What do you think of these Fall Fashion Trends for 2010?

Fall Fashion Trends

Janice and I got some fantastic insight into the Fall Fashion Trends for 2010 from Kathy, the VP of Women’s Apparel Design for Kmart.

And I’m loving these trends.

I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled a couple years back when “skinny jeans” became all the rage again. I still hadn’t weakened and worn any “skinny jeans” until Kmart sent me a pair to wear at BlogHer 2010. I was a little scared to try them on… but once I pulled them on, I loved them. They’re amazingly comfortable and actually rather slimming.

Kathy showed us examples of other fall fashion trends we’ll be seeing this year. I love the military and rocker vibes that are influencing style. Take a look…

What About You?

Do you like “skinny jeans”?

Which of these fall fashion trends do you like the best?

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  1. says

    Ok, so I am NOT a fur girl. Not for myself, not for anyone. I just don’t like it. Animals were meant to wear fur… people? Not so much. hehe

    I think skinny jeans are cute on SKINNY people. Your two are great examples. I have really thick thighs and knees, then I taper off and have pretty legs. I can’t do skinny jeans; they just don’t work. And, when big girls try to wear skinny jeans?!?!?! No way.

    I’m partial to the military styles. I gravitate towards gray, brown, black, and olive anyway, so I’m excited to see it’s actually in style. :-) I can handle a little rocker chick, but I’m not into studded belts…

    I love y’all’s outfits! Kmart did a great job!

    • says

      I don’t think I’ve ever owned any fur – real or faux – before. It’s not my thing either… but I at least like that faux fur is popular… I’d rather see that out there than real fur.

      I agree that women need to choose styles that look best on them. And if “skinny jeans” aren’t for you, then don’t wear them. That’s why I ignored the trend for so long too. I actually had been working hard over the last couple months to get in shape and drop 10 pounds before BlogHer… which I did… YAY!

      I like the military stuff too. I used to wear tons of gray, brown and black — especially as a teen — but now I wear lots of bright pink as you may have noticed. LOL

  2. says

    I love the faux fur vest ~ definitely one of the trends I’ll be wearing in the fall. I also love skinny jeans. I’ve had a pair in my closet for about 8 months and I finally put them on today and my 16~year~old daughter was like “Those look really cute on you.” Yes! I probably won’t get too much into the military style, I was in the Army for 4 years, I think that’s enough. As for the rocker chic, if I can find a way to incorporate it into my boho style, I can see it happening.

    By the way, you two looked great. Cannot believe those clothes are from Kmart, hopefully ours will get some of those items.

    • says

      Thanks Daenel!

      That’s so fun about your skinny jeans… If your 16 year old says they look cute, that’s awesome!

      Yes, I think you likely had enough of the real military style. LOL

      Also, you can shop online if your local store doesn’t have the items.

  3. says

    Janice–I bought that cream colored shirt that you have on!! I love it. I’m wearing it in my picture with Emma Thompson, so it will be posting soon. I bought some capris at KMart too — nice slack type — it’s great.

    • says

      Your shirt looks awesome in the photo with Emma Thompson!

      Did you ever think you’d get a photo taken with Emma Thompson and choose to wear a shirt from Kmart? Pretty cool, hey?

  4. Jennifer B says

    I was scared of skinny jeans too until a found a pair at sears. They were levis. I want them to wear with boots in the winter.

    • says

      It’s funny Jennifer, how skinny jeans can seem too scary to try on, but if you find a good fit, they can look great.

      I’m looking forward to wearing mine with boots this year too.

  5. says

    You girls looked so cute in your clothes! Jealous! :-) I would have to drop a bunch more than 10 pounds before I could wear skinny jeans…. I really like them because they look so good with my cowboy boots over them. LOL! :-) But, alas I have put on too much weight to pull it off anymore. :-)

  6. says

    I’m still not a fan of skinny jeans on me, but – if others can rock them (like you, for example), I say: “More power to ya!” 😉

    I agree w/ others about the fur. There’s none in my closet.

    My favorite looks for fall tend to be classic, preppy pieces – bootcut jeans, denim skirts, plaid shirts, argyle vests, cute v-neck sweaters, etc.

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