Single Mom of 6, Published Author, Hilarious Blogger – Guess Who?

She’s a riot.
She’s beautiful.
She’s a published author.
She’s a blogging rockstar.
She’s a single mom with 6 kids.
She came to fame when she auctioned Pokemon cards on eBay.

Yes, you got it…

She is Dawn Meehan from Because I Said So.

And Janice caught a few minutes with Dawn on camera at BlogHer 2010

Janice and I first interviewed Dawn at BlogHer 2008.

Watch our three part video interview with Dawn from 2008:
Part 1 — Video interview with Dawn from “Because I Said So”.
Part 2 — A fun peek into the busy life of a humor blogger.
Part 3 — Large Family = Lots of Laughs = Great Blogging

Janice and I adore Dawn and if you aren’t yet reading her blog, you’ll want to start now…

And make sure you pre-order a copy of her latest book You’ll Lose the Baby Weight: (And Other Lies about Pregnancy and Childbirth)

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder Susan.
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    My hat is off to you raising 6 kids on your own. I have 6 children too and it’s more than a full time job, it’s a few full time jobs!

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