Kaleidoscopes – A Classic Gift For Christmas

Do you have a favorite classic toy from your childhood? One that makes you sit back and smile every time you think about it or makes you wish you could pass that experience on to your kids? For me some of those toys include the pogo stick, the hula-hoop, and the kaleidoscope!

While my girls are still a bit too young to navigate a hula-hoop or pogo stick (do they even make pogo sticks anymore?), they have no problem delighting in the magical color and shapes they find in a kaleidoscope!

Kaleidoscopes To You has been bringing that magical experience to kids and adults now for more than 20 years!

Kaleidoscopes To You

Kaleidoscopes To You offers an array of kaleidoscopes and teleidoscopes from wood to brass to kaleidoscope jewelry! The wood, laminated or solid, is absolutely beautiful and makes each one something you will want to display (base included). They truly have a kaleidoscope or teleidoscope for everyone!!!

Did you know…
A kaleidoscope is a tube of mirrors containing loose, colored objects such beads or pebbles and bits of glass. As the viewer looks into one end, light entering the other end creates a colorful pattern, due to the reflection off the mirrors. (from Wikipedia)

A teleidoscope is a kind of kaleidoscope, with a lens and an open view, so it can be used to form kaleidoscopic patterns from objects outside the instrument, rather than from items installed as part of it. (from Wikipedia)

You will be amazed at how much fun your your kids (no matter what age) will have with one of these and how quickly the adults in the room will reminess about about their own kaleidoscope memories. It’s so much fun to watch as our 4.5 inch Wooden Teleidoscope makes its way into the hands and up the eyes of my dad, then to my 16 year old nephew, and finally to my 2 year old daughter. All with that same look of wonder and delight!

With the beautiful craftsmanship of Kaleidoscopes To You this will be a timeless gift that can be passed from generation to generation!

We want to give that same bit of timeless fun to one of you by giving away one 4.5 inch Laminate Wood Teleidoscope (valued at $28.99). To enter, just leave a comment below. Maybe share one of your favorite classic toys from childhood!

This giveaway is part of our Christmas Giveaway 2010 event. If you haven’t already, please be sure to visit our main Christmas Giveaway 2010 post to review our giveaway rules and to find out how to earn additional entries.

This giveaway is open to US shipping addresses and closes on December 4th. Please see our site’s terms and conditions for our complete contest rules.

Kaleidoscopes To You has provided product for review purposes, the give away, and to our Under The Tree 2010 program! All opinions stated here are my own.


  1. angie says

    I can remember the first time I saw a telescope it was at girl scout camp very cool. I can remember riding our bikes and I had several dolls that i played with but mainly we used our imagination with little money there were not a lot of store bought toys


  2. AutumH says

    I used to have a mid sized plastic replica of Magwai from Gremlins. That thing went pretty much everywhere I went and I adored it. I’m hoping that someday I can find it again for my kids who are already fans of the movie.

  3. Lindsay says

    I love this unique giveaway! One of my favorite special toys as a child was a harmonica my grandfather gave me. I still have it!

  4. says

    I was a tomboy back then. My favorite toy was a pink tonka jeep. :)

    I am excited about this give away. My Mother-in-love loves kaleidoscopes. That is where it will go if I win. :)

  5. Amy Brewer says

    I can remember my pogo stick that I had when I was young. It was so fun but I couldn’t do it well at all. No matter how hard I tried..LOL…Guess I wasn’t good at balancing. I don’t think I ever had a Kaleidoscope but the wooden up above is beautiful. My children would all enjoy it.

  6. says

    I had pretty typical childhood toys, but I remember loving the pogo ball. It was a ball that had a round board attached that you used a lot like a pogo stick.

  7. Debra Morgan says

    This is the one thing that brings back childhood memories in a seond. I have several

    Kaleidoscopes in my house in safe keeping, but I have never seen one this beautiful. I wish I could be so lucky as to win this beauty. Thanks for everything you Moms do!!

  8. says

    I loved having a kaleidoscope as a child and have looked at several cheap ones for my kids, but haven’t purchased any – I’m just not impressed! A quality kaleidoscope would be wonderful!

  9. hippie4ever says

    I had a MR Peanut nut grinder. I loved it! I was devastated when my brother’s broke it :( silenttributary at yahoo dot com

  10. Suzanne (Crunchy Green Mom says

    I loved Lincoln Logs… i would build my own houses for my barbies with them!


  11. Lauren says

    so cute, thanks for the chance to win. when I was little, it was really just about the barbies. I was very imaginative.

  12. Christine Roeske says

    Favorite toy as a wee child was the Chatty Cathy rotary pull toy – my sister bought our eldest one for his first birthday to enjoy!

  13. Wendy Mahaney says

    My youngest loves these, and we plan to put one in his stocking. This one is much nicer than what we were thinking. :-)

  14. pamela says

    wow, that is definitely cool! i think my favorite childhood toy was the plastic fisher price record player. it was so soothing! i wish i still had it, i’m sure my daughters would have loved it to pieces too!
    its fun reminiscing, thank you for that!

  15. cctine says

    how beautiful. we recently made KALEIDOSCOPES
    for a homeschool unit. my kids would relly enjoy this.
    my youngest son spent hhours with his. this would be a wonderful christmas gift.
    thank you for a chance to brightrn the holidays.

  16. Lori Barnes says

    I remember getting my first Kaleidoscope when i was young and was so amazed by it : ) I remember one of my classic childhood toys was the pull along puppy with the floppy ears, man did i haul that toy aroung for the longest time. I would love to win this to share with my girls i think they would love it
    photoquest(at)bellsouth(dot) net

  17. says

    One of my favorite toys from childhood was a doll with hair that I could pull on it would grow and then if I pulled on a string in her back it would grow “short”. Not sure how to describe it but I played with that doll for hours on end every day.
    I’ve never heard of a Teleidoscope. Sounds like so much fun!

  18. says

    what a beautiful kaleidoscope!! one of my favorite classic toy memories is of a Slinky =) we lived in a one-story home, so my brother and I would “build stairs” out of whatever we could find so that we could get the slinky to do that awesome flip trip down them!

  19. Brenda Vicario says

    My mom was commenting today about classic toys and specifically the fisher price record player. I myself can remember playing with kaleidoscopes as a child and it really is fun for all ages:)

  20. says

    This is no run of the mill kaleidoscope – wow! My fave childhood toy was probably the awesome crib my dad made for my dolls – wish I still had it to pass it on to my own daughter.

  21. Janet Carpenter says

    I love Kaleidoscopes! I’ve never had a good one…. would love to win, thanks. One of my favorite toys as a child was a baby doll.

  22. katklaw777 says

    We liked to play with modeling clay…having tea parties with clay food we made.
    Great giveaway, thanks!
    Happy Holidays to all!

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