Kids, Flashlight Tag, Rechargeable Batteries

I am convinced that my children are NOT the only children that are obsessed with playing with Flashlights!


When my kids opened the box of flashlight and battery samples Rayavac sent us to test out, both three year old Olivia and eight year old Jackson attacked the box like Santa sent it!

They distributed the bounty pretty fairly and then tight fisted those treasures as we piled into our van for our long weekend trip to our cabin.

Over the weekend, the flashlights were the favorite toys, engaging both my kids and our friends’ kids. They played with them constantly! (Thank goodness for rechargeable batteries!)


One of the girls’ favorite game was “Flashlight Puppet Tag” — it is an artistic departure from the more commonly played game “flashlight tag.”

In the girls’ version, the one puppet shine the flashlight while the other puppet chases the spotlight. When the light is caught, then a short puppet show begins.



Really — I think our girls are brilliant! (Perhaps Rayovac should market the game and sell puppets with flashlights! Ok – Rayovac – I think we have to talk…)

And fortunately, battery making companies like Rayovac are brilliant too! They know we want rechargeable batteries so that we’re not constantly using and throwing out batteries.

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So Tell Us…

Do your kids like to play with flashlights? Do you use rechargeable batteries?

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  1. says

    My 6-year-old son loves flashlights too. We affectionately call him our “Gadget Guy”. For his birthday my Mom gave him a box full of little gadgets like a flashlight, magnifying glass, compass etc. He loved it. My daughter loves to play “chase the spot” with flashlights so I think she would love the puppet game. Great idea your girls came up with!

  2. Erica Mueller says

    Flashlights are our battery hogs too. My son is 3 and he begs constantly for new batteries for his flashlight. It doesn’t even have to be dark out for him to want to play with his very own flashlight. hehe I do need to start using rechargeables for it!! We use them for just about everything else…

  3. monique says

    My son is obsessed with flashlights, I can never find our ones when we need them during storms or power cuts. We do use rechargeable batteries, better for the environment and the wallet.


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