I am speechless…

It just doesn’t get more powerful than this video clip.

I just saw it over at Midlife Moments, along with an emotional and inspiring post by Heather about her daughter Emma Grace.

I watched the video not knowing the story behind it, but I was totally overwhelmed by emotion.

I wondered about the story behind the video… Heather mentioned that she saw it at Lots of Scotts, so I clicked over there and read the story about this unique father and son.

Please don’t miss out on this touching story. Trust me. Head over to Lots of Scotts (a great site I am so excited to have discovered today) and read a story you literally will never forget.


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    Oops . . . I posted my last comment in the wrong place . . . guess I scrolled too far down from the Wordless Wednesday post. It’s one of those mornings. I’ll check this out when I have some quiet time. :0)

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