Can I blame it on the turkey?

The presents are opened, new toys are scattered all over the house, we are feasting on leftovers – and I am so sleepy I keep sneaking off to my bedroom for naps.

I suppose my exhaustion isn’t just because I keep stuffing my tummy full of turkey and pumpkin pie, but because of the craziness of the Christmas rush. (And I went to bed at 5am on Christmas Eve!) Now that the chaos has died down, I just can’t seem to get moving again.

I desperately need to tackle sorting toys and finding new homes for all the new ones. And I need to get to work dealing with the 2,000 flagged and unread emails waiting for me!

But before I go get to work, let me entertain you with a quick story about Jackson and Olivia:

It was time for Olivia’s nap, and I was settling her down with a gentle rock in the rocking chair in her room. Jackson came in and asked if he could rock her.

Just as I settled Olivia in his arms, the phone rang. Jackson is quite responsible with Olivia and so I figured I could trust him to hold her while I ran and grabbed the phone.

“Jackson – you sit very still with Olivia. I will be right back.” And I ran and grabbed the phone. While I went, I could hear him gently cooing at her, but I still hurried back. As I made my way up the stairs, I heard Olivia start to cry.

“That is ok Jackson,”
I said as I came back into Olivia’s room, “She is just tired. I will take her now.”

“She just started to fuss.” Jackson explained. But then, after a moment, he looked at me. “Actually,” he confessed, “It was because I licked her head.”

“Jackson,” I sighed, “Why would you do that?!? You know better than that. Why do you do something when you know it is wrong?”

“I was baptizing her,” he answered.

“Jackson,” I reprimanded him, “That is not how we baptize!”

“Well,” Jackson calmly replied, “I didn’t have any water, so I used my saliva.”


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    Oh, goodness! Even with 7 children, I still got to bed earlier than you (well, 2:30 a.m., but still…). How adorable for Jackson to want to baptize his baby sister! So sweet.

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    Lol! Their creativity is so cute… even when it causes trouble. :) Last week Claire decided she wanted to “share” her sun glasses with the cat.

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    That’s hilarious! What kids won’t think of. I say take a break for a while, then sort toys. We should lounge around in PJ’s for at least 3 days.

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    I have to say it is quite the task to try and get me to even crack a smile at 8:30 a.m. but I actually laughed out loud.. that was absolutely adorable!


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