Ultimate Summertime Rice Krispies Treats™ Challenge WINNERS!

We had so much fun over the past two weeks sharing scrumptious Rice Krispies Treats recipes with you, while looking over the Rice Krispies Treats drawings, recipes and pictures created by your creative kids. Today we have the pleasure of announcing the three winners in our Ultimate Summertime Rice Krispies Treats™ Challenge.

Our Grand Prize Winner receives a Rice Krispies Treats Gift Basket, Rice Krispies Treats Cookbook, and a $25 Visa Gift Card to help purchase the ingredients to turn her child’s “ideal Rice Krispies Treats” recipe into a reality!

Our Grand Prize Winner is Bree Bee. She shared her daughter’s Sticky Treats.

“The yellow/orange item is the treat. She wanted strawberries around it, M&M’s in it and then decided it would ALL taste better covered in pink icing- so it’s a lot of scribble for a 4 year old but she has a logic behind it and was very proud of it!”


Our First Runner Up receives a Cooking with Rice Krispies Gift Set and a $25 Visa Gift Card.

Congratulations to our First Runner Up Charity S.

She shared her child’s ideal Rice Krispies Treats topping – “Graham crackers,caramel sauce, and whipped cream.”


Our Second Runner Up receives a Rice Krispies Treats Cookbook and a $25 Visa Gift Card.

Congratulations to our second runner up Brittney.

In her emailed entry she stated: “I asked my son, 10 years old…what kind of dream Rice Krispies Treat he would want…and he said: I would LOVE to turn my favorite sandwich in to one. So…here goes.

Peanut Butter and Jelly…and Marshmallow cream…is his favorite sandwich.
So, we would make our Rice Krispies Treats with Peanut Butter, and Marshmallows…and drizzle jelly on top! Grape Jelly, he said!!!”


Thank you again to everyone who participated in our Ultimate Summertime Rice Krispies Treats™ Challenge.

Thank you also to Rice Krispies cereal for sponsoring such a fun giveaway.


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    Your recipe really enjoy my children while cooking it. I hope that you will continue to make recipes for family bonding just like this. My girls want to win the first prize but they didn’t make it up for the challenge. Lol.

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