How can six boys be that loud?!?

by Janice

I have had it easy these past six years. I only had one child.

I always felt sad about it. I felt terrible that my son was all alone. I knew how desperately he wanted a brother and I wished I had been able to give him one.

But at the end of a play date or after the chaos of a birthday party dies down, I realize how different life would have been in this house if there had been more boys living here.

One boy simply doesn’t make too much noise.

Yesterday, for Jackson’s sixth birthday, we celebrated with five of his friends. First we went to play Laser Tag, (a van full of boys is a lot louder than a van with just one boy!) and then we came back here for presents, hot dogs and ice cream cake. Wow – it was loud! Lots of fun – but very loud and crazy.

How do you moms of lots of boys do it?!? I have a headache just imagining it! Olivia and I both have been exhausted since the party. Olivia – who was awake during all the chaos – slept for ten hours last night and I have had two naps today!

Jackson had a great time – and we still have another birthday party for him on Sunday at the recreation center with the boys from school. (Not since he was two and I had twenty boys here, have I been foolish enough to have a full size birthday party in our small house.)

It was so much fun watching Jackson with his friends. Even though it was loud and crazy, I had a great time too!

Here are a few shots from the party.


Happy Birthday Jackson!

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