Online Safety for Tweens and Teens — Twitter Party with SafetyWeb

With news about teenagers going to jail from sexting or committing suicide from cyberbullying, trying to keep tweens and teens safe on social networks can be overwhelming for parents.

While the Internet isn’t to blame — kids have probably been torturing one another since time began — it is important for parents and kids to know how to appropriately use this new space, and most importantly, how to stay safe online.

(And as mom bloggers, we know it isn’t only kids that are targeted through social media. This online playground can be nasty for kids and adults alike.)

safety-web-online-safety-kidsSo this week, we are talking about Online Safety and issues such as cyberbullying, sexting, Facebook privacy, video sharing and more with my Type-A Mom Conference sponsor, SafetyWeb.

JOIN US ON TWITTER as we talk about Online Safety, such as Sexting, Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking, Facebook Privacy, Social Networking Safety Tips, and more with author, educator, and online advisor for t(w)eens & parents, @Annie_Foxand @SafetyWeb this Wednesday, September 22 at 9-10:30pm ET.

SafetyWeb Online Safety Twitter Party

This Wednesday, September 22nd, at 9-10:30pm ET we would love to chat with you and hear your input about online safety. So please, join us for an informative, enlightening discussion.


The Twitter party will take place on Wednesday, September 22nd, at 9-10:30pm ET.

How To Join In

To join in on the discussion, just be sure to use the hashtag #SafetyWeb and to follow @5minutesformom, @Annie_Fox and @SafetyWeb.

Experts On Hand

During the Twitter party, we will be joined by author, educator, and online advisor for t(w)eens & parents, @Annie_Fox and SafetyWeb co-founder Geoffrey Arone, @Fredo.

Who to Follow

During the event, we will also tweet from our personal emails so that we don’t reach our maximum number of tweets allowed. So we recommend you also follow us at:


5 SafetyWeb Subscriptions

There will be 5 prizes (from @SafetyWeb) — each prize is a gift certificate for a 6 month SafetyWeb subscription good for 2 children. (Valued at $60.)

All prizes are provided by SafetyWeb.


RSVP with your Twitter Handle Here:


We would love to see you there. Please let us know if you plan on attending, by using the Linky below to RSVP with your Twitter Handle. You do not need to RSVP to participate, but we try and follow everyone on the list and it helps others find those who are participating.

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