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Cabana LifeHere at “5 Minutes for Mom”, we promise to bring you the best – and Cabana Life definitely qualifies as some of the best!

Cabana Life, founded by skin cancer (Melanoma) survivor Melissa Marks Papock, is fashion with a mission.

Cabana Life’s vision is:

“To expand awareness and prevent the proliferation of skin cancer in the future through fashion and education.”

Here’s just a few of the many facts we learned:

  • The average T-shirt has only an SPF of 5
  • In the past 20 years there has been more that 100% increase in the cases of pediatric melanoma
  • Regular sun protection throughout childhood can reduce the risk of skin cancer by 80%

But did we mention that Melissa is a “fashionista” with an impressive background working as a merchandising expert for top fashion magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Seventeen and O, The Oprah Magazine? This girl knows what looks good! So the Cabana Life line is some of the hippest, stylish kids’ clothing you can find – all made with lightweight 100% cotton fabrics that are specially designed to have 50+ UV protection.

Cabana Life

We are so in love with these clothes, we are buying up almost their entire line for Julia and Jackson!

You can see Julia showing off some of her new sun protective clothes. My personal favorite is the Terry Cover-Up she’s wearing in the photo above. She loves this comfy cover-up so much, I’ve ordered her a second larger one for next year. (By the way, order a couple of sizes up for the Terry Cover-Up and the t-shirts. Julia is wearing a 2T here and she’s a small 15 month old toddler.)

But, guess what? This is so great – get ready…

Cabana Life is offering you, “5 Minutes for Mom” readers, the chance to shop from their entire spring/summer line at 50% off the regular price.

Right now they’re having a huge summer sale with all their products at 30% off and we have arranged an additional 20% off for our readers. How cool is that? Just use the coupon code “besafe” during checkout. But make sure when you shop you make all your purchases at once, since the code is only good for one time through the check out.

We’ve included Cabana Life in our Special Discounts section, so you can check back there if you need to refresh your memory about the “besafe” coupon code.

Cabana LifeI don’t know about you – but I am all about making the most of great sales and shopping for not only the present season, but seasons to come.

So go get stocked up on some incredible clothes at a ridiculously good price and feel even better knowing that your kids are in the safest, not to mention cutest, clothes out there.

Don’t waste a second – hop over right now – and use the coupon code “besafe” to shop at 50% off.

Cabana Life’s children’s clothing line only goes to size 7. Hopefully in the near future their line will expand and include sizes for older children.


  1. says

    You may need to point out that folks with children over size 7 need not visit. Bummer. Living in West Texas, we can feel the summer sun sizzling our skin just stepping outside in the middle of the afternoon. We’ll have to wait for Melissa to expand her line!

  2. says

    Thanks for providing some interesting information. It’s hard to think about everything you need to do to protect your kids from the sun. Any information is welcome and helpful. And I agree with the previous poster, they should expand their line. I got distracted while looking for color printing information for my business cards. Thanks for the good tip.

  3. says

    Awsome. I will check it out and pass it on. I am kind of over budget right now with kids starting school (all 5 of them,) but I will check it back in Sept. and hopefully get the kiddos some stuff.

  4. says

    Lovely! I’ll be back to look for things for Lil’ Duck, who has a birthday coming up – we are always doing stuff so he doesn’t fry down here!!

  5. says

    Those are some adorable kids–with or without the fancy gear. We have gone through a bucket of sunblock this summer, and my daughter is still brown, just like I was my whole life. Now, my skin is dry and speckled with melasma, yet I don’t ever bother with sunscreen and can barely remember to moisturize my body.

    Thanks for the fashion show. :)

  6. says

    You are so funny, Janice. Yeah, trackback has its benefits, I suppose. I am not computer literate enough, nor do I have the time to become so, to figure out how to do trackback. I just tried a fluggle or some such thing that collapses blogrolls, and it failed miserably.

    My husband is fair skinned with lots of moles, and his mom has had skin cancer. I’m glad my daughter got my genes. Well, she has his thin genes, and that’s a good thing. But skin and facial hair–mine.

    Don’t worry about the fuzzy map or the editing or the lower case or the annoying annoyances. Chill. Just relax and max. :)

  7. says

    What a great idea!! (Was this prompted by my Bean’s sunhat hanging on the banister when you came over for your tour of my home? 😉 heehee) What a great way to use such a battle as she went through to help and encourage and educate others!! Thanks for posting this!

  8. Janet says

    Everyone should also check out Not only do they carry Cabana Life, but dozens of other Baby/Child UV Clothing apparel as well. Just thought I would pass that along to all the moms looking for such great clothes!!!!


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