Chubby Little Snowman — Recited by Olivia, Age 3

Olivia came home from preschool reciting this poem, Chubby Little Snowman. (I am assuming that is what it is called. I had never heard it before.)

So I grabbed the video camera and Olivia was thrilled to capture herself, in all her three year old cuteness. (She gets a bit dsitracted by her own reflection in the mirror on the wall in the middle of the poem.)

Indulge me in my mommy-pride… Here is Olivia and the Chubby Little Snowman.

Do you ever post videos of your kids on You Tube or on your blog?

Leave a link in your comment — we would love to see your cute kid videos too!

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom. Talk with me: @5minutesformom and


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    How cute is that! I remember my oldest reciting that poem with her kindergarten class so many years ago…I always liked that one. :)

    One of my big girls was thoughtful enough to grab the camera when my 1-year old started dancing in the kitchen. (And yes, that’s my son saying “let me see” in the background, ha ha!)

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      Awww – you gotta love babies first dances! :)

      Trying to record with little ones around is so hard – they always want to either “see” or “let me do it” but they can’t hold the camera well enough to actually record what we want to see! lol

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    My 3.5 yr old Olivia came home & recited that one 2 weeks ago – It’s so cute – I had never heard it before, either! There is a line where my Olivia says and what do you suppose- cracks me up every time!

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    This is just so adorable. I, too, love how she wants to see it as soon as she is done.
    My kids are all grown up and there really wasn’t blogging and YouTube wasn’t that popular when they were little… Oh, how old do I sound???
    Heading over to look at some of the other videos.

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