Kid Project – Book of Memories

This morning, my 7-year-old, Audrey, announced that she was going to make a book of memories. Since the year is almost over, I thought that she had a splendid idea. I told her to remember her favorite moments from the year. We stapled printer paper together to make a book, and she sat at the kitchen table with her crayons and colored pencils and began creating her book of memories.

Here are a few of her pages. The quality isn’t the best because I had to photograph them. She wouldn’t let me place them in the scanner, for fear that I would ruin her special book.

Cover Page

Painting at the art studio

Playing Red Rover with the Girl Scout troop

I think this makes a great end of the year project. I would love to see the pages that your children create. If you happen to post images of their book of memories, please link to it in the comments. Thanks.


  1. Eileen says

    seems like they dont do projects like this at school anymore…I’d love to have this kind of project even from my 11 year old…and the grand kids. It not only gets them thinking about fun and accomplishments but I think makes them appreciate all they get to do, and family and friends they get to spend time with. Real day to day things kind of rob kids of that sometimes I think. VERY nice work she did!

  2. says

    I created a book very similar to this when I was 11. A couple years ago I received a large envelope with my “Luv Book” in it. It made my day to read about all of my past “luvs”.

  3. says

    This is such a cool idea! I did a seasons scrap book with my daughter this past year where we collected items on our outdoor walks each season and compiled them in a book she made. In the fall we pasted leaves that she found pretty. For summer we pressed wild flowers… It was a great experience for both of us – I think it’s more about the bonding time than it is about the final product… Bill

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