Share a Movie with the Whole Family: Opposite Day DVD gift pack

Kids and movies go together.

Let’s be honest, as moms we like the idea that if we put in a movie, we know that it could buy us an hour and a half of peace and quiet. And it’s not (always) just a selfish motivation. Kids often get so ramped up, especially with the added stimulation of visiting friends and family and extra sugar that comes with holiday treats. Watching a movie can sometimes ensure that they’ll all sit down and relax for a while.

We also enjoy watching movies together as a family experience. Nothing brings you closer and breaks down walls than laughing together (Maybe those of you who only have preschoolers don’t know what I mean about breaking down walls, but as the kids get older that division between parent and child naturally comes up as they try to establish their own identities).

In addition to laughing together, a movie like Opposite Day might open up conversations about the frustrations that each of us are feeling about our particular roles. I haven’t yet seen the movie, but here is the summary:

Opposite Day is a hilarious new comedy that puts the kids in charge and the adults in the place. Nine year old Sammy and his eight year old sister Carla go on vacation with their grandparents when their overworked parents are unable to take them. On the first night of their mountain vacation, Sammy makes a childlike wish, “I wish kids ruled the world.”

Little did he know what was about to happen!

You can also watch the trailer:

We have a great gift pack for one of you (U.S. shipping only, please), worth over $150:

  • Portable DVD Player
  • Opposite Day DVD
  • The Velveteen Rabbit Christmas DVD
  • The Dog Who Saved Christmas DVD
  • All Roads Lead Home DVD

Disclosure: We have received financial compensation in exchange for sharing and administrating this giveaway.

Leave a comment if you’d like to win (U.S. only). The winner will be announced on January 8.


  1. Amy Brewer says

    These look like awesome prizes!! I have a preschooler and 2 older children. We love to watch movies together… Opposite day seems like it would be a great movie..

  2. Jen B. says

    My kids always think they are in charge, I keep telling them that mom and dad are the bosses! It would be nice for them to get a taste of their “dream life” by watching Opposite Day together! :) I’d love to win this prize, the portable DVD player would be fantastic for my 2 year old who is constantly dragged around to sporting events. Thanks for the chance.

  3. crystal allen says

    we would love to watch all of these movies on family night. we would have enough to last for a month! the Portable DVD Player would be great for road trips too! thanks clallen at ntin dot net

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