Empower Your Daughter With Her Own Business

Emily RoseA few years ago we hosted a giveaway for a small internet store called Emily Rose Doll Clothes & Furniture who provide 18 Inch Doll Clothes & Furniture.

Since then, Emily Rose Doll Clothes & Furniture has become the most popular website offering exclusively 18 inch doll products (that fit your American Girl Doll). The owner of Emily Rose, Lisa-Marie, was inspired by the success of her own business to find a way to create business opportunities for Moms just like her.

Her new business Emily Rose @Home does just that – it enables Moms to work from home, create an income, teach important business and finance lessons and most importantly – bond with their daughters.

Susan caught up with Lisa-Marie at Blogher10 and spoke about this exciting business opportunity.

What we love the most about this business?

  • No recruiting!! Whoop!
  • You are selling products that people actually NEED (scented candles are nice but how many have you bought out of guilt)
  • Nothing is overpriced – unlike most companies there is no need for a mark-up because there is only one level of earning
  • You can sell online too! People can visit your website and purchase – even when you aren’t having parties
  • You make 25% on every sale – both party and online sales
  • You can spend time with your daughter while contributing to your family income
  • You don’t need a baby-sitter while you are working

You can find out even more about the details and benefits of this Mom/Daughter business by visiting Emily Rose @Home. They have tons of information on the website.

Lisa-Marie is offering all of our readers 10% off of any Starter Package, and since they start at only $99 – this opportunity is affordable for everyone! To purchase a Starter Package with a discount just visit Emily Rose @Home follow the directions for sign-up and then shoot them an email with the words “5 Minutes For Mom” – they will adjust your order and credit you 10%

Disclaimer – 5 Minutes for Mom has become an Emily Rose @Home partner and will receive compensation for every Starter Package purchased with their coupon.

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder Susan.
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    • says

      Emily Rose is a beautiful name isn’t it? (I think Rose is not her last name though, I think it’s part of her first name.)

      I just visited the website for Lilla Rose, I’d never heard of them before… Looks very nice.

  1. says

    I have heard of this business but didn’t quite understand it until I watched the video. No recruiting? YES!! And I love the idea of birthday parties.

    • says

      I’m so glad the video helped explain the business structure to you. It is a fantastic opportunity and so nice that you don’t have to try to recruit other people to join the business.

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