Tackle it Tuesday – Packing an Overseas Move

by Carmen

I cannot believe it took me from 7am to to 11pm to pack out my entire house and scrub it clean. Of course I had the help of five Sicilian men to do all the actual packing, wrapping, and lifting.

The blue truck that holds my things hostage.

They were awesome, and used a crazy amount of golden tape to hold together my life’s possessions.

The packers used 10-12 rolls of this golden tape.

I did a fantastic job at sorting through everything in order to find what I need when I unpack in San Diego. I have done 5 moves in 5 years and I love putting everything into plastic baggies.

Baggies make for less digging while unpacking.

Above all, I made sure to keep all of my chargers in a special box to later put in my suitcase.  I lose chargers constantly. So this time, I was thinking ahead.

So my house is packed and I go to check my phone to see if my husband has called (he is deployed to Africa), and my phone is dead.

No big deal, I know I packed my charger in my special charger box.

The one charger that REALLY did not make it in was my camera charger, which is why I used my Blackberry cam.

I get to the hotel, and have to carry both boys up to the room. Aiden is knocked out cold, and Eric is wants up. I cave, and carry the 4 and 3 year old boys weighing in at about 70lbs total into the hotel, down a hall, upstairs and to our room. I am sweating bullets and reeking of bleach.

I waddle down the hall with dead-weight Aiden on my hip, and Eric sliding down my other leg. I open the door and plop both boys down on the bed. The ONLY bed. I asked for two queens…and instead, got one queen bed. No biggie.

They are adorable...and heavy.

When Eric falls asleep, I dart down to the car, get my laptop and my box of chargers to juice up my phone. But alas, the phone charger is not there. I calm myself down and think “I will buy one in the morning. No biggie.” So I reach for my laptop.

But where is the charger? I look in the charging box. Nothing. The movers, they packed it! My lifeline! How will I communicate with the world? How will I answer emails? How will I check the blog?

I curse the movers and curse myself for letting them pack my charger. I move to my bag to get some leftover Halloween candy (that I made sure I had), and then – ta-dah! My laptop charger! I did pack it. Sorry Sicilian packers.

Good think I kept my dictionary. All of my boxes are labeled in Italian.

I then plug in my laptop and cannot get online. I need a code. I need the internet. I need it to write a post, THIS POST! It is already past 11pm, so I forgo the phone and head downstairs to get my code.

I am online!

I need a drink.

I go to the random box to get a beer that the Sicilian movers did not take. To my shock there is my phone charger! My lovely phone charger and magically I am reconnected to all outlets of technology.

It is like Christmas morning, but with chargers, and internet codes, and neon green lights that say “Success” everywhere.

Now that I am finished tackling my Tuesday by sending away my life, I have to wonder: Why the heck did I need a special charger box in the first place?

So what are you all tackling today?

Happy Tackling!

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