What is the Best Digital SLR Camera? — Finding the RIGHT Camera for YOU

As mothers, we are memory keepers.

Olivia - Little Teeth, Little Fingers

Olivia - Little Teeth, Little Fingers

We try to memorize every moment as our babies grow, wishing we could somehow slow it all down, praying we won’t forget the tug of tiny fingers twisted into our hair, the queries from curious three year olds, the cries of “Mommy” in the middle of the night.

But we can’t. We do forget. Somehow the crystal clear moments blur together and we can’t remember the exact shade of his wisps of baby hair, how old she was when she learned to climb the ladder at the playground all by herself, or how tall he was when he stepped into his first grade classroom.

So, it only makes sense why so many of us moms are drawn into photography by the insatiable need to capture it all — beautifully.

But where to start? Where to go next?


Jackson - Suburban Cowboy

We see the photos, the perfection. We want it.

But how? How can a mother who is new to photography get shots that will be worthy of the treasures she needs to preserve?

It all starts with the right camera and the right equipment for YOU.

And “right” will vary from mom to mom, and from stage to stage. You will move through cameras and lenses like a child moves through bicycles. I am not at all recommending that you overspend on a camera. For many people, a modern point and shoot camera will be sufficient.

At 5 Minutes for Mom, I want to help you in those stages — from your first camera, to your first new lens, to your first time you move the dial to Manual.

Some posts may be too basic for you, some may be a bit too complex, but hopefully throughout it all you will feel a part of our community of moms, growing and learning together, sharing and laughing in mistakes and victories.

“So, which camera should I buy???”

Which camera should I buy?

So, which camera should I buy?

Choosing a camera is like choosing what vehicle to buy. It can be overwhelming, and the truth is that many will fit the bill. But what IS the best digital camera for you?

The best help is to hear from others about their experiences with different digital cameras, different lenses, and different brands.

So, we will be having a series here at 5 Minutes for Mom called, “My Camera,” where different mom bloggers will share about what camera they are using, what they love about it, if they recommend it, and maybe even what digital camera or lenses they hope to buy next.

My Camera

To start it all off, with what camera do I shoot?

Canon 50D w 24-70mm L series Lens

Canon 50D w 24-70mm L series Lens

I have a Canon 50D, (which I bought second hand,) and my go-to lens at the moment is a EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens.

For a first time Digital SLR owner, the Canon 50D is more camera then you will need, (and it is very heavy!) And the lens is definitely one that you will probably have to hold off on and save up for — and only if you really are investing in photography equipment. It is a professional L series lens and NOT necessary for regular users.(I waited for three years until I let myself by it!)

In the Canon Digital SLR line, the ideal Canon camera for someone wanting to move into a Digital SLR, who doesn’t want too heavy of a camera or a price tag, would be one of the Canon Digital Rebels.

(You can buy older models of Canon Rebels for around $500 and the new ones are quite expensive, but fabulous, at around $800. Also, consider purchasing used — I bought my Canon 50D second hand from a friend! Used cameras, if you can trust the source, are a great option as people are often buying newer models and want to sell their older models. My camera was only a few months old when I bought it.)

The newest model in the Rebel line is the Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18-55mm IS II. It features Canon’s newest DIGIC 4 Image Processor and an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor – plus technologies like Full HD video recording, Live View shooting, Wireless flash photography and even a Vari-angle 3.0-inch LCD monitor. Although I haven’t personally tested it, the EOS Rebel T3i promises to be phenomenal!

And a fabulous, but relatively inexpensive lens you will want to get for sure, is a 50mm fixed lens. Canon has three models, the mid-price-range EF 50mm f/1.4 USM retails around $389.99, but you can get their inexpensive model, the EF 50mm f/1.8 II for $99.99.

You will get incredible shots that will stun you! I will write more about the 50mm lens, and tips to shooting with it, in the future. In the meantime, here is a post featuring photos I shot at Busch Gardens exclusively with my 50mm lens.

Baby Giraffe - shot w a Canon 50mm lens

Baby Giraffe - shot w a Canon 50mm lens

BUT please note — the most important thing is to just take photos! Whether it is with your cell phone or an SLR, just practice and have fun capturing those memories! The BEST camera is the one you HAVE with you!

I will talk more in future posts about other camera options — there are SO many! And I will also talk about smaller, more portable point and shoot cameras that I recommend.

My Road to the Canon 50D

Back in 2002, when I had my first child, Digital SLRs (Single Lens Reflex) weren’t available at consumer prices, (the first Digital Canon Rebel wasn’t released until September 2003) and so I shot with my Dad’s Canon SLR which I had inherited after he died.

Then, when Nikon introduced the Nikon D70, Susan and her husband purchased it because they were having their first baby and wanted great quality digital photos, even though neither of them were familiar with cameras. And the deal was pretty much I could use it almost exclusively and shoot their kids for them. Worked for me!

Julia - shot w Nikon D70

Julia - shot w Nikon D70

I loved the Nikon D70, but after a couple years, Canon had released some great new cameras and I made the switch back to Canon. (Plus then I could use some of my Dad’s lenses.)

So I purchased the Canon 40D, released in (September of 2007)– a fabulous camera that I loved dearly until it was stolen in the Minneapolis airport on the way to Disney World.

Not only was $3000 worth of camera gear gone, but I was on a trip of a lifetime WITHOUT my camera. It was a nightmare and a deep loss. I had to fight back from the sadness and try to focus on the fact that my children were safe and we were going to have a wonderful time together, even without my camera.

I had desperately wanted to move to a DSLR with HD video capabilities but the Canon 5D Mark ii, (released in November 2008,) was out of my price range, especially after losing $3000 worth of equipment, and I didn’t want to downgrade to the Rebel XTi.

So, I went with the Canon 50D (released in September 2008) — which I love just as much as I loved my Canon 40D.

Love my Canon 50D

Love my Canon 50D

But, a couple months after I purchased my 50D, Canon released the 7D in (October 2009) — which is a fantastic offering, with the video capabilities of the 5D Mark ii, but at a much more affordable price.

While I wish I had the Canon 7D, (if only I had extra money sitting around!) I do still LOVE my Canon 50D.

And as for my lenses, well that is another whole story which I will post about soon…


Do you have a digital camera? What kind of camera is it?

What camera do you recommend?

Do you have a dream camera for which you are saving?

P.S. If you are interested in participating in our “My Camera” series with a guest post here at 5 Minutes for Mom, please see our post about how to contribute guest posts at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder Janice.
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  1. says

    Janice–so glad you’re posting about this! I have a Nikon…but just broke my lens and need to get a new one. So any and all info is good.

    That pic of Jackson w/the hat? Awesome.

    • says

      Oh so sorry you broke your lens!!! Are you staying with Nikon? What model do you have? What kinds of lenses are you interested in?

      I will be posting next week about what happened to my camera last month — but no worries, it has a happy ending! lol

  2. says

    Very interesting article and such adorable photos! I would love a digital SLR because you can get such nice close-ups, but I know me too well. Between juggling caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren, I am always on the run. I need something that is fast, small, and easy to use or I’ll never use it. I took the advice of a good friend who uses both and went with a Canon Powershot digital camera and LOVE it! Granted, I’ll never get quite as good of photos, but I’ll actually take pictures (for a long time I rarely did). And it has image stabilization perfect for those of us boomers and seniors whose hands aren’t quite as steady as they were (then again, maybe they never were? :) ). Thanks for the great tips. I’m bookmarking this as a great resource for those with more time than me.

    • says

      YES – the Canon Powershots are FABULOUS! I will be writing about them in the future as well!

      I miss SO many shots cause I don’t have my big, heavy camera with me! So I often just use my iPhone! :)

  3. says

    I have the T2i and I can’t understand what the difference is between it and the T3i. I waited all summer long for the T2i because Sears told me it would eventually be in stock in-store only to find out that there are some things they will never stock in-store.. an honest sales rep finally told me this. I ended up having to go to Best Buy instead. I didn’t feel comfortable ordering a high priced item like that online just to find out later something on it didn’t work. Too many things that could go wrong that way. So that’s one thing I recommend. Don’t buy online unless you have thoroughly researched it and know that is exactly what you want.

    As far as the rebels being a good choice for new moms I don’t really agree. I think they’re pretty much top of the line and just saying something like that is going to make a lot of moms feel totally left out and sad. You absolutely don’t need an $800 camera to great pictures. I only wanted my Canon because I’m totally in to photography and digital art. I have done cd covers for well known bands and really needed something more than 5mp…it was still a compromise for myself..

    Learn all a simple camera has to offer and THEN move on to a better one. You can buy a Kodak easyshare for $100 these days and it’s 14 mp. Bought one for my husband who knows nothing about photography. The photos come out great! Not everyone has time to learn what an F stop is and all this.

    Before my Canon I had a Sony cybershot of all things.. 5mp! I could never afford a Canon until we became totally debt free last year.. and by debt free I mean no mortgage, no car payment, nothing.. I would never have spent $800 on a camera in my life, no matter what….until becoming debt free.. and still I felt guilty about it. I’d rather my kids have that $800 towards a college education than a top of the line camera.. AND if I had not spent 5 years teaching myself photography (not just how to point and shoot) then I would have never needed such a camera in the first place anyway. I’d like to know what your average mom needs with 18mp? They’re not making posters in their home most of the time.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling.. but like I said.. I don’t think $800 + in an economy like this is a wise purchase. You can make just as many great memories of your kids with a $100 camera.

    I couldn’t find the pic I wanted to show as an example but I’ll include this one instead simply because it’s stunning if I do say so myself. It was taken with a 5mp Sony Cybershot. No special lenses or anything else.. I put a pair of sunglasses in front of it to keep down the glare. I think it’s proof of what you can do with a cheap camera if you take time to learn all its options.


    • says

      Thanks so much for you feedback Monica – and I completely agree! As I said in my post, the right camera will vary from person to person and change over stages and time.

      When I referred to the Canon Rebel was when I was referring to my Canon 50D and what cameras I suggest FROM the Canon SLR line – IF they were choosing a digital SLR, because I do NOT recommend the 50D. Also, older models of Canon Rebels are around $500, and I should have mentioned those as well.

      BUT I should have clarified better!!! THANK YOU – I will go in and make it clearer.

      The most important thing is just to take the photos – even if that is with your cell phone. And I will be writing about Point and Shoots and more portable and affordable options in the future as well.

      So thanks again for your feedback – I never meant to make anyone feel that they needed an $800 camera. I just was talking about the best SLR I would recommend from the Canon SLR line. Heading to clarify now…

    • says

      I went in and made some changes to the post to clarify and I will also show in future posts some fabulous point and shoot shots!

      Thanks again for your feedback – I really appreciate you taking the time!!! :)

      • says

        OOoh Janice, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound so grumpy about it. It was still first thing in the morning :) I loved your post. I was just adding my two cents so that someone might see it from the opposite point of view so-to-say.

        There really is a variety of reasons I feel some people don’t need an expensive camera but the biggest influence on that decision was that when I was pregnant with my first there were some things I really wanted, one was a much nicer camera… I read a lot of stories/blogs and it seemed so many moms had these hugely expensive camera’s and had no idea how to use them and here I was stuck with my old camera and couldn’t move forward at all.. and it really made me feel bad.

        It’s sort of like when you’re first pregnant and you want all the best things for your baby because you’ve seen all the advertising and simply don’t know any better. By the time the second comes you’re not envious at all and you’re more focused on saving money & buying practical things etc.

        I just want moms to know (just like you clarified) it’s all about taking the photos! Buy a disposable if you have to! Just take the photos. Your kids will appreciate it so much when they get older and you’ll always have those memories…. and sometimes the funniest, most memorable photos are taken at the weirdest times.. not when they’re posed and taken with a big old expensive camera.

        I say to new users, If you’re just going to use the point and shoot part of the camera, buy something cheaper and take that extra money, invest it in a CD at your bank. When your kid turns 16/18 and wants a car they’ll be much more happy than that time mom went out and bought an expensive camera, to take pictures of them potty training.. (which they most likely will never want to discuss)

        :) Have a great day Janice!

        • says

          THANKS Monica!!! I am really glad you left your feedback so I got a chance to go back and clarify a bit more.

          I know the feeling too – I didn’t buy my own for two years after the first rebel was released cause I couldn’t afford it!

          BUT I was so lucky that Susan’s hubby was a tech geek and even tho he had never taken a photo in his life, he just wanted the coolest camera!

          It really just depends on each individual decision and people being comfortable making the best choice for their family and their needs and circumstances.

          For me, I feel like my photos of my children are my treasured gifts to them. Along with my writing, it is my love-gift to them. :) So, my camera and equipment are my most treasured possessions. (And trust me, it is an investment for me! I don’t have extra money sitting around!)

  4. says

    First of all, I absolutely LOVE that picture of Jackson in the cowboy hat! All the pictures you shared in this post are great, but that one takes the prize (in my book).

    My first digital camera was a hand-me-down Fuji from my dad. I was resistant to like it, but eventually it became a treasure. Then, in the fall of 2009, during a trip to Williamsburg, VA, my camera died – a sudden (and painful for me) death. It rained a lot that week; and, unlucky for us, my teenage daughter’s camera got wet and also bit the dust. So, we were camera-less and needed to start from scratch.

    As much as I’m attracted to the DSLR’s, I have access to my dad’s Nikon. And, using it the few times that I have, I know it’s way too heavy to lug around for everyday picture-taking needs. So, after looking at about a billion cameras, I decided on the Canon SX120IS – point and shoot. We LOVE it! Suddenly, the loss of the Fuji was a good thing! LOL I have taken some amazing pictures with that thing. Concerts — you can take pictures that look like you’re on stage with the performers. A point and shoot with a 10x zoom . . .

    Anyway, my daughter quickly got bored with her camera, so she passed it down to her 10-year-old sister and we were again on the lookout (this past Christmas) for another camera. We ended up trying to purchase another camera just like mine – yes, we like it that much. But, in a strange turn of events, I ended up with an upgrade and she got my camera. Now, I have a Canon SX30IS. It’s bigger and heavier. I think I’m going to like it, if I can handle lugging it around.

    I do agree with the previous poster that you don’t necessarily need a top-of-the-line SLR in order to get some great shots. Just in my own personal experience, I can say that digital cameras have come a LONG way in a short amount of time. I, too, would recommend starting with a smaller, cheaper camera – maybe you’ll be satisfied (and, if not, you can work your way up).

    • says

      Yes – thanks for your feedback.

      I will go in and clarify that I was recommending only what I thought was the IDEAL digital SLR from the Canon Digital SLR line.

      And you are right – so often I MISS shots cause I don’t have my big heavy burdensome camera with me and I will be writing posts about the versatility of smaller cameras and point and shoots.

      So, thanks again – I will go in and make a few changes to my post!

      • says

        Thanks for your reply, Janice! I wasn’t meaning that you should change your post. I understand from your post that you had plans to talk about other camera options in future posts. :)

        Truthfully, I’m hoping to one day graduate to an SLR. But, that’ll be awhile. I’d like to be able to take some classes and really learn how to use it. Maybe once my kids are grown and gone!

        • says

          Thanks Heidi!!! I made some changes though because i REALLY don’t want people to feel left out or bad that they can’t get the expensive models!

          I KNOW what that is like! I waited for years before finally investing in my own digital SLR. And as I mentioned in the post, I really want the 7D but can’t afford it right now.

          Cameras are big investments!

          • says

            They definitely are big investments – but, barring any disasters, like the theft you experienced a few years ago – they give back, big time. :) Documenting memories is priceless!

  5. says

    I have the Canon Rebel xsi with whatever the lens is that came with it. Yes you read that right. I wanted a camera that would take nice pictures. I planned to learn how to use it. However a year later I still haven’t found time and shoot in automatic mode. I am such a bad camera owner.

    • says

      You are NOT a bad camera owner!!! Shooting in automatic is fine!!!

      But also, don’t be too intimidated to branch out and try. The only way your get better is by practice! I take TONS of terrible shots to get the fabulous ones! lol

  6. says

    I have a Nikon something or other….CoolPix L100. I bought it when my Canon started giving me lens errors. I miss my Canon but couldn’t afford the $200 to get it fixed. This one takes pretty good pictures. Honestly, I think it’s more user needing more practice than anything else.

      • says

        I know this camera can take some really nice pictures because sometimes I get some amazing shots. I really do need to take the time to practice with it and to possibly even find/read the novel that came with it…lol. You know, today is going to be a rough day for my boys (their stepmom is moving out) but I’m planning on giving them a fun afternoon. I think I’ll put my camera in my bag and just snap some random shots. I don’t take nearly enough pictures now that they’re a little older.

  7. says

    I just transitioned from a Rebel Xsi to a Canon 60D — I love it so! The 60D is light enough and has a tilt viewfinder so you can get all the shots, AND it shoots HD video. Totally recommend it for mamarazzi. I love my 50mm lens but just got an 18-135 which is my absolute fave now.

    • says

      ohhhh — Lucky YOU! :) That 60D looks great! I REALLY want one that shoots HD video. So would you recommend the 60D over the 7D?

      If you want to guest post here for this My Camera series, we would love to hear more and see some shots and maybe video from your 60D! :)

      • says

        I’d love the 7D if you’re offering :) I chose the 60D based on tilt screen. Happy to guest post some time. Heading to Disneyland for a week, I will have good shots and video to share.

        • says

          Oh that would be fabulous! Thanks! Have a blast — i-heart-disney!!!

          I would love to have that tilt screen. I have it on a Sony DSLR and it is SO handy!!!! I never use live view on my 50D, but I would if I had that tilt!!

  8. Melanie says

    I have always used a point and shoot camera my last one is a Casio Exilim… but am currently waiting for my Canon T1i to arrive via FedEx. I can’t wait! I got a really good deal on a refurbished model from Canon Direct. They have a Valentine special going on right now for $499.99. Overnight shipping is $9. They also have the Canon XS (refurbished) on sale for $399.99. I’m supposed to get mine on Monday, Happy Valentines Day to me! Passing along the info, in case some one out there would like to take advantage of it too. :) I’ve read that manufacture refurbished cameras are just as good as a brand new one.

  9. says

    Ugh, I just went thru hell trying to figure out what the ‘best’ camera was for us. We had a Canon Rebel XT for a couple years but decided to sell it cuz we thought we wanted something smaller (ie. Canon Powershot, Nikon Coolpix) but then we weren’t happy with the pictures, even with the high MP. Then we got the Nikon D3100 and liked the way it took pictures (the mechanics) but didn’t like the picture tone. Here’s a post on the differences: http://www.susiebhomemaker.com/2011/01/sooc-saturday-dslr-competition.html. So then I took the Nikon back (thankfully Best Buy has a 14 day return policy) and went with the Canon Rebel T1i. I like the way the pictures look and the self-timer continuous shot was a big plus for me but the video quality is lacking so we wound up still needing an actual video camera. Here’s another post I wrote about it: http://www.susiebhomemaker.com/2011/01/more-confused-than-ever.html. Part of me still wishes I could’ve been happy with a $200 camera, I really didn’t want to have a big bulky DSLR again… but you can’t argue with the picture quality, so… guess I’m a Canon DSLR mom also. 😉

    • says

      Oh I SO relate!!!

      I have a few point and shoots I have had from reviews, and while they can do a GREAT job for stills and landscapes, capturing fast moving kids and kids expressions, smiles etc with them just isn’t the same as the speed and quality of a DSLR!

      I do use my iPhone tons tho to at least capture the moments when I don’t have my big camera with me.

  10. says

    Sounds like a lot of people are Canon people here! I’m a Nikon user only because my FIL bought it for us as a wedding present. I have the D50 and it’s sadly pretty out of date. He’s offering me his D200 since he just bought a new camera, but I’d still have to buy it and even at “family” price we just can’t afford it right now!
    I’m pretty happy with the picture tone (re: Suzie’s post) and I had the unique experience of using a friend’s Rebel XSi for a month while mine was in the shop so I feel like I got a good comparison.
    I shoot strictly in Aperature or Manual modes and the settings and such on the Canon were a pain for me to get used to. I didn’t like the focus modes either, I could never seem to get it to focus where I wanted. But perhaps that’s because my friend couldn’t find her manual! Finally, I wasn’t a fan of the shutter sound.
    On the plus side I really wish Nikon would implement some sensor cleaning technology like Canon has because my sensor always seems to have dust on it. :(
    I do have a good 17-200 lens on my camera, but I’m saving up for a 55mm or 85mm lens with a really low f-stop as I love to take more macro style shots. And good portraits.
    If you need a post about Nikons I’d be interested in sharing! And yes, I already filled out the form… twice!

    • says

      Krista – Nikons are great! You know, I was just chatting w a photographer who said he loves the old Nikon D70s!
      It really depends more on your lens – the D50 is still a great camera!!! Get a 55mm and you will be set! :)

  11. Melissa P. says

    I love my Nikon D5000. It’s my first DSLR and it is wonderful. I have 3 lenses for it. My favorite lenses is the one I actually won. It is the Tamron SP 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di VC USD. I can’t wait until the warmer weather comes so I can go out and take more photos in the natural light. I love natural light.

  12. says

    Well, my digital camera is the Rebel you were talking about that came out in 2003. Actually, it was a couple years later that I got it. It was actually a present from my husband. At the time I was shooting with a film Rebel. I didn’t even want it. I had no clue why he’d get me something so ridiculous as that camera. Then I found out how much it was and was really upset.

    The week I got it I headed out of town and brought the camera with me. Let’s just say I never went back to the film camera!

    I still have the same camera and would love to get other lenses.

    I have a question, does anyone have an opinion on getting digital cameras cleaned for better performance? This camera has been everywhere with me for 6 yrs. I’m thinking it might be time to get it cleaned up inside. Is that even necessary?

    • says

      Oh, I forgot to mention. I’ve had this camera all these years and still know very little about it. I really need to take a hands on class so I can really get to use all the features. I’ve tried reading to learn, but that’s not my style. I have very little time as a single mom to actually figure it out on my own! LOL

    • says

      LOVE IT! That is such a fun story.
      Yes – for sure take it in to a shop and get it cleaned professionally. Just call a few shops and ask about how much it costs etc. :)

  13. says

    I recently bought a Nikon D90. I was torn between it and the canon and asked many people and naturally, each loved their camera and both were highly rated . It came down to the fact that the Nikon D90 was being clearanced for a newer shinier model.

    • says

      You know – I think the Nikon D90 is a FABULOUS camera! AND if I wasn’t committed to Canon with my lenses, I would have bought one. It has tons of great features at a good price!

  14. says

    When my oldest daughter was born, my hubby {bless him} bought me my first SLR. He got a huge, $$ Pentax and all the lenses. I tried to use it for 4 years, and never got the hang of it.
    I’m a Canon girl through and through!
    I have a Rebel and love it – but would really like to branch out and get new lenses and a flash.
    BUT, of course having all those things before, and not *using* them with the Pentax – hubby is against me accessorizing my Canon. Understandable, but I still pout. Someday…
    Too bad he didn’t get standard lenses, they only fit on the Pentax *boo*

    Looking forward to your posts Janice,
    I am a Photo-preak!!

    • says

      Awww – that is too bad about the lenses! I have never tried a Pentax SLR. Only Canon, Sony and Nikon.
      Do you have the 50mm 1.8? That lens is only $99!!! And it will give you some great shots!

    • says

      Misty – the Sony’s are GREAT! I went to a Sony Mom Blogger Junket and we got Sony DSLRs. I really loved a lot of the features! I just don’t have the lenses to really enjoy the camera. And I have heard that Sony has REALLY been improving their cameras too!!!

  15. Judith says

    I am a Grandma to 7 and do not have a camera. Sinful I know but every time I go out to buy one, I get so confused. So i just don’t buy one. And I don’t know anything about taking a picture, another reason I just can’t buy a camera. Years ago I had a panasonic 35 mm with 105 mm built in lens. I loved it and loved the pictures it took but It broke and I bought the same camera on ebay but it broke too. So I am cameraless and I hope you can help me.

    • says

      Oh Judith – it IS tough!!!

      I am assuming you want a point and shoot camera that is compact but shoots well. What is your price range? The Canon and the Nikons makes some GREAT point and shoots – and Sony does as well.

      I have heard great things about the Canon PowerShots. I don’t personally own Canon and Nikon point and shoots though, so I can’t say from first hand experience.

      This post might help http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/collection/1603/top_10_point_and_shoot_cameras.html

      And this post http://www.digitalcamera-hq.com/search/point-and-shoot

      The companies make point and shoots that vary in range from $89 -$400+. So it can be tricky. But if you stick with your budget and go with Canon, Nikon, or Sony you should be safe. Obviously, the more you pay the more you get.

      But the most important thing is that you ARE getting the shots. SO, if you can only afford $89, then stick with it. You will still be capturing those memories!!!

  16. says

    I have a Nikon D-5000 and I really like it! I hope to upgrade to a D-90 someday but and very happy with mine. I am thinking about getting s used macro lens any suggestions?

  17. says

    I started photography at the age of 10 with a point and shoot film camera my parents got me for my birthday. When I turned 15, they bought me an SLR, a Canon Rebel 2000. I loved that camera, but it reached it shutter capacity and Canon said it was kaput when I sent it to them for work. The next camera I bought, I purchased myself while in college. It was a Canon Rebel xTi. I loved that camera as well, and had several lenses for it, including the 50mm that you mentioned. I have the 50mm f/1.4 and I love it.

    I have been camera person, for many years, and have recently started shooting a few weddings and portraits for people. However, I have a 16 month old, so my camera stays with me all the time. I was ready for a new camera, and had been saving for quit some time. After doing my research, I decided to purchase the Canon 7D. I chose it because of its likeness the the 5D but cheaper. I am saving now for the lens that was actually mentioned in the article, the 24-70. My husband bought me Tamrons version of the Canon lens for Valentine’s but I would still like to have the Canon L series.

  18. says

    We have a Nikon D90, but we’d really love to upgrade one of these days. We’re also saving up for another lens.

    I’m not a big “spender,” but I see photography equipment as an important investment.

  19. says

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