Jackson, soft shell tacos or quesadillas.
  2. Rotisserie Chickens – Why cook when you can blog? Oh yes friends – I am all about these chickens. I use them all the time – especially in wraps or on frozen pizza.
  3. Thin Crust Pizza – Did I just mention pizza? Yum – Dr. Oetker makes a great thin crust pizza – our favorite is the spinach and cheese. (Yes even Jackson’s favorite is the spinach!)
  4. Salads – I make killer salads! I love all different kinds – Greek, green, summer salads with fresh berries, coleslaws.
  5. Fresh fruit and veggies – One of my favorite parts of summers is the fresh fruit – berries and peaches are my favorite. I love to add them to salads. I add apples and craisins too! And I could eat my weight in on-the-vine cherry tomatoes. I have seriously eaten a bag of them in one sitting on more than one occasion.
  6. Orange Juice – It isn’t a “food” I guess, but it is critical to my daily survival. I hate coffee and so orange juice is how I start my day. When I am fighting off a cold, I crave orange juice and could drink 2 liters a day if I let myself.
  7. Craisins – Can’t live without them! I use them on my cereal if I don’t have fresh fruit and on salads and wraps. I love ‘em!
  8. Bran Flakes – And I add All Bran for extra fiber.
  9. Red River – And I add ground flax meal and flax seeds to boost the fiber.
  10. Garden Burgers – The veggie burgers that have rice and mushrooms and other veggies in them. I love them! I eat them all the time.
  11. Process cheese – Yes kinda crazy. But I prefer process on my veggie burgers and my sandwiches. I like real cheese, but process is so handy and yummy! (My husband thinks I am nuts!)
  12. Feta Cheese – It is agony when I am pregnant and I can’t eat feta cheese. I LOVE it!
  13. Ice Cream – Ok, I don’t eat it too regularly. In fact I often let the ice cream in my freezer get frost burned and I have to throw it out, which is quite surprising because I love ice cream. It is one of my great weaknesses. Add some brownies, whip cream and chocolate sauce and I am about as happy as a woman can get.
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