Tackle it Tuesday – Tackling Musty Towels

Hi Tacklers, Carmen here reporting for tackling duty!

This week, I am tackling musty towels — and I have an easy laundry tip I want to share with you that I have been using for years!

I cannot stand when towels starts to get musty. Lately we have been at the indoor pool all the time, and the chlorine is wreaking havoc on our towels since I am terrible at forgetting to take them out of the gym bags.

So, today I am pulling out some ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda to help me tackle. Yes — I am going to make those icky towels super fresh and “like new” again.

To get rid of the musty towel smell, I add 1 cup of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda to the wash. The baking soda creates a better pH balance in the water so my towels come out fresh!

Lucky for me, my mom has the large 13 pound resealable pouch at her house, where we are staying for the holidays, so I can refresh all of our clothes, and not just our towels.

Did you know that you can also use baking soda to pre-treat stains? Just add water to a handful of baking soda to make a paste, rub over the stain and let it sit. Yes — I am a huge fan of baking soda! LOL

Do you have any laundry tips to share with us? We’d love to hear them.

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*Tackle it Tuesday is sponsored this month by ARM & HAMMER® Power Gel Laundry Detergent, America’s first gel detergent!

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom editor Carmen. You get our feed, right?

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  1. Roxie Meiske says

    I swear by baking soda. It is my best friend when it comes to cleaning etc. I also love Borax and Washing soda. I mix Borax and Washing soda in a big tupperware container with a tight fitting lid. I use just a table spoon with most wash loads and my laundry smells so good. I do not use a homemade laundry soap…I use HE because of the front load machine. But a bottle lasts a really long time.
    I have a day care in my home. There are lots of children. We use a lot of towels and wash cloths here with the children. I also have 4 grand children in and out of the house. That is lots of towels and wash cloths too…Using the table spoon of the mixture and then a table spoon of baking soda in the rinse makes a huge difference in the laundry.

  2. says

    I too love baking soda.

    One of my recent uses is on the nasty ‘grease meets dust’ that has collected in the grill above my microwave oven. I put together a paste of baking soda and water and tackled it with a tooth brush.

    Presto — It looks perfect!



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