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Moms have been creating businesses at home for centuries, making use of their natural skills to earn a few extra bucks for their home and family.  From selling eggs to the local grocery to offering seamstress services – most home businesses were centered around homemaking. Things sure have changed haven’t they?

Today, moms who want to create an income at home have a huge list of options to choose from – actually, there is no list anymore – moms are starting unique businesses from scratch, taking advantage of everything the internet offers.

There are no real rules anymore – if you can provide something others need and convince them to pay you for it – you have the potential for a real business.  Does that excite you?  It should!

Dare to Dream

If you could customize a business that suits your unique gifts and the needs of your family, what would it look and feel like?  How many hours a week would you work?  Would you enjoy working with a physical product either of your own creation or by marketing products that already exist?   Would you enjoy providing a service?  Does writing or designing appeal to you?  Are you a social butterfly who would enjoy a people focused business?

I’m not talking about ‘dreaming up a business plan’ here.  I’m suggesting that you simply imagine a perfect business/family lifestyle. It doesn’t have to make perfect sense at this point.

The truth is this:  If you want to stay home with the kids and need to earn an income you may need to do something to get by while you work towards those dreams.  But if you don’t know what that dream is – you may wallow about without direction and get burned out.

Once you have that dream formulated in your mind, tackle a fact finding mission.  Hit the internet to see if you can find anyone else doing something close to what you want to do.  Learn what you can from observing.  Subscribe to their blogs and mailing lists.  See if you can find forums or social network groups built up around your interests and potential target market.  Make like a sponge and soak it all in.  Your experiences in this will help you to fine tune your dream.

Having Trouble Dreaming?

Dreaming up a perfect home business isn’t easy for everyone.  I’m certainly not doing what I imagined eight years ago – mostly because I had no idea what was really possible.

To that end, we’ve created an awesome free event designed to help new work at home moms get oriented to the online community and be introduced to other moms who are working at home in a variety of ways.  The event is called Totally Free Tuesday and it’s coming up on Tuesday, September 14th.   The entire event is held in a web conference room where everyone can ask questions and get free advice if they need it.

Make Your Dream Come True

If you’re going to make your dream a reality you’ll need the right ‘stuff’.  Start taking notes of the skills, tools and relationships you’ll need to develop. At this point, you would do really well to choose a good business mentor to consult with, someone who can help you prioritize and create a plan to follow.

Step by step you can achieve your dreams.  I stand here as proof.  In 2002 I was so broke I couldn’t pay attention and I had a mountain of personal debt holding me down.  In just about four years I paid off my last bill and said goodbye to my day job for good.  It didn’t happen overnight – but it did happen!

I believe it can happen for you too.

Kelly McCausey has built a thriving internet business doing what she loves; writing, creating, coaching and encouraging others.

Every day moms are juggling their need to earn income with their desire to be with their children. They want to enjoy their babies and snuggle their young ones through the day but often have to say good-bye so they can head out to earn a paycheck. Staying at home without an income is not usually an option – so working at home becomes the dream.

With a goal to provide high value, low cost resources and services that help these moms achieve dreams of working at home, Kelly publishes a variety of blogs, podcasts, ebooks and audio products.


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    Thanks so much for the encouragement to KEEP going! I’m so happy to hear of your success and look forward to tuning in next Tuesday for the conference!

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    I am currently a stay at home mom and a full time college student. I have always loved cfats, but I am now going to start doing craft shows! I have pictures on my blog, let me know what ya think!

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    It was three years ago that my husband encouraged me to start a blog after reading an article in Business 2.0 (don’t believe it’s still in circulation). I was a retired teacher home with my two little boys. I had been living with rheumatoid arthritis for a decade and my feet had suffered from it. Knowing I loved comfortable shoes with style, hubs suggested I start blogging about my favorite brand and styles. Three years later, BarkingDogShoes.com is going strong. I harnessed my passion for footwear that not only feels good but looks good and went with it. I try to post informative, helpful content with ‘on the foot” photos, unbiased reviews. The income was slow at he beginning but now I’m making enough to pay for family vacations and my medical bills from this darn RA.

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    This article is very inspiring. As I find myself shifting from the work world I do wallow a bit, torn between the life outside and the life dedicated to my toddler. Your tips are helpful in bringing back what steps I needed to start dreaming. Thanks.

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    Dream really do come true. I’m currently living mine! I have an online business that is continually growing and it’s doing what I love. I couldn’t ask for more.

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