Tackle it Tuesday — A New Freezer

Tackle it Tuesday

I need more room for my blueberries…

Every summer I tackle blueberries. When it comes to my blueberry supply, I am like a squirrel storing nuts to get him through the winter.

In past years, I have frozen over 100lbs of berries, but it still doesn’t get me through until the summer! (We eat blueberries pretty much daily in our home.)

So this year I need room for MORE blueberries!

Between my husband’s fish, (he fishes for salmon every summer off the coast here in our pacific waters,) and my berries, we decided an additional freezer was in order.

My husband removed some of the shelving in our garage to make room.

And ta da — a whole new freezer, ready to freeze our bounty…

And here it is packed with blueberries. There are actually even more bags in our old freezer too! (This year, I searched and searched our local farms and was thrilled to find an organic blueberry farm!) Oh – and I have some blackberries we picked freezing on a cookie sheet, preparing to bag.

In total, I have frozen more than 200lbs to get Susan’s and my families through the winter. (Susan lives in a townhouse and doesn’t have room for a deep freeze so I store blueberries for her family as well.)

Only problem is, I have already started dipping into my supplies… The question is, will we run out before next summer???

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    Holy mother! Now that is a LOT of blueberries! We went twice this season and picked about 2 pounds then 5 pounds the next time. My near-3 year old isn’t very patient in the heat :)

  2. says

    It’s my first time to join and I find you website so wonderful and informative for mothers like me…for sure i will keep on coming back…by the way can i have some berries hehehehe…

  3. says

    Yes, you will run out…. Well, I would anyway… I am a blueberry freak! The more blueberries I have in the freezer,, the more I’ll eat! LOL I’m so glad they’re good for you though! I bought 4 lbs of blueberries last week and they were all gone by the next day!! I just couldn’t help myself… I mean, sure the kids had some too, but not that many!haha (-:

  4. says

    Wow! a whole freezer for blueberries! I can’t wait until I get some blueberry bushes so I can fill a freezer. lol I haven’t shared a tackle in a long time. I’m sharing the bush trimming I had my daughter tackle. Yes, I’m sharing a tackle I didn’t even do! lol I delegated my tackle!

  5. says

    Oh, I’m so jealous of a) your stand alone freezer(s!) and b) your stash of blueberries! I <3 blueberries too, but only have room for a couple of bags. Thankfully the ones I get at Costco are edible… :)

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