Win a $100 JCPenney Gift Card

My kiddos are sprouting, and it’s becoming difficult to keep up. It feels like we are going through tons of clothes lately. While I do like to check out our local thrift stores for clothes for my younger children, it is always nice to buy them brand new outfits at a GREAT price. That is why I am a huge fan of JCPenney.

JCPenney generously sent a $100 gift card my way for some back to school shopping, so I took my boys out for a little shopping trip.

I haven’t taken the boys out to shop specifically for them in a long while, so they were excited. As we walked through the clothes racks, they picked out some really adorable shirts and jeans which fit them perfectly. I have never seen my boys so thrilled over clothes before.

The best part was the prices. I purchased three pairs of pants and nine shirts and didn’t even spend the full $100.00. I had about $10 to spare. You can’t beat that!

I tried to take pictures of my boys in their new outfits, but I don’t think that modeling is in their future. I couldn’t get them to sit still for the life of me. But, I will show you a few of my favorite purchases.

I have been doing a lot of shopping at JCPenney lately and have been finding some really impressive deals. They always seem to have great sales going on. The weather is getting colder, and I am sure we could all find a way to spend $100 at JCPenney, either at a local store or online.

In fact we have one $100 JCPenney Gift Card to give away to one of you! Just leave a comment below to enter and tell us what you would purchase with the gift card.
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This giveaway will close on Friday, October 8th. We will announce our winner on Saturday, October 9th.


  1. Aprille says

    I’d get stuff for my husband and I – we don’t do a lot of clothes shopping and our wardrobes could use some spiffing.

  2. AutumH says

    I want to stock up on basics for my boys. The Levi’s® 511™ Boys 8-20 Skinny Jean would be the first place for me to start,. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Michelle T says

    I would have to say clothing for my husband. My girls have plenty of clothing as it’s consignment sale season… and I am able to do pretty well for myself at thrift stores. My hubby rarely buys clothes and he could definitely benefit from this!

  4. amber says

    Wow, you did great with the shopping to get that many shirts and pants for under $100! Nice job!! :) We love JCPenney too. I think I would get the girls some of those Converse All Star sneakers in Pink that they’ve been wanting! :) Thanks!

  5. connie black says

    I would buy my children some clothes for school. With things being tight in our house, I have cut many corners and unfortunely, my childrens’s clothes was one of them.

  6. Tiffany Sparks says

    I would give it to my dad. He always is buying for everyone else and never buys much for himself. His birthday is Oct. 8 so what better gift than that :)

  7. Selene says

    I would use the gift card to buy my husband new clothes. He’s a tall man and Penney’s carries his size at reasonable prices and they have great sales.

  8. says

    what a great giveaway, my husband and I will be married 20 years on the 28th of this month. I would use the gift certificate to buy my husband some much needed new pants. He keeps hinting that, that is what he wants.

  9. beth zacher says

    I would buy my son and daughter some new clothes for school they both still need winter stuff and gift cards are always nice!

  10. says

    I would purchase clothes for my youngest son. He is about ready to graduate from college and definitely needs some “nice” clothes to start job hunting in his field of study. Thanks for hosting this giveaway :-)

  11. says

    My boys have outgrown their clothes again. Every year I try to buy their clothes a little bigger so they can wear them again. It never works….they grow too fast! Lol. I would use the money to buy them winter clothes for school.

  12. Barbara says

    We have both been out of work for some time. My husband could use some new clothes for job interviews, so it would go toward that. :)

  13. Liz says

    Well, I’d love to purchase something for myself, but that never seems to happen. I’d probably use it to buy something for my husband, then my daughters, then something for the house, etc. and end up spending an extra hundred or so!! Maybe it’s not such a good idea if I win…

  14. says

    Wow – what a generous prize! I would probably buy clothes for my son and maybe something for my husband or self. We may be moving to a new home in a couple months, so I may use it for some new linens or decor too. Thanks for a chance to win!

  15. Chrissy says

    I desperately need some pants and shoes! Some long sleeve shirts too! My kids got their fall/winter clothes from the consignment sale, but this mommy is down a few sizes and needs help with a new wardrobe!

  16. says

    I would buy something for everyone. A shirt or two for hubby, a couple things for the kids, and something for me. (I’ve been losing weight, so I need different clothes!)

  17. Donna says

    I would love to spend this on my best friend who just found out she is expecting her first baby. She is going to need lots of things for her little one, and this would really help her out!

  18. victoria lester says

    I’d buy back to school clothes for my daughter with the gift card she loves skinny jeans and hoodies.
    flophasit at yahoo dot com

  19. Jenn Johnson says

    This would be awesome for back to school clothes for my daughter, as well as a few things for my toddler son. :) Thanks for the chance!

  20. Trudy says

    There is a family that lives close by us, I would use the money to help them with school clothes. I know that times a hard for them right now. My child is grown, but they still have 4 at home and I know they could use a little bit extra help.

  21. says

    I really need outerwear for my 3 year old. Rain coat, boots and winter coat. (Oh, and I think I would reward myself with a dress for getting the baby weight off…yay, me!) thanks!

  22. says

    Well I probably would spend it on my kids, but at this point I need to use it on me as I have lost a lot (80lbs) of weight and need new clothes! tI really would help!

  23. says

    I just got out my son’s winter clothes today. I bought him a new wardrobe last winter, believing he would wear it for two seasons. WRONG! Everything is an inch too short.

    I know JUST how I would spend that money.

  24. says

    I keep my four-year-old fairly well clothed, but I have hardly bought anything new for me for…about four years. I desperately need some new clothes — pants and jeans in particular.

  25. says

    I would use the money to purchase clothes for myself…..girl, I never buy myself anything. I always pick up something as I browse and end up putting it back as I exit the store. My kids’ needs usually overpower my own. I NEED NEW CLOTHES!

  26. says

    I would purchase clothes for my kids, too. They always have such fantastic deals on children’s clothes. When I find a deal, I’ll often get it in several colors. With twins, I need all the help I can get in saving money on clothes, and I can definitely do that at JC Penney.

  27. SuzieQscraps says

    I’d buy my boys some of those shirts and some jeans. They always have a growth spurt right after school starts – I can see them growing right now! So we do after school – October – shopping. I’ve learned my lesson 😉 This would come in very handy!

  28. Lisa says

    Hi! My daughter is a senior this year and is preparing to off to college! This gift card would go a long way toward her wardrobe and dorm supplies! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  29. Jaimie K says

    As much as I would love some new clothes for me (I’m 4 weeks post baby delivery… bleh…), I think I would use it for Christmas presents. Every little bit extra helps for the holidays!

  30. mary simonton says

    i would buy towels for our friends who lost everything in a tornado that hit our small town here in ohio thanks for the chance

  31. j says

    I would buy a new top for myself. I always find it easier to find something for others, if it’s for me I’m picky about the color, fit, etc.

  32. Alliek says

    I would purchase jeans for my kids and maybe a new handbag for myself (they have CUTE handbags at JCPenny). Thanks for entering me!

  33. says

    I would pick up a few sweatshirts for my son and a pair of jeans for myself. I’m definitely in need of a new pair, but I hate spending money on myself! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  34. Judith says

    At first I thought I would buy a much needed blanket but then I saw someone else was going to put it toward Chistmas and that is a good idea too.

  35. Celeste says

    I recently lost the baby weight from my most recent pregnancy, so I really need to update my wardrobe–I’m the thinnest I’ve been in years!

  36. Tamara B. says

    I would purshase some jeans, long sleeve tops and if there was anything left over maybe a couple of hoodies for the children

  37. says

    This would be awesome to round out my son’s fall/winter wardrobe. I have been picking things up here and there, but the boy just keeps growing!!

  38. says

    Living on Social Security is tough trying to buy birthday gifts on sale and Christmas coming soon I don’t know whst to do. J C Penney has been like a miracle with their great sales and coupon offers. I guess it will have to be cheaper items for our family but more so the grandkids.

  39. says

    My daughter in law and I would go shopping for the kids! Holly would love this with 2 children going to school! I know we would get some cute jeans and some adorable tops!!

  40. Corrie says

    Oh i would love a gc to JCpenney! i would buy my 3 girls some clothes and probably myself since i’m not back into my pre-baby stuff yet….plus i never buy myself anything…isn’t that how all us mothers are?!

  41. Vickie Couturier says

    I would purchase some school clothes for my grandson,jeans an shirts an sneakers,he needs some new ones badly


  42. Monica says

    What would I buy with the gift card? Hummmm, definitely some clothes for myself. With 4 kids, I’ve spent at least $500 this school year for their clothes…but no where near even $20 on myself for this coming season…oh well. the sacrifices we make for our

  43. says

    We purchased a lot of school clothes at their wonderful back to school sale! We still need to get our grandson a warm winter jacket before the snow begins to fall!

    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  44. Karen says

    OMGoodness! What wouldn’t I purchase? Of course I would love to treat myself, but….after contemplation, I would have to spend this on my husband. He needs a wardrobe refresher!

  45. jenny says

    I would buy dress clothes for my 3 boys, especially something extra nice for Christmas. Penny’s has the best selection of nice things without astronomical prices.

  46. mary b says

    I would probably let the boys pick out some of their favorite team apparel since it is not something I usually splurge on!
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  47. Laurie says

    I LOVE the JCPenney children’s department! The clothes are so cute and the prices are even better. I bought my son’s summer wardrobe there, and I need to do the same thing for fall. Thanks for the chance to win a $100 gift card. I would spend it on clothes for my son. I would use half of it for fall clothes and the other half for spring.

  48. starshollowchic says

    Hi — my husband is recovering from two back surgeries and needs some comfortable loose clothes. I’d buy him a new wardrobe and I would treat my parents also as they have been housing us while we both recover. thanks!

  49. Eileen says

    MY kids completely have grown out of their shoes and boots. LAST year my son wore shoes that were NEW for the school year for a bout FIVE minutes! He literally grew ONE size in a month and another size in the next 5 months…now wearing an 11 1/2 and he is only 13. He also grew SIX inches in one year! His younger sister also grew two sizes in shoes, so THAT is what we would spend a JC Penneys card on.

    My youngest would love these! NOT UGGS but she’d be completely over the moon over them!|boots&Ne=4294957900+5+8+3+23+18+904+833+949&CatTyp=RLE&Dep=JUNIORS&N=4294939955&Pcat=JUNIORS&Cat=ShoeS&Nao=0&PSO=0&CmCatId=71275|78098

    For our son: And 1 BasketBall Shoes!|71824

    For our teen daughter who will have her last prom and homecoming this year :( and borrowed evening wear for most of her high school years, Id love to get her these strappy sandals!|sandals&Ne=4294957900+5+8+3+23+18+904+833+949&CatTyp=RLE&Dep=JUNIORS&N=4294939956&Pcat=JUNIORS&Cat=ShoeS&Nao=0&PSO=0&CmCatId=70646|78098

    AND they have Free shipping on shoes right now! Hurray!

    thanks for this wonderful chance to get our kids “fitted” or should I say FOOTED for the school year!

  50. says

    If I win I would buy a new DVD player. Our boys have some really great movies that we haven’t been able to watch since our player broke about 6 months ago. With winter approaching I would also get a few sweaters for the boys as well. Thanks for entering me :)

  51. Steph says

    I would get my kids each a pair of tennis shoes and running pants. They are growing fast and could use some new stuff.

  52. says

    All of my kids need new pants for winter – which is rapidly approaching here in the Northeast US. I lost my job at the end of June and our income has been cut in half. We have been trying to make a go of me staying home full time with the kids but sometimes these extras – like clothes – can be tough to afford. I would happily spend the $100 on my 4 kids.

  53. says

    I would love to purchase some new clothes for my boyfriend. He just started a new job and has had to buy more business professional clothes.

  54. says

    I’m thrilled to have found this giveaway before the deadline! My son is 9 and is HUGE, growing like a weed and already shooting out his new back to school wardrobe. I could totally use this $100 to buy him a few new Fall/Winter shirts. We bought his jeans big, but his shirts are riding up! lol
    welindsey (at) gmail (dot) com

  55. says

    I just started my first job since graduating from school and I need some new clothes. And my daughter just started school and needs some clothes too. This would really help both of us!

  56. Rebecca Orr says

    I would put it towards a new winter coat and boots for my 3 year old. And if I had enough left over, I would also get him some snow-pants to play outside in the snow in this coming winter. Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  57. says

    I love search feature on their website. You can search by size, color, and price and that’s so much better than so many clothing sites. The American Living Flared Scoop Neck Dress is exactly what I’m looking for right now!
    cheatingpiggies at hotmail dot com

  58. says

    I love going to JC Penny’s, but unfortunately we don’t get to go very often as we live out in the country away from civilization! I’d love to win, though.

  59. says

    I have a 17 year old son, who seems to grow inches – yes inches a week – for that reason I have put off buying him his fall/winter clothes.. (we are in Orange County NY — up til this past week still quite “summer” like around here). He needs jeans and sweatshirts (hoodies) and some socks (what he does with them..???? anyone’s guess! – LOL).

  60. Melinda J says

    My husband and I are getting smaller and our son is getting larger. :) We all need new clothes all of a sudden! I would probably spend it on pants for my husband to wear to work, tops & jeans for me, and shoes for my son.

  61. Katelyn says

    I just had a baby 10 weeks ago and our success at breast feeding has meant that very few of my pre-pregnancy tops still fit. I’d buy myself a few clothing items that fit and make me feel good.

  62. Barbara M says

    I’d buy dresses for the grand daughters – they love them!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  63. Norma says

    It would be nice to be able to get my daughter something pretty for Christmas. And I need a new pair of jeans!

  64. says

    I would buy clothes for my 11 1/2 month old daughter. She is already fitting into 18 month sizes and on the verge of walking so now she needs some good shoes!

  65. says

    What a great giveaway! If I were to win I would buy my husband a new winter coat, the one I gave him last year from the Salvation Army is a bit tattered now and with winter comin’ on he is going to need something nice and warm. THanks for the great opportunity!

  66. Lisa L says

    I’m expecting baby #2 in Feb and haven’t gotten any clothes for him/her yet. I’d love to buy some nice baby clothes with this gift card!


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