Don’t Miss the Pumpkin Patch!

The days are getting shorter and shorter… and Halloween is getting closer and closer…
In fact, it is almost here!

One fall tradition I try to never miss with my children is visiting the pumpkin patch. It is a get-outside-feel-the-fresh-air kind of occasion – that also makes for perfect photo opps!

And the dirty little fingers and muddy little boots just add to the sweetness when my kids proudly pounce on the perfect pumpkin!

This year, I had a special treat with my kids. I took them down to Cascadian Farm for the Fall Family Farm Festival. We had a chance to tour the farm, make our own scarecrows, and, of course, pick pumpkins!

My kids even topped off the cuteness with some good old fashioned “team-work!”

If you haven’t been to the pumpkin patch, don’t miss out! Grab your kids and your camera and head to your nearest u-pick pumpkin patch.

Have fun pumpkin picking!!!

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  1. says

    Great photos! We love going to the pumpkin patch. My kiddo is a tween now so he’s getting a bit too old for the fun pony rides and whatnot at fall festivals geared towards younger ones. I’ll be sad when he won’t want to pick out a pumpkin any more.

  2. says

    Your photography is astounding – and that pumpkin patch looks absolutely wonderful. Funny, our eldest took her first job at our local pumpkin patch – and we still have young ones, as well. Just wanted to say I loved your post, reminds me of simpler times. Very nostalgic, and well done!

  3. katklaw777 says

    Cute pics and even tho I like the one with the water…you should never wash your pumpkin because it removes it’s natural protective coating allowing it to spoil faster.
    Our local pumpkin patch recommends that you wipe it down with a dry cloth if necessary to remove any dirt. Happy Halloween!!!

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