Metal Frame Micro RC Helicopter from Discovery Store Giveaway

A tiny helicopter you can easily maneuver inside the house, zipping up, down and all around! Yes, when I first saw these little machines from Discovery Store I knew my son would go crazy for one. (Actually, I wanted to fly one too!)


Metal Frame Micro RC Helicopter

The Metal Frame Micro RC Helicopter from the Discovery Store is the smallest Metal-frame helicopter on the market. It features a built-in gyroscope which makes it easy to control. (Well – I have no idea what a gyroscope is! But, the company says that makes it easy to control. So I guess that is what a gyroscope can do for a pint-sized helicopter!)

Fortunately the helicopter is rechargeable and features a lithium-polymer battery which takes 30-40 minutes to charge. It charges through its radio control unit and flies for about 8-12 minutes between charges. It isn’t a long play time between charges. But hey — we are flying helicopters in the house! Very cool. So I guess I can’t complain that the charge doesn’t last long enough!

The Metal Frame Micro RC Helicopter is manufactured by hand with a durable metal frame. (I suppose it isn’t very “boyish” to say that it is cute — but it so is!!!) I don’t imagine it will last for too many months with my kids — but for the intended age range of 12 years and older, I am sure it will be quite durable.

The has so many fabulous and unique toys and games. It is the perfect place to check out if you are trying to come up with an enriching and fun gift!

Get ready to fly! We have a Metal Frame Micro RC Helicopter for one of you! To enter, simply leave us a comment below!

This giveaway is part of our Christmas Giveaway 2010 event. If you haven’t already, please be sure to visit our main Christmas Giveaway 2010 post to review our giveaway rules and to find out how to earn additional entries.

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian shipping addresses and closes on December 4th.This giveaway is void where prohibited. Please see our site’s terms and conditions for our complete contest rules.

Thanks so much to Discovery Store for providing a helicopter for review purposes, for providing the prizing for this giveaway, and for providing a MythBusters Science of Sports Kit for our Under The Tree 2010 program! Receiving review samples never influences my opinions. My opinions are always my own!


  1. seki tyree says

    I recently found out my son has medullablastoma which is a form of brain cancer…A mini helicopter would definitely be wonderful and a big help..

  2. says

    It told me I already left a comment saying I liked you on facebook but I don’t see the comment on your page only the 3 other ones I left. So if it shows up later I don’t know what happened.

  3. says

    We saw one of these at a friend’s house almost exactly a year ago… and just this morning my son told me he wanted one. I have no intentions of buying one, but it would be so lovely to surprise him with this!

  4. Mary-Frances C./Soggy Cereal Mom says

    facebook fan/liker of 5Minutes for mom:
    Mary-Frances C.
    mommieseatsoggycereal at gmail dot com

  5. Carols119 says

    Would make a great gift, just not sure who will get it. I might have to put the names in a hat and draw. Thanks!!

  6. cctine says

    My oldest son has wanted one of these helicoptors scenc he first saw his cousin’s.
    Thank you for the chance to add to their holiday joy.

  7. says

    My MIL bought one of these one year and my kids were totally enthralled with it. The quality on hers was terrible though and didn’t last very long. This one sounds better. 😀

  8. Eileen says

    yep…a toy that my hubby would fight the kids for…for sure! LOL! not a lot of charge time but sure looks fun!


  9. Desiree says

    I got my son one of these for Christmas he loved it! Unfortunetly my little ones were also loving them and managed to distroy them. I told my son i would get him another one when the babies are a little older they are 4 now and it would be a great gift for him

  10. says

    I subscribe to your feed. When I check it through my iPod I don’t leave as many comments. If I get the iPad I’m dreaming of I’ll leave more comments on the go.

  11. says

    For his birthday, Bebe Boy James received a remote helicopter, and he loved it! BUT, Grandbebe JoJo also loved it, and since he was only 4, well, once he got hold of it, it was a goner! I think this one would last long enough for us to get it away from him in time! Thanks for the chance to win!


  12. says

    Can it lift a camera?? :) I’ve always wanted a RC helicopter myself but only because I think that taking pictures and videos from the air would be cool…

  13. says

    We’ve seen these flying around at the mall and they never fail to stop my husband and daughter in their tracks, it would be a tossup over who Santa would give it to!

  14. Jill Pierson says

    Is this what was on Mythbusters yesterday? They were so cool! I want one. For my son. Yeah, for my son. Not for me.

  15. Rosemary Brown says

    I like you on Facebook. I know a very good little boy who would love to have one of these very very much

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