Tackle It Tuesday – Easily Overwhelmed…

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I am so easily overwhelmed…

My inbox is bursting, my paper piles are steadily growing, the messes hidden behind closed doors are continually getting out of control and I am standing here in the middle of it all not knowing where to turn. I am like a trapped rat darting back and forth trying to decide on the best escape.

I know that I must deal with the important paper/mail piles – there are things lurking in there that could cause disaster if left undone.

And I know that my house tackles haunt me when I let them fester and breed for too long.

But I really want to get my inbox under control. (But that is a tackle that would take a full month of child-free time.)

Oh – and of course I need to write some posts too!

SO, what do I tackle tonight?

I had picked out a drawer that I was going to tackle. But, I think tonight I must stick to working through some of the important papers and mail I need to deal with, as well as working through at least some emails.

So sorry that I don’t have a spectacular tackle to show off.

BUT – if you click and visit the other tacklers on the Mr. Linky list, I bet they will inspire you. (I am sorry that I am not too inspiring right now. This tackler must deal with paper.)

What are you tackling? Link up and inspire us!

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  1. says

    Oh boy – I need to do this!!! I just had a dust bunny drop down into the pan I had cooked dinner in – YIKES!! Yes,I was done cooking :) …time to dust, big time. And then a miollion other cleaning projects that have been ignored :)

  2. says

    I’ve been tackling all kinds of stuff lately (I think I’m on an early Spring Cleaning spree) but I’m going to tackle my bedside table today. It’s a disaster! But once it’s clean, I’ll feel better. :)

  3. says

    It amazing how things work out. We are redoing or I should say started to redo our steps. In all honesty I would of done our base cabinets.
    My hubby decided we all should clean out under the stairs and he messed up his back but one good thing maybe I can do some purging.

    My upper cabinets are done.

  4. Merry Christmas says

    Hi Janice,
    Oh I know that lovely feeling, it is not pleasant, take a breather first off. I know the feeling, it is like your head is some place your body isn’t. We do get that way from time to time, and having other bodily functions during those times somehow makes it seem worse. It helps first off if you can just ask your self a to prioritize. It seems like your priority is too get into your in-box. I would think, that as I figure out more about bloging, and how to blog successfully I will want to pay attention to a couple of those blogs.
    It is not easy juggling especially if you have young children that require your care, they take all precedent. First hugs in the morning, some wake up t.v., then breakfast, clean up, early morning stuff takes time.
    This is my killer, this is why I have trouble holding down a job as well. Well, besides the fact that I take what I am doing right here as very serious business. Some might want to ask, “does it make income”? Well, I might want to shy away, and simply answer, “no” not really. But, what I do come away with as a saving grace, is that as I listen to people “complain” on their jobs practically at times, and mind you. I have to remind myself, “when is it okay to listen”? versus “minding my own p.&q’s. It is tough to call the shots, but I think many people that have a strong concentration in communications, have a natural pull to the blog.
    That is where my instinct always is, I find them and blog the world away. Then I get that wonderful feeling, that what I am doing matters. That helps me to breathe and release tension that builds, from all the supposedly other things I “should” be doing. I have other thoughts about that, “what I should be doing stuff”. It is very complicated, as I speak to a wide range of people during the course of the day, I speak to my husbands accoutant, who happens to be handsome guy, with a maverick make-up. He is very pro-money, young and speaks his mind. I might want to crawl and shrivel away, as I have contributed very little in the way of monetary value. But, no I do not I express some brief sad history that I have had to deal with, some times I wonder how over things I really am. But, I deal with life in day in and day out basis. I do not take any medications, but I pray alot about many things, as I have grown children and one fifeteen year old daughter soon to turn sixteen. She is beautiful and bold, that may be a wonderful situation for some that appreciate a more aggressive personality, yes I did say aggressive as opposed to assertive. That is not easy, I am laid back, just don’t ruffel my feathers. As nice as I can be, I have learned the fine skill of seeking out those that are not in my best interest, and have learned to skillfully ask if in a job situation, “is there a problem”? Because with out that put out there, I am litterally giving permission to be like, “okay” we got the person we that is willing to take “crap”. Wrong, so I have learned when dealing with “rude” behavior to have no part in it. Yep, that will keep me away from job situations, you might be tempted to ask if I am over sensitive? Well, the last example I could give that bothered me,was in a florist shop that I worked in briefly. The women who was supervisor over the workers, had said “Gloria, go sniff around for the rotten water”, I felt immediately like the “stink finder” was chosen. I know she also wanted to show authority. That did not go over well…it was like her instruction to the others was like, okay…Gloria will play around with my little game of lets find the “glump”. I was like there will be no way, I can work and work quite well when people are working with me, not against me. I suppose some people have more fortitude than I do. But, truthfully I am a pile of mush on the inside, it does not imply in anyway that I am stupid, which pisses me off even more. I am smarter than many, but in todays times, it is not smartness that is winning, it is rudeness, and that is something I cannot tolerate.

    Cheer-Up after what I have just written, I am sure your clutter seems somewhat like just misplaced stuff, not a misplaced life.

  5. says

    I know how you feel. I FINALLY got to the bottom of the clutter on my kitchen counter, but it did take all week. I did that while still dealing with all the tax papers and other issues from last week. It’s never ending, so we have to take it one task at a time.

  6. says

    I feel easily overwhelmed as well. Being a WAHM can be more challenging than going to the office every day because the household reponsibilities are always right there haunting me to be taken care of.

    I decided to give myself a small break today and clean up my email Inbox as my Tackle It Tuesday project.

    I wrote about it in my blog.

    Warm wishes~

  7. says

    My problem with tackling my email inbox is that once I start replying to people and taking care of things, they start writing back in response to my emails. So the emails come pouring back in (sigh)

    My tackle for today involved carpet stains that were years old!


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