For The Love of Baby Sisters

The love that both Julia and Jackson shower upon their baby sisters continually amazes us.

Yesterday Janice shared a sweet story about Jackson ‘baptizing’ Olivia, and today I thought I’d share a few words from Julia.

The day after Christmas, Julia, Sophia and I sat on the couch amid the mess of new toys and baby clothes and Julia smothered her baby Sophia with kisses. She declared (as she does every day — several times a day), “I love my baby sister”.

But this time, afterwards she paused and then said so tenderly and thoughtfully, “Thank you Mommy.” And again she paused before continuing with complete sincerity, “Thank you for giving me Sophia.”

Julia and Sophia


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    Awe that is just so sweet! Just yesterday when out in the car my 2 year old grabbed her brothers hand (almost 1 year old) and when she thought I wasn’t listening said, “brother I love you so much!”

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