I have many domestic inadequacies…

I can’t iron, I loathe house cleaning and my laundry folding skills would have me fired from any retail shop — for proof look at my linen closet.

And I’m not craftsy. I know that’s not a word… but you know what I mean. I can’t sew, I don’t scrapbook, I don’t hand-make cards. (I leave that stuff to Janice.) Heck, I can’t even wrap a gift nicely.

But now I can worry less about that last fault.

Hallmark figured it out. They’ve revolutionalized wrapping. With their new Adhesive Gift Wrap even I can wrap a gift like a pro. The paper has a special coating that sticks firmly to packages so that it is easy to create a smooth, perfectly wrapped present.

And wow, it is easy and fast. Two key features for me.

Yesterday was Julia’s third birthday and I had hid at Janice’s house a stack of presents tall enough to spoil any little girl. Being the busy work-at-home mom that I am, I left the wrapping to the last moment and ran over to Janice’s to quickly wrap ’em up.

After I dug through Janice’s drawers to find a roll of sticky-tape (as Dora calls it), and fumbled through wrapping the first present, Janice called out, “Wait… you can test out this Hallmark Adhesive wrapping paper.”

So I used the new paper and motored through wrapping the rest of Julia’s gifts in record time.The resulting stack of pretty pink packages looked fantastic.

It was a little strange to have such a common task that I’ve done the same way for so many years suddenly change. Here, watch this video and see what I mean. It’s oddly simple. You don’t even use tape.

Since I was late pulling everything together for her little party, I didn’t get a photo of all the gifts neatly wrapped… but here’s a shot of Julia tearing into one.

Julia’s Third Birthday

Don’t take my word for it, try the paper yourself. Thanks to Hallmark, we’ve got six prize packs to give away. Each of our six lucky winners will receive a set of eight rolls, along with matching ribbon.

Leave a comment below and let us know if you’d like to win one of these Hallmark Adhesive Gift Wrap sets. We’ll announce the six random winners on Saturday, May 24th.

This giveaway is open to both US and Canadian shipping addresses.


  1. Karen in VT says

    I am a wrap-a-holic…firm believer is the package needs to look as nice as what’s on the inside 😉 Sign me up!

  2. says

    I’m a freak, but one of my favorite things to do is to wrap presents (I spread it out over the holidays so I can do some each day because it’s so much fun for me). I would love to try this out!!

  3. says

    I never have enough wrapping paper in the house so this would be a great prize to win! The self-adhesive feature is intriguing!

  4. mommapolitico.blogspot.com says

    As a non-craftsy mom (I’m all for craftsy being a word, for the record…), this stuff ROCKS! My sisters were so impressed that they thought it was somebody else’s gift. Yep, they thought it was from the craftsy sister! Yeah! The gridlines on the back are genius. Why didn’t anyone think of that before??? Thanks for the great tip, and Happy Mother’s Day to all of us.

  5. says

    Oooh, this is just what I need. I can never find a roll of tape in this house. I buy the tape and it disappears with so many children using it for crafts, etc. I could get used to this paper from Hallmark. Thanks

  6. says

    I’m a pretty good gift wrapper, but I’d still love to try this! Mainly because tape sends my cat into a frenzy, so anything that would eliminate that would be great. 😉

  7. says

    This would be so much fun! I actually enjoy wrapping stuff, but I’m all about something to make it even more fun and simple. Maybe then my little girl could help wrap daddy’s upcoming birthday presents…..

  8. says

    You sound just like me! I don’t do crafts and I am domestically challenged. I only use gift bags – so this would be worth a try! I’m a sucker for ANYTHING gimick-y! THANKS!

  9. says

    My husband wraps beautifully and I really suck at it, maybe this way I could get ahead . . .
    PS: Your girls look adorable in their little party dresses!

  10. says

    I’m a terrible gift-wrapper and can’t make cards nor can I scrapbook. I can so relate to your post! PLEASE enter me in the draw for this awesome wrapping paper! 😀

  11. says

    I LOVE the paper. I work at Hallmark and have sold and given away (there’s a special right now) many rolls.

    I just wanted to point out that not only can you wrap gifts with the paper, but it’s excellent for decorating too. You can use it for shelf lining, use it on the background of a book case, line a bulletin board, etc.

  12. says

    Please enter me for the adhesive wrap. I’m like you, I can’t wrap presents to look at all nice.
    I haven’t seen this new paper yet, but I’d love to give it a try!

  13. says

    I am all thumbs when it comes to wrapping a gift! I am even worse then my husband, now that tells how bad I really am at wrapping!! I totally need the Hallmark gift wrapping paper!!

  14. says

    I love to wrap gifts! I also love this idea! A friend at church tried it and she said it was great. I’d love to win some to try for myself!

  15. Erica says

    This is totally cool! And although I’m not too shabby at wrapping presents, I am notorious for running out of tape right before the big event. This would make my life SOOO much easier. Thanks! gumbi1313 at msn dot com

  16. Tanya Moyer says

    This would be soo cool! I’d love to try it out! Thanks for offering!

  17. Danielle says

    That sounds so cool, I would love to try it! I have a ton of birthdays comming up!!


  18. Ann says

    I used 1 of these Hallmark wrapping papers and they are fantastic! I would love to win this to wrap some more presents as we have a couple of birthdays coming up.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. says

    I suck at wrapping presents so this sounds a lot easier! Would be great, cause I’ve got a lot of baby showers, birthdays, and other events coming up!

  20. Aisling says

    I love to have my gifts look nice on the outside, but it’s a chore. (Guess I’m not “craftsy” either.) This wrapping paper looks like it would be a big help in getting that perfect look.

  21. Sandra says

    May is birthday month for us…this would be a wonderful way of making a job I hate much easier.

    owatz (AT) telus (DOT) net

  22. says

    Oh this sounds perfect! I am a HORRIBLE gift wrapper. I usually just end up using bags because I’m so bad at it. And then I always end up feeling dumb taking presents over to my in-laws, b/c my MIL is SUCH a perfectionist when it comes to stuff like that!

  23. linda n says

    I am always running out last minute for wrap/ribbon when my kids have a party to go to. This will make my day a little less hectic.

  24. Skiffywife says

    I’m in charge of our school’s social fund so I wrap a lot of presents so this would be great.


  25. Laura Lee says

    My wrapping touch seems to have gone downhill over the years. Somehow I always end up with one traingular fold that is much larger than it needs to be and I ahve an untidy mass of paper blob at one end.

  26. Pamela Kline says

    I wonder where Hallmark adhesive was last christmas I bought my grandson a tool kit and i had to wrap it take the wrap off and start over three times. I finally got the package wrapped then ripped a hole in the paper when i picked the box up. Adhesive wrap paper would have solved all the problems and leave it to Hallmark to come up with a truly remarkable product, I sure do hope I win. thank you.

  27. says

    oooh I love wrapping paper. Do you have any idea how many uses there are for it and not just to wrap gifts (should I meantion that I’m obsessed with making gifts look perfect) but wrapping paper is so handy for scrapbooking, scrap art and so many other creative projects

  28. Kelly n says

    Wow! I would love to win this gift wrap!!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!


  29. Teri Meairs says

    This would do nicely all year. More than once, I’ve had the gift, I had the box, but I would inevitably have to go out and get paper. I am a Hallmark snob too..When you care enough to send the best!

  30. Mya Brooks says

    On OLS, we do a lot of swaps, and this would surely come in handy! (I suck at wrapping!) Anyone who’s ever been my swap buddy can definitely vouch for that! haha

  31. says

    I can’t say I love wrapping gifts, but I do it anyway. I would love anything that makes it easier! I will have to check this out next time I am in Hallmark.

  32. Clifton Wade says

    My disabled wife of more than 38 years would just LOVE to have this prize. Thanks for all the contests!

  33. Rhonda says

    Oh my goodness, how wonderful! I have tried to make my own adhesive wrap in the past, pulling out the spray adhesive and the paper….but now with my little one into everythig now, I can’t imagine still being able to accomplish this task.

  34. NOOCHIE says


  35. says

    Can you say ” Heck YES!” I would love this… I love having great crisp corners and beautiful gift wraps.


  36. says

    This sounds great. I love to wrap other than bag it seems much nicer to me. So anything to get the job done quicker and nicer is what I like!

  37. Margaret Smith says

    What a great and sensible giveaway. I’m always using wrapping paper. Thanks for this giveaway.

  38. Julia says

    Thanks for the demo link. I watched, and even fumble-fingers me should be able to wrap a pretty package should I be lucky enough to win!

  39. Charlotte Winters says

    I love anything Hallmark, and I purchased one of those gift wrap organizers thats lonely and empty.

  40. Betty King says

    I would love to win this. I am a horrible wrapper and everyone in my family knows it, they makes jokes about it even. But let me win this and they will change their minds..lol.

  41. Rebecca Robertson says

    My domestic skills sound like yours!!! I dread wrapping gifts, I would rather do a gift bag because I know it will look good, but then I cringe at the thought of keeping a whole lot of gift bags, it is a never ending cycle!

  42. says

    I could definitely use that wrapping paper at my house! I love to have “perfect” presents, but it rarely happens.

    Hope I can win!

  43. says

    This is a FABULOUS prize! Oh, how I would love to win! Why is it one never has gift wrap on hand, but always I have way too many twistie ties?

  44. Betty N says

    What a great prize for those of us who just can’t wrap gifts like the pictures we see of “how to wrap beautiful gifts”. Wish we could all win!

  45. says

    I would love to win this. My daughter only has fingers on one hand and I think this would make gift wrapping easier for her. I also would like to post about it on our site if it works. We have many friends with the same condition as my daughter that I am sure would love to find out about this great wrapping paper.

  46. Kimberly says

    Wow what a wonderful and useful item. Wraping is just so tedious, and I can never get it to look right. Surely hope I win this. Thank you !

  47. says

    I’m a believer that the packaging is everything.
    You can’t shine a turd but you can wrap it up real pretty! ha ha
    I’m all for this kind of paper!

  48. Maggie Mannwieler says

    WOW, self-adhesive wrapping paper?! Ingenious idea. Leave it to Hallmark. I’d LOVE to win this prize pack. I’m always wrapping presents at the last minute, and, with three little grand daughters that look a lot like the girls in your photo (darling!), I wrap presents for each time I get to visit them. I’ll be clicking my heels together for this one. LOL

  49. Bailey's Leaf says

    I saw this on TV and was wondering about it. Would love to win a prize pack to give it a whirl!

  50. Caroline Morin says

    I’m the only one who wraps gifts in the house, and it can get crazy with three cats. I’d love this!

  51. Catherine copeland says

    Gift bags were invented because someone who received a gift wrapped by me said “Gosh there must be a need for this.” please enter me anyway

  52. Lauralee Hensley says

    This would be fantastic to win. We have secret sisters at church that we give gifts to, and I would like my given gifts to my secret sister to look great like the video showed. Thanks 5 Minutes for Mom and Hallmark for such a great prize to enter for.

  53. Kristi P says

    Please enter me and thank you! I agree with last poster…anything that will make life easier..lol.

  54. Cori Westphal says

    I hope someone is very rich for thinking of such an incredibly simple product. How awesome and time saving! Who doesn’t love a few extra minutes! Thanks for the great contest.

  55. Cindi says

    I am a big fan of Hallmark! Whether it is their cards, giftwrap, etc.! I have read many good things about their new adhesive wrapping paper. No tape~~~
    I read that it doesn’t wrinkle like wallpaper does.
    Please enter me in your marvelous drawing.
    Many thanks,Cindi

  56. Aimee says

    I’d absolutely love to win! I love Hallmark products — and this pack seems to make the wrapping process simple and even fun! Thank you for the chance to win!

  57. Pauline M says

    Since I can never seem to wrap up presents decently, this would be absolutely wonderful. With my sons very active social calendar, this would be very handy to have!

  58. Tracy Iglesias says

    This sounds like a great idea, I loved the red, white and black and the blue damask adhesive wrapping paper

  59. Susan P. says

    I need new wrapping paper and if this makes it easier – great! Time savers can always be appreciated.

  60. Alecia Gibson says

    I’d love to win some gift wrap. I went to wrap my mom’s mothers day gift and realized that I don’t have any paper and had to use newspaper. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  61. says

    I am so picky about my wrap jobs. I am the one that is still up on Christmas eve putting on the perfect bow. The one that is in the wrapping paper isle picking the perfect bow and ribbon to go with the paper that I just had to have (along with the other 1000 rolls at home) I love giving gifts and I wrap everything individually. This would be wonderful!

  62. Susan Chester says

    I love that picture of the little girls! My presents never look pretty, I would love to win this great product.

  63. Kathy Scott says

    I always say that I am going to do a better job wrapping and then it ends up in a bag. Thanks for the chance.

  64. says

    I would love to win this! I am the one who always brings gift bags to every party because I am usually late, no time for wrapping! This would be great to win!

  65. Lydia Stufft says

    Since my wrapped packages seem to end up as more TAPE than Paper…this would be a good thing. Any product that makes my efforts more attractive would be welcomed.

  66. says

    What a great idea! There’s nothing worse than going to wrap a gift and realize you are out of tape! This is a creative solution for that problem. 😉

  67. Lynn Weldin says

    I am the worst gift wrapper ever – all thumbs. This sounds like a perfect product for me.

  68. Sharon Harmon says

    Hallmark Adhesive Gift Wrap is a fantastic idea!!!
    It’s about time someone thought of this! Thank you for the contest!

  69. Fernanda C. says

    I would be very happy to win this prize. It would be such a great pleasure for my 4-yr old; her b-day is May 23rd. She loves to help mommy wrap gifts. This would make her so excited, which would mean more gifts to give away. Thank you for the chance.

  70. Deb Piper says

    I love to give gifts wrapped in fun packaging. Sounds like this would be functional & fun! I’d love to win!

  71. KimD says

    I absolutely hate wrapping presents! I hate it so much I would gladly pay someone to wrap my presents for me. This adhesive wrapping paper sounds wonderful. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  72. Cathie says

    Everyone used to fight over who I would help wrap thier presents. I did such a neat and pretty job. Since I’m not older and my hands arthretic I can’t do such a nice job as before. I would love to try this paper and see if once more my gift wrapping can be the envy of the family :)

  73. Jennifer Barnett says

    What a great idea. Thanks for the chance. I have tons of wrapping to do all year long.

  74. charline s says

    After watching the video, It is so simple. I would love to be able to wrap gifts like a pro.

  75. says

    Wrapping with no tape required — one of those things that makes me say, “Why didn’t someone think of that ages ago?!” I’d love to have some to try, and this would be just in time for my son’s birthday. Thanks!

  76. says

    First, I just wanted to say that I am so with you on domestic tasks. My husband can iron, hang, and fold clothes with much more efficiency than I can.

    Second, this gift wrap looks so easy – perfect for last-minute gift-wrapping (something I do often)! I’d love to try it out!

  77. Patti J says

    I just watched the Adhesive wrap demo and I must say it is a wonderful invention. I’d love to win this and try it out then stock up on more!

  78. Amanda Titus says

    I’m always dashing to my basement at the last minute scrambling to find something to put the latest birthday present in as my husband is putting the kids in the car. Sounds like this adhesive wrapping paper may be a useful fix.

  79. mary says

    Awesome! I love wrapping gifts but I am forever misplacing my tape! Have you ever been holding together the edges of your giftwrap while frantically searching for the tape!? This would be a dream come true! Sign me up!!

  80. Nancy says

    How nice to have two hands for wrapping instead of juggling with a tape dispenser. This is one of those things that you say “I wish someone would of thought of this sooner! How clever. Can’t wait to try it.

  81. Amanda C says

    I thought “Craftsy” was a word?? I have been using it for soo long. I would love to try this out, I always have a hard time holding the paper down, getting a piece of tape, and holding off a lil girl from trying to get into it (she likes to “help”). Even if I do not win, I still may have to venture out and get me some to try.

  82. Diana says

    this sounds like great stuff, would make wrapping so much faster without having to scrounge around for the tape.

  83. *Jessi N* says

    I try so hard every time I have to give a gift to someone. My gifts just don’t look as good as the other gals I run around with. This would be great to have.

  84. kelly kopchick says

    I could use this we always have birthdays and holidays and I can never find anything because they take them and use them!

  85. Jessica Cote says

    How your gift looks when wrapped is very important. Wrapping can make an average present look wonderful. I would love to try this new adhesive wrap!

  86. sara l. says

    Oh, please count me in! Since I now have a little “helper”, we could use anything to make wrapping easier! Thanks so much!

  87. Heather says

    Half of the fun of getting something is looking at the wrapping and wondering what’s inside. Half the fun of giving is making it pretty!

  88. Debbie Criss says

    We buy birthday gifts for nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters and our parents. Even though we sometimes can’t afford it, but for some around us that’s all they receive. I try to buy just little gifts, or on clearance. I never wrap, thats that much more I could save. Please enter me, thank you

  89. Krispy_Kremer says

    Thanks for the chance! I am ALWAYS wrapping presents (it seems) especially with the baby boom at our church! Coupled with the 8 nieces and nephews . . . and preschool friends, (blah-blah, etc). This would be cool to win!

  90. Michelle says

    WORST.WRAPPER.EVER!…I usually con my husband into wrapping for me. Maybe I could actually do it with this wrapping kit.

  91. Christine says

    What a great idea! I love wrapping presents, but I also love products that make my life easier. This wrapping paper sounds amazing!

  92. Elizabeth M. says

    Oh my gosh! Would I ever love to win this! I used to know how to wrap well when I worked at a gift shop but I realized that it’s because the paper was pre-measured to fit their boxes. This would help me wrap pretty packages again!

  93. Kim Allmon says

    I’d really love to try this out! I like wrapping presents – it’s almost like therapy to me. Please count me in this one and thanks for the opportunity to win a package!

  94. JO FULLER says

    I love everything in the Hallmark store so I am sure I would love this ingenious wrapping paper.


  95. Janice J says

    This would be perfect for me, I can’t wrap worth a darn, my husband does it for me, or I buy bags to put the presents in.

  96. says

    I have used gift bags since 1998. If this gets me switched back to wrapping gifts again, my anal-retentative, Martha Stewart wannabe sister-in-law will throw you a party.

  97. Bonny S. says

    I would love to win this. I am always giving gift for some reason or another. This would be fantastic to win.

  98. Carl S. says

    Wow! Adhesive gift wrap how cool is that? This is awesome. Now I will have to go out and buy some. This would be an awesome win.

  99. Jodene Gildea says

    I would love to try this product, looks like it would save me alot of time wrapping gifts.

  100. Michelle Lofton says

    What a great product! Whenever it comes time for me to wrap gifts I can never find the tape because one of my three kids has used it for whatever project they happen to be creating at the time! This would eliminate the need for me to tear apart every drawer in the house looking for the “spare” roll of tape!

  101. Megan B. says

    What a great giveaway! This would help me bunches since I am a bit challenged at wrapping presents! Thanks so much!

  102. bob says

    Now get someone to wrap it up for me. I cannot wrap a package without excessive profanity and paper wrinkling!

  103. Roberta Temby says

    Such a unique & useful item from Hallmark that once again identifies their long-standing reputation of quality merchandise for everyday consumers like me. A ‘must item’ to buy or win in this contest.

  104. Barbara Moorman says

    I need all the help I can get when wrapping presents! This is an awesome concept, and I can’t help but wonder why no one has thought of this before.

  105. Kerry Winger says

    How cool is this finally wrapping will be easy and i won’t have to search for the tape the kids took!

  106. ESTELA S says

    My toddler LOVES to help me wrap papers, but juggling the tape and the paper and keeping nice folds is a nightmare!! This would be so neat, and would ensure that her gift wrapping skills match Martha Stewart’s anyday!

  107. Tiffany Hulbert says

    Why didn’t someone come up with this years ago?? What a great concept!! :) I may start wrapping presents again instead of gift-bagging them!! Thank you for this opportunity!! :)

  108. Paula Harmon says

    I love wrapping gifts and when my Grandma was alive I always did all of her gift wrapping and I always went the extra mile to make the gift look good so that Grannie would be pleased. I miss her!

  109. Christine E. says

    You sound exactly like me. I am so not crafty and usually use gift bags because I can’t wrap. A funny story though, I was working at Macy’s over the holidays and one night they needed help in gift wrap and decided to send me. I told them I’m a terrible wrapper but they insisted they could teach me to be a good wrapper. Needless to say, my first customer said, “I could’ve wrapped that better myself”. That was my first and only night in gift wrap.

  110. Valeen says

    I love beautifully wrapped presents, but don’t always take the time. This would be a great thing to have!

  111. Mary Jenkins says

    I, too, am an ineffiecnt wrapper of gifts. i try really hard, but i have always done everything sloppily! this sounds like a god-send!

  112. Susan White says

    What an awesome idea and the papers are so pretty.
    I love it!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  113. Cindy says

    I am terrible at wrapping gifts and everyone know a gift is coming from me when they look at a pile of them. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  114. Candie L says

    I am the worst person at wrapping presents. My husband used to take all of the presents and insist on wrapping them himself (even if they are for him)

  115. Kathy S says

    The photo of the two girls is precious! This is a great giveaway (and idea from Hallmark). I can never have enough wrapping paper and trims for gifts at home, and it’s stressful to have to run out at the last minute to get some. Would love to win!

  116. Crystal F says

    I would love to have this! I usually use gift bags from the dollar store for gifts. Terrible, I know. thank you!

  117. Julie Smith says

    I am always wrapping gifts – I’m the gift wrap fanatic!! I have boxes of Christmas wrap (that I pick up after Christmas when it goes to 75% off) and wrap for every occasion. Problem is – I always find myself wrapping birthday presents, etc. as I go out the door. This wrap would be a godsend for me. I’m also going out to look for it in the stores!

  118. kathleen Yohanna says

    I would sure like to have some of this wrapping paper. It seems that everybody is having a birthday and I need more paper. Sticky?

  119. Charlene Kuser says

    This wrapping paper is so neat.I love giving
    pretty packages.Please enter me and thanks for the giveaway

  120. Rose Fisher says

    My gift wrapping skills? HA! I need all the help I can get! My husband wraps much better than I do because he takes his time. This is a wonderful prize thank you so much for offering it. Good luck to all!

  121. Sherry says

    Leave it to Hallmark to come up with something so genius. I would LOVE to win this, I am always losing the tape under the mountains of presents.

  122. Sandy Schmidt says

    I would love to wrap like a pro ! Great idea from Hallmark. I hiope I win! Good luck to all !

  123. LeAnn Knott says

    What won’t they think up next. I tried so-o-o hard to teach my child to wrap packages nicely, now maybe I should try again. Thnks for the chance to win!

  124. Darwin C. says

    Wow, this makes wrapping look easy. My wife would be surprised when I come to her with perfectly wrapped gifts.

  125. Donna Vance says

    Boy, this would make life easier. My packages always come out lumpy looking even in a flat box.

  126. Ilissa H. says

    Another one of those, ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moments. This is a really neat idea. I wonder how sticky it really is. I worry that it may leave a residue or something on the gift. Who knows. I’d love to try it though. Please enter my name in the draw!

  127. Rosanne Morrison says

    I would love to work in a gift shop but the thought of wrapping all those gifts leaves me cold. I usually need help at Christmastime so people give me gift bags as I hate to wrap so much. This would help immensely.

  128. barb wild says

    good luck to you all. i am also a failure at cooking, hate cleaning but i am good at scrapbooking…so i would love to try this

  129. Brandy says

    I actually love wrapping gifts…this looks like a great product for those of us who are less than perfect at it :)

  130. Linda Moore says

    This looks like something I could get all wrapped up in! Thank you for the opportunity to participate!

  131. Pamela White says

    All my family members are wrapping dummies and life would be sooo much easier with self stick gift wrap.

  132. Sally Baldwin says

    ohhh…I would love to win this!! I might actually make a gift look presentable with this.

  133. Kristen Hendricks says

    Yes, I would love to win a Hallmark Adhesive Gift Wrap set. It sounds great and something that I would love since I too am not great at wrapping gifts. It sounds so convenient. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

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