Tackle It Tuesday — Password Nightmares

Tackle it Tuesday

Hello my fellow tacklers, this is Susan here.

You may think I’m cheating today because this was my wonderful Mom’s tackle. But, since Mom has done this, both Janice and I are doing the same because Mom has successfully tackled a subject that we bloggers have nightmares about… passwords!

As you know, we not only publish the 5 Minutes For Mom blog and sister sites but we also run two very busy ecommerce web sites selling pedal cars and rocking horses. That means online logins for suppliers, banks, merchant services, Google Analytics, Adwords, email, hosting, domains, carriers, tracking, etc. And the list goes on.

And all of these sites have passwords, user names and web sites to be remembered

So, What’s A Girl To Do?

Well, first of all, the inbuilt password remembering services within Firefox and browsers are not secure enough so that is no good. So, Mom had resorted to the age old trusted remedy of… writing them all down. All of them! And then keeping them in a file folder — which is now about 4 inches think — and putting that in a drawer.

But, she decided that was not very secure, organized, fireproof, floodproof or 21st century. So, having consulted some extremely experienced online marketers to find out what they all do to counter this problem she heard the same answer over and over.


Now, you may remember that my Mom is a very modern go-getting Mom but, even though her old system was doing OK she listened to the pros and decided to give Roboform a go. After all, the basic version is free and is fully featured for a proper trial!

From the free download, every time Mom entered a password, Roboform offered to remember it. And, gradually, that folder full of passwords has reduced and soon will be consigned to the great shredder in the sky.

Plus, it is as secure as can be by using the same technology that banks use. In fact, I’ve since found out that one of my friends has been using it for 8 years and has over 500 passwords in it. Wow!

So, with Roboform installed and backed up, I say to fire, flood, hard-drive crash… bring it on!

But enough about my my Mom… what about YOU???

Happy Tackling!

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder Susan.
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    • says

      Glad to hear we’re not the only ones who have scratched passwords down in a folder. Good luck getting them all organized… it’ll feel great when it’s done.

  1. says

    My problem with password manager software is that you have to completely trust the company that makes the software. In Roboform’s case, although I don’t use it, I’ve heard they prompt you for regular updates, which means they are connecting to their server behind the scenes.

    And all of your sensitive information is in one egg basket. Yikes!

  2. says

    I have countless passwords and usernames for plenty of websites, too, so I’m relieved to find out that there is a better alternative than having Chrome or Firefox save them every time I go to a website. I’m downloading the trial of Roboform now and I can’t wait to try it out!

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