The Land of Nod Christmas Giveaway

“Toyland, Toyland. Little girl and boy land. When you dwell within it. You are ever happy there!” It’s one of my favorite childhood songs from Christmas and what a vision it provides of a magical land of toys.

Did you know that there is such a land and it’s only a click away? The Land of Nod is a delightful online toy store with very unique and fun toys, games, nursery gear and furniture. Just make sure you have plenty of time for your visit, because once you dwell within it, you will be ever happy there!!!!

My favorite part about The Land of Nod site, is the ability to shop by personality. You can easily find the perfect gift for every child on your list, from the little rocker to the smarty pants.

And there are nearly 100 gifts with free shipping, including stocking stuffers, holiday décor and even some of the most popular toys. But hurry, quantities are limited and you have to order by Dec. 20th to qualify for free ground delivery.

The Land of Nod has also teamed up with No Kid Hungry, to help raise funds in the fight to ensure that no kid goes hungry in the United States. You can help out with a $10 donation by texting “Nod” to 20222. There are also select toys available that you can purchase and 5% of the proceeds are donated to No Kid Hungry. Your gift can give in more ways than one.

Of course we want to also bring a little Land of Nod magic to you this Christmas.

I browsed The Land of Nod site, shopped by personality and found a perfect toy for my daughter who is a crafty kid. The Make Your Own Jewelry Kit comes with over 200 wooden pieces in various shapes, colors and letters, as well as eight laces. The quality is superior and it comes in a wonderful box that keeps everything organized nicely.

My daughter loves making bracelets and this kit is much easier for her to work with than the small plastic bead kits that can be found in craft stores. It has provided her with hours of entertainment and an assortment of necklaces for her stuffed animals.

We have one Make Your Own Jewelry Kit, retail value $24.95, to give away to one of you. Just leave a comment below to enter. I would love to hear about your child’s personality. (Playful Gourmet, Petite Artiste, Princess, Little Rocker, Crafty Kid, All-Star, Mini Driver, Smarty Pants, Adventurer, Zookeeper, Entertainer, Builder’s Apprentice, Budding Personality)

This giveaway is part of our Christmas Giveaway 2010 event. If you haven’t already, please be sure to visit our main Christmas Giveaway 2010 post to review our giveaway rules and to find out how to earn additional entries.

This giveaway is open to US shipping addresses and closes on December 4th. Please see our site’s terms and conditions for our complete contest rules.

Thank you to The Land of Nod for providing us with a Make Your Own Jewelry Kit for review as well as an additional kit for giveaway purposes.


  1. kathleen says

    my son is a super hero– he loves super hero costumes, super hero t-shirts and super hero pajamas. nothing else will do. his rocket ship happens to be a toilet plunger (a new one, its very clean, i promise) which sends me into fits of giggles every time he tries to fly around the house with it.

  2. Lindsay says

    My daughter would love this! She’s very dramatic and into her clothes and accessories. But, she also LOVES to play outside and get dirty and climb trees. Such a fun kid!

  3. says

    I was told when my daughter was born that she was going to die but she of course did not and has proved that doctor wrong her whole life! She is now 10 and is wide open!

  4. Debby says

    I have two diva granddaughters and they would love the jewelry set. They will sit for hours making anything like this. Awesome gift!

  5. says

    My daughter is the artist of the family. She oozes creativity. My son, on the other hand, like anything that has to do with dirt, construction equipment or wood. He’s very hands on!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  6. says

    How cute!
    My son loves to cook and do anything that has to do with arts and crafts. My 9 year old loves to sing and draw. My 12 year old loves to read books about cats, and my 15 year old likes to annoy her younger siblings. :)

  7. says

    Please enter me. My daughter is a Diva/Princess -she wants all her clothes just right, complete with sunglasses and hat. My son is a performer, he is always singing.

  8. says

    My daughter would love this kit! She is super shy and helper girl at school, but funny enough at home she becomes the smarty pants kid!

  9. pamela says

    ohh, i would give this to my twin girls, that are 5. they are VERY into crafts, and into dress up as well. a lot of people think just because they’re twins they MUST be alike! but they are very much unique in their own ways. my oldest is feisty, spirited, a passionate little girl, loves to write and read, very eager to learn! my younger is laid back, very artistic, drawn to the guitar, observant, sensitive, soft soul, a cuddle bug. they both can be mischievous and whisper and giggle and i look at them like oh my.. i don’t have any money this year, so i’m hoping i win giveaways so i can see smiles on christmas morning. thank you SO much for having this opportunity!!! it’s a blessing!

  10. says

    I’d say my little one’s personality is a huge mix, but crafty kid and the entertainer definitely come through the most often. He loves to create and put on a show!

  11. says

    If I won this toy it would be for my friends little girl. She is a very sweet spirited little girl who loves to play. She likes her dolls. She is definitely a little princess.

  12. Kath Nguyen says

    “The Land of Nod” has so many amazing baby items. I would really love to get my 8m love bug something from there for Christmas.

  13. cctine says

    i know my oldest niece would love this. she is crafty and so sweet. her mom has been in and out of the hospital latly and i can just picture them doing this together.

  14. Mary Ann in ID says

    My daughter seems to be something different every day! Today she was a Zookeeper. On Thanksgiving she was definitely a Playful Gourmet. Some days she is a Little Rocker – she has a specific outfit for that! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  15. eileen says

    My youngest is a tween so this would be for my grand daughter. She is DEFINITELY an artsy girl! so guess that would make her a cross with the Petite Artist and the Crafty Kid. She’d have a great time making jewelry and i know she would make most of it for her mommy!

  16. says

    My little one is a budding personality. She’s still so young that I’m not sure yet exactly what her personality will be when she’s older. The one thing I know right now: she’s stubborn and impatient! And I love her for it! 😀

  17. says

    I have 5 beautiful girls…and my older 3 would be able to use this super gift!!! All my girls have loaded personality…I have a skillful and thoughtful crafter, I have a princess and rocker, and I have a skilled artist…oh and that’s just scraping the surface of their budding personalities…thanks for the opportunity to win! xoxo

  18. says

    Great kit, I love the wooden beads vs. the usual plastic beads. Pudding pie loves to make jewelry and personality wise I’d say she’s somewhere between Princess, Petite Artiste and Adventurer!

  19. says

    I would love to win this. My 5 yo daughter is always wanting to do crafty things. It is easy to see why since her mommy does crafts all the time. She would love to have her own crafty thing to do. But not only is she one that is wanting to do crafts but she is definately a princess thru and thru.


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