Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes…

by Janice

I know.

These shoes MUST go in the garbage! (Or trash as some of you Americans say.)

But have you ever had shoes or clothes that your children just won’t part with, no matter how thrashed they become?

Olivia loves these shoes. I knew she would. When I saw them at the store, I just had to get them for her even though they were a size too big.

She wouldn’t wait until she grew into them. She wore them right away. And wore them out right away.

In fact, they are just now the perfect size for her. Which makes it even sadder that while she sleeps tonight her shoes are going to magically disappear…

By the way, there is a good reason why sequins do not belong on little girls’ shoes. They come off. Instantly.

After the first day of playing in her shoes, the front sequins had come off. And it was all downhill after that. I brought them with us to camp since they were so destroyed already. But now, Olivia still won’t part with them. Ironically, she still calls them her “new shoes.”

Olivia grows so fast and is so hard on her shoes, she goes through pairs so fast! I am sure I have bought far more shoes for her as I did for Jackson. (But that could also be because she is a girl and I am always tempted to buy pretty shoes with things like sequins on them!)

So, I am wondering, what about your kids? Do they insist on wearing items that are beyond worn out?!?

P.S. In case you are concerned, Olivia DOES have other shoes from which to choose. She just really loves these particular “new” shoes.

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