Could your child’s cell phone put him in PRISON???

by Susan

Seriously, parenting gets scarier every day!

A shocking post on Scribbit is circulating through Twitter and in case it didn’t hit your stream, I wanted to grab your attention here.

It’s about something I had never even thought about before…

teens textingThe wretched and hugely common new teenage pastime of Sexting is not only traumatic from the social and emotional damages it can cause, sending or receiving a text message with a nude photo can actually send your child to PRISON… for a long, long time!!!

While I’m thankful my girls are still only 2 and 5 and I don’t yet have to warn them of the dangers of sexting, I worry about all the children who are at risk for being abused by sexting and for those who don’t realize how serious what they are doing really is.

Regardless of the age of your children, please read this critically important insight into the legal dangers of sexting written by Luke Nichols, a criminal defense attorney in the Washington D.C. area.

Remember that even if your child is not the one who initiates the text message, if he/she is caught with it on his/her phone, it can mean prison time.

Consider this scenario… your 17 year old son ends up on the receiving list of a text message from a kid at school who thought it’d be fun to brag about having a nude photo of his 17 year old girlfriend. Later that day in school, a teacher takes your son’s phone away for texting during class. The teacher decides to check the phone and sees the nude photo. The teacher reports your son to authorities and he could go to prison for the “felony of possession of child pornography.”

Luke explains as far as the law is concerned, “If you are caught with it, it doesn’t matter what your intentions were, you are going to jail.”

As parents we must warn our children about all the issues related to sexting. Whether our kids are at risk for being violated in a photo sent from a camera phone as a text message or they may be on the sending or receiving end of such a message, we need to ensure they understand the moral, social and legal ramifications of their actions.

Please read the article Sexting: One More Thing for Parents to Worry About and tell all the parents you know to read it as well.


Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder Susan.
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