They just keep growing…

Our girls are growing so fast it is breaking our hearts, but we are enjoying every minute of cuteness along the way!


I took this photo of the girls the other night at Jackson’s birthday party. Sophia and Olivia barely fit together in the buggy anymore. (Olivia, who is on the right, looks so stunned and confused because she was having a little nursing nap when I placed her in the buggy with her cousin. She woke up stunned, wondering what was going on. But she is such a sweet tempered thing, she just lay there in the middle of all the chaos. Julia is trying to get into the buggy too, insisting that she can sit in the space at the top.)

Both Olivia and Sophia are adored by their big siblings.

Julia, who loves to address Sophia as her baby, keeps a running commentary on the status of her baby’s activities. “Auntie,” she will say to me on the phone, “My baby’s waking up! Is your baby waking up?”

Jackson also loves and dotes on his baby sister. He coos and plays with her and is relatively gentle with her considering he is a rambunctious six year old boy.

So far, Olivia is almost identical to Jackson when he was a baby. She looks so similar to him that I feel like I am looking at Jackson sometimes. Olivia also has the same happy, easy going personality that Jackson had. (Jackson became intense and rambunctious when he was about two, but I am hoping that is just because he is a boy and that Olivia will continue to be calm and easy going. I can only pray! LOL) They are both so easy to make smile and laugh. They have so much fun together already.

Olivia is a great eater – Jackson has always been very fond of eating – and she is pretty good sleeper. So far she is a better sleeper than Jackson was. Jackson was in a constant growth spurt – he has always been way of the charts in height – and so he continued to need to be fed throughout the night. Olivia sleeps around five to seven hours at night (on bad nights she wakes up and needs to be rocked back to sleep, but will go back down without feeding) and a few times she has slept ten hours!

Over at Susan’s house, her daughters share some similarities as well – especially in the “fussy” department! Julia is now such a sweet, happy girl, but when she was a baby she was definitely not a happy, easy going little girl.

I remember we were all so stunned by this baby that fussed all the time. We were so used to Jackson who only cried if he had a need he was trying to communicate. He rarely ever “fussed.”

But Julia was just plain fussy. If she was awake, there was a good chance she was crying or fussing. It drove us crazy!

Sophia is also fussy. But her fussiness is a bit different than Julia’s. Sophia really gets in a bad mood when she is trying to nurse. This is so frustrating for Susan. Not only does Sophia not nurse to soothe, but nursing seems to make her cry. Susan has to walk as she nurses, and most often has to stand in the bathroom with the shower running so Sophia will stop fussing and nurse.

It sure will be interesting to see what personality traits they develop as they get older.

Jackson and Julia are the complete opposite from each other. Jackson is super tall and eats everything. Julia is tiny and birds eat more than she does. Jackson is loud, crazy and constantly gets into trouble. Julia is shy, loves to sit and color and is the teacher’s pet in her classes.

I wonder if Olivia and Sophia will also be really different from each other.

But with time racing by as quickly as it does, I am sure we will find out soon enough…


  1. says

    Take it from someone who is on baby #3 with acid reflux, it sounds like that is what is going on with Sophia. Ask the dr about it and get that girl on some Prevacid. It will make world of difference!!

  2. says

    I know what you mean about them growing so fast. I can hardly believe that my little baby girl is already 9 months old and that my oldest is starting school this year!!

  3. says

    I remember when Baby Bug was little. It was so adorable yet sad when she went through her milestone knowing that she’s the last baby we’ll have. *sigh*

    The girls are really getting bigger!

  4. Shannon H says

    I have to agree with the prior commenter–Sophia could have food allergies and/or reflux. It’s worth investigating. God bless!

  5. says

    Ahhhhhhh! Precious picture, they’re as snug as a bug in a rug! But, oh, so much cuter :).

    It won’t be long when they can’t fit in that together, you’re so right about that. You’ll be SOOOOooo thankful you have these pictures.

    Your thoughts about the differences and similarities between siblings and among cousins hit close to home. It always amazed me that three babies who came out of the same body, from the same parents, could have such DIFFERENT temperaments! I have one that’ “hot”, one that’s “cold” and one that’s “just right”…except “cold” doesn’t mean cold, and “just right” doesn’t mean perfect. I know that sounds crazy, but I bet you understood every word…every mom will :).


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