Tackle it Tuesday — The Great Clothing Donation, Part 1

Tackle it Tuesday

Finally, we are clearing out our old clothes!

While I am forced to go through our kids’ clothes due to their constantly changing sizes and the limited space in their rooms, my husband and I have procrastinated going through our old clothes. In fact, I don’t think we have done a thorough closest cleaning since we moved here ten years ago!

Sure, we have done quick sweeps and collected some items to pass on to goodwill a few times. But the depths of the drawers and the corners of our closets have gone untouched and unseen. Piles of unused clothing were waiting for us.

The other day, my husband Phil did a very impromptu tackle. All of a sudden, I looked up from my desk and he was carrying arm loads of clothes out of our room and out of the garage. (He even found my late-aunt’s fur coat which for some reason had been in our garage since she died.)

I had no chance to get before shots. This man was on a mission! And he was brutal. If he hadn’t worn it recently, it was GONE!

Here are his stacks of clothing he donated to goodwill.



Want to see something funny? We discovered this old container of cassettes from the 80s/90s.


Gotta love the old cassette car stereos! I had a “shuttle deck.” Remember those? It was the oh-so-innovative car stereo you removed every time you parked the car so someone didn’t steal it. But, really, who wants to carry their car stereo? So you just put it under the seat where any good theif would know to look!

Phil’s tackle pulled me away from my computer and I started purging my drawers and closet too. Yes, more clothing donation to come in Part 2!

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  1. says

    I did this in the week too! being pregnant and suddenly having all my favourite jeans fall into holes I was left with what I thought was only one pair that fit and didn’t look like I’d been hit by a car whilst wearing them :) I sorted out all my clothes and ended up finding 3 more pairs of jeans that didn’t fit pre-pregnancy, but fit fine now and found out 2 out of 4 skirts fit too. I got rid of everything I’d not worn since this time last year and put away all that didn’t fit right now, being too short or tight to cover the bump. I had to shop, but now instead of spending a fortune on maternity clothes all I needed was 3 longer tops! More money left over for baby!

  2. says

    I’m not tackling anything today except packing for a long Labor Day trip. We leave tonight. Woo hoo. But, I do the clothing donate thing once a month! I have to the way these boys grow. Goodwill loves us.

  3. says

    Awesome Tackle. We did that when we were moving.. One of the best times to do that… I updated my tackle post to show the finished tackle.. I am very pleased with it.

  4. Sandra K321 says

    My brother is coming to visit this weekend so right now I’m busy cleaning for his visit. But after he’s gone, my oldest son left for college last week and I am going to be brave and tackle his room!


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