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How do you brighten up your living room in 5 minutes or less? Need tips on keeping your kids entertained while you’re working around the house and don’t want to use the TV as a babysitter? CoolMomsCare answers these questions and more, providing helpful information and ideas in bite-sized pieces so that Moms can get on with their busy day.

cool-moms-care.jpgMichelle Andrade, a stay-at-home Mom and writer with a marketing background, started CoolMomsCare last year to help parents and children make a difference in the world.

CoolMomsCare features stories, tips, how-to’s, and motivational articles about how parents and kids can make a positive impact in their community. The site has plenty of great tips for encouraging kids to help others and the environment, so no matter how much time you have in your schedule or where you live, you can make small changes and contribute to making the world better.

5 Minutes of Caring posts are short, practical tips that can be incorporated easily, like saying thanks to your children, going on a story walk, or using vinegar to treat common ailments. All in a Day features longer articles by contributors who write about topics such as being a remarkable parent and teaching–and modeling–honesty. One Minute Nibbles are positive thoughts to keep you motivated.

Michelle encourages parents to share their stories, ideas, thoughts, and hopes on the site. She answered a few questions about CoolMomsCare and its mission:

What led you to start CoolMomsCare?

In May of 2007, I began receiving “5 Minutes of Caring” from Each day I was getting these practical tips in my Inbox on ways I could change the world and was feeling rather inspired. I was working to incorporate these tips into every aspect of my life and to really work to change the world. I was taking the opportunity to teach my little girl, who is two, as many as I could. Being a stay-at-home mom, I really did not have the distraction of a job to separate me from the ideas of world-changing and my child. I realized that all parents WANT to make a difference with their kids, they just may not know how or have time. I also wanted a job where I could continue to stay home as much as possible with my little one. I approached Stephen Moseley from and asked for a meeting. I brought forth lots of ideas, content and thoughts about creating for kids. So was born,

What are your hopes for CoolMomsCare and your online community of readers?

Our hope for is to do just what our tag line suggest, “Save the World, One Kid at a Time.” Positive world change is something anyone can do. We hope that people come to our site and realize how easy it is to make a difference if we start small. Our hope for our online community of readers is to inspire and encourage them as they are on this journey to save the world. I used to think that to save the world I had to quit my job, sell off all my possessions and move to a foreign country. This is not the case. Each person has the opportunity to save the world, no matter what their schedule is, how many children they have, or what they have done in the past. Our goal is to offer practical tips for families to start this positive world change in their own home and thus spread change into their communities. We hope people feel inspired for change.

You describe CoolMomsCare as social entrepreneurship. Please share more about that concept and how it applies to your site.

Social entrepreneurship is a phrase that you’ll be hearing more and more of very soon. Simply put, a social entrepreneurship is a for-profit venture that seeks to address a social need. With CoolMomsCare, we seek to address the need of inaction towards our largest problems. We do that by putting out daily tips for ways anyone can make a difference. We don’t focus simply on the bottom line of profit, but also community change and sustainability.

If Moms are interested in making a difference in their communities with their kids, where do you recommend they start?

My first recommendation is to sign-up for our daily emails to begin receiving a daily tip. Each of these daily tips takes less than 5 minutes to do. Starting small is the best way to start because when we look at doing something big, it becomes too overwhelming and most of us end up not doing anything. Taking an action step towards change, no matter how small, makes all the difference in the world.


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  2. Maria says

    I’m a new mom with LOTS of info and resources i’d like to absorb! This site has really helped. And this carseat would really help too, as my infant has hit that “transition” stage. She’s looking pretty ginormous in her little carseat!

  3. marguerite manteau-rao says

    What a great idea! Small steps, every day, one mom at a time. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the environment field. Moms have such an important role to play as main role model for their children, and also primary consumer in their household.

    Imagine a world where all the moms started walking, and biking more often, instead of driving. A world where moms spent more time experiencing simple things with their children instead of buying them things. A world where moms taught their children how to eat healthy meals instead of processed foods.

    Imagine what a difference one mom can make . . .

    I am totally with you on this project!
    ‘Green Drop Project’

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