Self Fitness DVD Pack Giveaway

It’s time for those New Year’s Resolutions… Get Fit Fast with SELF Fitness DVDs

It is time. I have to put down the chocolates, wipe my mind of the memory of pumpkin pie smothered in whip cream, and get this belly bulge under control.

My husband always makes time to get to the gym. But my son asked me months ago, “Mom – how come you never go to yoga anymore?” (It has been about two years since I got to a class.)

But life as a work at home mom just doesn’t seem to include time to go to the gym. I am constantly behind in everything – especially the sleep department – and so packing up the kids and heading to the gym just isn’t an option for me right now.

So, this New Year I am thrilled to find SELF magazine’s fitness DVDs. 2 new DVDS are in stores now – Trim and Tone Fast *and* Ultimate De-Stress Yoga.

Created with the fitness experts at SELF, these videos are designed to trim, tone and reshape your body – fast!
With fun and energizing moves, achieve the body you’ve always wanted. SELF: Trim & Tone Fast and SELF: Ultimate De-Stress Yoga. Visit their site for more info.

I can fit in a work out without leaving my house. As a busy mom, that is what I need!

If you want to get fit at home with SELF, leave a comment here to enter our giveaway. Five of you will receive a fitness DVD pack. Each pack includes the SELF: Trim & Tone Fast DVD and the SELF: Ultimate De-Stress Yoga.

We will announce the winners Thursday, January 31st. (This contest is open only to US mailing addresses.)


  1. kim m says

    I have gained 20 ibs in a year and am having test done to find out why, I also excercise soooo this would be excellent to aid in my journy. THANKS:)

  2. says

    I would love to have these. I really need to get this weight off, and having these videos to use in the comfort of my own home would be a great help. Thanks for hosting this contest.

  3. Amanda says

    Most definately needed here – we just moved and there isn’t childcare offered at the local gym. I miss my me time to workout terribly and my pants are starting to miss me!

  4. says

    I don’t have these in my collection. Exercise DVDs are the only way I stay fit these days. I’m reviewing a few 20 minute ones on my blog. Self magazine has good fitness tips and articles.

  5. Cindi Hoppes says

    What wonderful prizes to start off the new year! I have to agree, it is much easier to workout at home, than to pack, head to the gym, pack back up and head home!!!!! Please enter me in your fabulous giveaway. I so appreciate it….. Cindi

  6. Terri says

    I am really trying to get healthy this year as my health has declined as I am getting older. This sounds like it could help me out alot.

  7. says

    I am guilty of not exercising. Aside from doing yard work. I guess because I’ve never had to diet, etc… However, I’m gettin’ wiser and realize I still need excesie to keep myself goin’ good and remain healthy or become healthier. I’d love this.

  8. says

    This is a wonderful prize! I’d love to try out these videos–time to get back in shape now that my baby is 14 months old. And without leaving my house–wow!!

  9. Beth Kuligowski says

    Thanks for entering me! I’ve been thinking about how to get in better shape and this looks like a great place to start!

  10. Michelle S. says

    Great prize! I like Self Magazine, and I’ll bet these DVDs are great. I could use the help in getting myself to exercise and get fit.

  11. says

    I’m procrasting this morning. Instead of exercising I’m catching up on my blog reading. Maybe some new videos would inspire me. Please add me to the list and thanks for the contest!!

  12. Natalie says

    This would be really great to help with my New Year’s resolution to lose 20 pounds that I have gained over the past 2 years. Great GIVEAWAY!!

  13. Angie says

    This is a great giveaway! As a busy mom of 3 it is very tough to find time to get to the gym, and with these videos I could easily fit in a work-out while my toddlers nap!

  14. Jocelyn G. says

    I took a look at these DVD’s and they look great. Right now we have a workout channel on our cable system and I love it! However, we will be giving it up next month. We are trying to cut back on costs to be able to afford for my husband and I to return to school part time. With two little boys trying to fit in a workout can be a challange. It will get even more difficult as we return to school this summer.

  15. Elizabeth Ray says

    When I can’t go to my yoga class for one reason or another, I TRY to do a workout on my own, but I need guidance! I can never remember any exercise routine on my own. (This is an extra reason why I need instructors!) The dvd sounds great!

  16. says

    This would so come in handy. We have decided to stop our gym membership because of this very reason. I am in the process of looking for something to get my booty back in shape…and this would be perfect!

  17. Michelle Fletcher says

    What a nice thing this would be if it were to work, I have 3 teen girls, can someone say HORMONES!!!!!

  18. Tammy D. says

    Please enter me. I’d love to win this. I enjoy yoga and am always looking for a new twist to add (so to
    Thanks for the contest!

  19. Bridget says

    One of my goals this year is to get rockin’ tight abs, maybe this would help. Thanks for the great contests!

  20. Nancy says

    I would really like to win these. I am having a hard time getting into the exercise groove. Being a newly diagnosed diabetic, it’s a life saving move.

  21. Karyn P says

    I would love these! I’m trying to get into a new exercise routine; it’s really hard to get to the gym as a busy mom!

  22. Rhonda B. says

    What a great way to start of the new year with this great prize…..I’d love to win this.

    Thanks for posting and good luck everyone!!!

  23. Laura K says

    This is just what I need! I haven’t been to a yoga class since my daughter started crawling and we got kicked out of the Moms & Babes class. I can just see her trying to copy all the moves I make!

  24. says

    You read my mind….I have the launch of my new catalog, the impending burthday of my son, plsu terrible weather…working out at home is the perfect solution!

  25. Stephanie R says

    This would be great to have! After my baby is born I need these self fitness DVD’s to get in gear and in shape.

  26. Karen Ruth says

    I have gained 25 lbs and am trying to get my ducks in order to start a new diet and exercise regime. This is just what I need to get started.

  27. Sarah says

    Ooh, I’d love to win these! I am going to desperately need to lose some baby weight after my baby is born in just a couple short months!

  28. says

    I’m slowly trying to get into an exercise regimen this year (as usual) and can always use more help. And what mom couldn’t use some de-stress yoga!

  29. Laura says

    I could really use these for those days when I’m too lazy to leave the house for a workout (a.k.a. most days)!

  30. says

    You gals have the best giveaways! I would love to add these to my fitness videos! It’s nice to have a great variety so you don’t get bored doing the same thing!

  31. Catherine copeland says

    my school is having a biggest loser contest. the teacher who loses the most weight is the biggest loser. this would help me win that contest.

  32. Joleen says

    I’m about to have my second child and have to be in my sister’s wedding in 5 months!! Definitly need some help – I love SELF!

  33. Candice Domerese says

    I would love to have these DVDs. I am like all others a SAHM of 2 boys but without a car too.(T, 20 months, P.,7 months) I have a hassle on my hands just to get to doctors appts. I recently started a low cal diet and I am doing well but I also need to tone. In a bad way. I am only 25 and I can’t remember what I looked like before I got married. That’s sad. I only hope my husband can’t remember either.

  34. Patricia Robertson says

    Oh yea this is def what I need four kids and no time and money for the gym. NAp time could be work out time!!!

  35. says

    I really need this so bad. Oh Janice how exciting! I’ve been doing so great watching what I am eating but I haven’t been able to fit in an exercise regimin yet. Oh, hope I win this.

  36. Carol Rowe says

    I definitely need these. I need to loose about 20 pounds and they are not coming off very easily. Good luck to everyone!

  37. says

    Wow! Judging by the number of comments, I think you might have struck a small cord with this giveaway!

    I know what you mean about finding time. Living thirty minutes from the gym means I have to be away for TWO whole hours. As silly as it seems, this can mess up my whole schedule (as if that doesn’t happen enough already). I ALMOST joined a gym anyway, but I figured the money would be better spent else where. Besides, if I work out twice a day for half the time I would have been away at the gym, I’ll reach my goals in a snap!

    Oh – but the addition of those workouts wouldn’t hurt things ;).

  38. Melanie T says

    I would LOVE to have something like this for home. I have a gym membership, but with three kids…’s so hard to make it there when I want to.

  39. Lisa says

    I am a full time working mom with a very active and busy 4 year old to manage. My husband works 12+ hours a day and most of the time he works 6 days a week and even 7 if they need him (he is a lead so he has to be there). With my work schedule, his work schedule and my daughters extra-cirricular activies of soccer, dance and karate I don’t get a chance to get to the gym. She is fit and trim but I can’t seem to fit me into the schedule anywhere it seems! If I can really get a work out in without having to leave the house to do it this might just be my god send! I could seriously use the De-Stress Yoga (not to mention some…ok a lot of toning and trimming). I can’t stress enough how much I hope I win this one!

  40. Diane Perkins says

    although I don’t do new years resolutions I am following a life list and this would be a great way to improve my health!

  41. Jill J. says

    I have 4 kids and 2 are in diapers (1 special with special needs). Who has time to go to the gym? Pick me, please:)

  42. Jessi N says

    I’ve been trying to loose that last ten pounds seems like forever. Maybe if I tried these work outs it would help me. Count me in.

  43. Suzanne Marsh says

    Like so many people, I find it hard to get to the gym but I do like yoga! Not only is it good for the body but it’s good for the soul.

  44. Kathy says

    Have you been spying on me?? I really could use this and if you have any organizing books lying around, that was my other resolution! Ha Ha!

  45. L. Blackburn says

    If i win, I’ll give this to my daughter. It is hard for a young mom to find time to exercise and besides these look like fun.I think she will enjoy them.

  46. Dina says

    I was hit by a drunk driver a few years ago and haven’t been in god physical shape ever since. This could really help me!

  47. Sarah M says

    I’m having the same problem – something about two months ago that seemed to make it extra hard to get out the door to the gym. :)

    Thanks for entering me!

  48. Alecia Gibson says

    I just got a desk job and have put on a few pounds because of it. This would be great to do at home when I get off of work to keep off more pounds and maybe loose the ones I’ve already gained.

  49. Beth Aluck says

    I just lost my job and now’s not the best time to be paying gym memberships, so these DVDs would really come in handy. Thanks for the contest!

  50. Susan says

    My daughter could really use these. If I bought them for her, she might take offense to it… but if I won them, well hmmm.

  51. Brenda Howard says

    I am definitely interested in these dvd, for I am an older woman with extra weight and definite need to try something different that excites me, thanks for the contest

  52. Erica G says

    I do better working out at home, but my DVDs are getting boring. I need more variety. These would be a great addition.

  53. Donna Hunt says

    This would be great for me–I’m always looking for something different to break up the monotony. Good luck to all!

  54. kay w says

    This would be great Hitting the 50 in March and have 11 year old Son and He does not like hearing Is this Your Grandmother?

  55. Betsy Pauzauskie says

    I want to get fit at home! And the Yoga would have the added benefit of helping me get centered! :) What a thoughtful giveaway for 2008!

  56. Lori Robinson says

    I will be required to get in the pool with my daughter this summer. These would not go to waste in my home.

  57. Theresa Waite says

    I am working hard to get healthier and lose weight. This would be ideal for getting in shape and lowering my stress level.

  58. says

    Hey Mom,

    I noticed you don’t have anything about fitness equipment for moms. If there is anything I can help, write a guest post about treadmills and ellipticals, make a few reccomendations, I would love to. Just turned my girlfriend to your site, she’s probably going to be the mom of my kids soon. She could use a jump start on things!

  59. Mischa Venables says

    Drawings are always worth a try… especially when it’s something to help shed those after Christmas pounds!

  60. Tracy says

    I would LOVE these DVD’S!! I am a busy mom of two little ones and can’t afford to go to a gym! I would love to get some DVD’s so that I can work out at home (and maybe de-stress a little).


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