Win an HP Mini 210 and an HP Camcorder!!

Are you a “Mobile Mom?” If so, here is some stylish and functional “Mobile Mom” technology designed for you!

Like you, I am almost always on the move — even if it is just moving from one room to another in the house! As a busy mom who works (and plays,) online, I am usually looking for a way to stay connected even if I can’t be sitting at my “desk.” (I actually do not have a “desk” – I have a kitchen table. Oh well.)

Thankfully, I have an iPhone, but I loathe typing on it. In fact, my commenting on blogs has plummetted because I never comment when I am reading on my iPhone.

So, having a Mini computer that can move with me, but still allows me to type on a keyboard is perfect!

Especially when I am traveling or at a conference, I don’t want to carry my heavy laptop everywhere I go. But I NEED to be tweeting and emailing. At a conference, much of the action happens on Twitter. I can’t keep up on my iPhone. I need a keyboard.

So, this week at BlogHer ’10, I will be tweeting from an HP Mini 210 — in Pink! And I will be catching impromptu conversations and action on the HP V5040u Camcorder

I have been testing them both out this weekend, and I am confident that they will have me covered while I walk the floors, tweet from sessions, and party, party, party!

The BEST news is — whether you are going to BlogHer ’10 or not, thanks to HP, we have an HP Mini computer and a compact HP V5040u Camcorder to giveaway to one of you!

  • HP Mini 210 in Preppy Pink, (starting at $354.99,) which provides up to 9 hours of battery life and weighs just 2.9lbs, making it easy to slip into any purse and carry everywhere you go.
  • HP V5040u Camcorder, ($149.99,) features 1080p HD recording, fits easily into your purse or pocket and will let you capture and share all of life’s unexpected moments.
  • To purchase either of these products:

How To Enter

To enter, you need to leave a comment as well as follow and tweet to the HP Twitter channel.

So, just post a comment below and follow @5minutesformom and @HP_PC. Then tweet,I entered to win an HP Mini and camcorder from @5minutesformom @HP_PC!”.

In your comment, let us know how they would use the HP Mini and camcorder if you win.

The winner will be chosen by random.

This giveaway will close on Friday, August 20th. We will announce our winners on Saturday, August 21st. This giveaway is open to US residents and is void where prohibited. Please see our site’s terms and conditions of use for more information.

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.

Please Note: HP provided prizing for this giveaway along with product samples. As usual, my opinions are completely my own!


  1. says

    The camcorder I would use to take videos of my son so that his Grandparents who live far away could hear him talking and get to see him in action as pictures don’t always do that justice.

    The mini computer I would use for my real estate career. I just became a realtor and it would be nice to have a dedicated computer for the job.

    Here’s my tweet:

  2. says

    Seriously? a mini computer too?
    I am in heaven. On the go and typing anytime?
    Yeah, ME. It would make conferences like Blogher, so easy to tweet and stuff from…, I love you! Please pick me!

  3. says

    OH I so need both. My life is a constant blur of caring for my mom and my older aunt nowadays and I am often spending hours in hospitals and doctor’s offices with nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs. I am a camera fanatic and both would go great for me. I could give hubby my computer and we could pass his dinosaur desktop down to the kids… OH pick me pick me pleaseeeeeeee pretty please with sugar on top and I will vlog a HUGE blog about how awesome ya’ll are..

  4. says

    I’ve been looking for a way to be online while roaming the house, since my husband takes the laptop to work. And the camcorder would be great for vlogging and recording life! I tweeted!

  5. Jeannine says

    I was in tears (at first) because I would absolutely LOVE to win this prize……and then I read it was for US residents only.

    Now I’m really in tears!!

  6. says

    OMG – I’d use it for just about everything. My laptop & I are never far apart, but it’s so heavy, it’s really hard to take anywhere!

  7. Summer says

    I would use these for the many milestones that will be happening in our family in the next year. My 30 bday, Our 5 year anniversary, FIL 50th bday and hopefully a family. Thanks for awesome giveaway!

  8. says

    while I do have a regular camera and a computer – both are on their last legs and about to die. I would use the camcorder and camera to record my life with my daughter and husband. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer, I’m trying to get more of myself into the pictures – even the photographer needs to be photographed on occasion.

  9. Gayle Watkins says

    I would love to have this HP Mini and camcorder! I could put both items in my mommy-bag and have online access wherever I go. I could also have access to my information on the go. I could use it to pull up online recipes and read them right on the screen in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless! I don’t have a smartphone or other portable computing device, so this would be wonderful. We don’t have a camcorder either. How much fun would it be to be able to take videos and upload them to your mini while on the go! WOW

  10. destiny says

    Hi I follow on twitter @dad1111 and this computer and mini cam. would come in so handy right now. My son is going in to his senior year of high school and trying to get a scholarship for football and track. My camera won’t keep a charge so taking pics. and video and uploading them for coach’s to see has been difficult. I would be able to take video at practice and games and be able to immediately upload it to his football and track site as well as to facebook to keep family up to date. I am sure this would be a great prize to whoever wins….keeping my fingers crossed for us all. :)

  11. says

    Wow, these would be great! I always want to work/blog on my computer in a different place but never want to lug it around, the HP Mini would be fantastic because it is so small and portable. Plus, the camcorder would just be fun to have handy to catch those great moments at the park or just when my girls are actually playing and being loving together!


  12. says

    I would love to take pics of my 9 year old son at baseball, etc and then send the video to our family in Germany. The mini laptop would be great because I’m self employed and would be able to do my work while Eric is at german school, etc.

  13. says

    I would love to be able to do stuff on the computer while going places. How amazing would that be! And we do have a camcorder…but, it’s very old and big. One of the kind you have to put on a tripod. I would record daily family life for my kids and their grandparents to see.

  14. ellen says

    I would use this mini to finally break free of this desktop! I dont tweet or post from anything else and would love to have some freedom. The camera would be awesome- no video either (OK I am in Stone Age) and it would be great to ‘interview’ some older relatives about their memories.

  15. Kay M. says

    These would both come in so handy! I have ten grandchildren and have been considering starting my blog back up so both of these would be very convenient! Thanks for the great contests!

  16. says

    I would love to use these two sweeties! I have a big ole clunky TV style monitor and the huge ole hard drive that sits on the floor. To be mobile would be lovely and then maybe I too could figure out how to “Tweet” like the big girls do. As for the camcorder, wow. We would use this little number to death. I haven’t recorded anything in a a long time since I cannot figure out how to transfer from the small video tapes to a DVD or VHS tape my old home movies.

  17. Michelle S says

    Oh, to be the owner of these fabulous prizes…..I could check emails while at the park, Catch up on my blog reading at the bus-stop, Facebook in the grocery parking lot, Tweet on the bus and free up some valuable PC time for one of the other 5 members of my family. The Mini would definitely be a blessing in homeschooling my children this year. And the HP Camcorder…I have never owned one….and as a parent of 4 kids I sometimes feel this is an act of neglect. Every season that goes by I miss wonderful opportunities to catch my children’s humorous and sentimental moments on recording. I would love to be brought out of the Technology StoneAge that I am currently in and have some new *toys* for me :)

  18. says

    Our family computer is on its last leg (can you say 10 minutes to open email?!–argh!), so I would probably use the computer for my kids. It would be so handy for the high schooler and all of her projects. The camcorder would be put in my purse and brought along with me wherever I go–so handy!

  19. says

    I would love to win them both! I would use the camcorder to record our fun times here at Kramer manor. lol – My currently dated video camera has a tape stuck in it and I haven’t been able to get it out. I have to take it to someone for repairs. It’s been about year since it’s been stuck. :( – I need some footage of our baby girl.

  20. says

    my kid has inherited my laptop since going to college last fall, so it will follow him to school in a couple weeks. i am planning on applying to grad school for next fall and could really use a nice mobile laptop for class for notes & for studying anywhere, anytime!

  21. Julie says

    I would use it to video and upload videos of my 3 sweeties. They’re always learning something new, and i would love to be able to upload video for the distant grandmas to see their “firsts”!!

  22. Amy Brewer says

    I would use the camcorder for all the family things. I would record all kinds of things from trips to the park to vacations. I would use the mini for many things. I would probably share it with my oldest daughter who would use it for school and messaging friends. I would use it to surf the web and hopefully use it to take back to school when I go next year.
    Here is my tweet

  23. says

    I followed both and tweeted here:

    My husband has been begging for a new laptop, so I’d offer the Mini to him first, but he is not a fan of the tiny keyboard and would probably decide he prefers the desktop anyway, so it would become my mobile blogging computer.

    My husband would definitely take possession of the camera though, and it would get used for anything and everything he could find to film.

  24. says

    I would love to win this prize! I have 5 children and after losing all my videos of my first I haven’t really video taped any of my other children and that makes me sad.

    I follow through google reader, but I do not have a twitter account :~(.

    If I am still able to enter the contest please include my name.


  25. says

    I’d use the laptop for business and blogging/reading blogs. The camera would be for recording my little guy as he’s growing up so fast!
    I’ve been needing a laptop as times are hard and I have to be a SAHM but need to work too. So winning this would be an answer to prayer!
    Thanks for the chance!

  26. says

    i would use the laptop for my blog, my laptop is missing keys and on it’s last limb. the camcorder would be great for sending videos to my parents who have never met my kids, i haven’t seen them in so long.

  27. says

    I would use them to keep up with my blog and writing when I’m out and about. I spend so much time in my van shuttling the kids to and from activities I feel like my van is my mobile office!

    I am following @5minutesformom and @HP_PC on Twitter and just tweeted! 😀

  28. Jaimie K says

    Ooh, what a great giveaway! Enter me please!!
    I actually do not have a computer of my own (I have to borrow one). And I have been wanting to get a video camera to capture the precious moments of my 3 (almost 4) little girls’ lives.

  29. Jennifer B says

    I would use the camcorder tp record all mu husbands shows. I haven’t had a way to do that yet ans the laptop I would give to my daughter, she is just at that age where it is perfect for her. And she could do her homework

  30. says

    I tweeted: & follow you both. :)

    I would love to have the HP Mini so that no matter where I go, I am able to keep up on my blogging better.. Now that I have Straight Talk [service provider], and am away from home more, my poor blog has suffered, a lot! It would be nice to access it more.
    Also, I’d love to have the camcorder so that I couldhave better photos of all the wonderful moments that I’ve had. My phone takes good pictures, but does not video, so the camcorder would be wonderful.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  31. says

    I followed and Twittered:

    The camcorder would get SO MUCH use! I love the take videos of my kids, but currently, I’m doing it on a point-n-shoot, and I can’t zoom or anything like that with it! It REALLY sucks to do it with that (though I do love the pinkness of the camera :))

    The mini would be able to go with me anywhere. I can take it to the bus stop with my kids, because my router reaches that far. I can take it on short trips and not have to deal with my huge laptop (also an HP … I’m such an HP fan!). I’d be able to literally blog on the go!

  32. paula says

    id use the pr cam corder alot i have 6 kids so it would be great and id love the mini laptop cause its pink lol and im on the go w/ 6 kids so it would be nice to take with me everywhere!

  33. MJ says

    I’m following on Twitter as @butterflyrouge! I’d use the HP Mini and camcorder to keep my daughter connected to her grandparents.

  34. says

    I followed & tweeted. (I have no clue how to get the status of my tweets. I really shouldn’t be allowed near the computer because I’m so un-saavy. LOL)

    But, that said, BOY, could I use this mini. I have 9 kids, 3 teenagers and only 2 computers. UGH.

  35. Melissa O. says

    I would be able to blog, review and comment a lot more often! As a mom of 4 I can’t always be planted in front of the computer unless it’s nap time (like right now) but getting the littlest ones to nap at the same time is rare. I would take more precious videos of ny family and post videos to my blog! (I have followed and tweeted as well)

  36. says

    Following both of you and tweeted!

    This mini and camcorder would be so wonderful for traveling (which we do quite a lot!) I’ve found it difficult to tweet and comment with my Smartphone, too, so I end up hauling my laptop with us. I can also see myself using it when we make the drive to “town” which is 85 miles one way. I could use my Droid as a tether and get online as we’re driving!

  37. says

    AWESOME! I would love both – I am on the go constantly and have been looking for a mini to throw in my purse. I love to write and journal, and of course I practically live on the internet. I could think of a million uses for the camcorder – I’m actually thinking of getting a few to use for work (I work with college students), and I would love to try it out first….then there’s my adoreable niece and nephew who I could video for days on end!
    Thanks for the opportunity – I’m tweeting away!!!!!

  38. says

    I tweeted and am following y’all (I’m @MommaPate). Anyway, what would I do with the goodies…I have an 8 yr old awesome softball player and a 1 yr old that is in to everything and having all kinds of firsts right now! I’d love to be able to capture video and send it to friends and family! I have a blackberry but the internet on it isn’t the greatest, so imagine all the blogging and tweeting I’d get done! HA!

  39. suzanne says

    Awesome!! Glad to find your site…your giveaway is going to spread the word of your awesomeness!!! Looking forward to enjoying your blog!!

  40. suzanne says

    I would use the camcorder in my classroom to do all kinds of fun and educational stuff with my first graders! This would be an awesome asset to my class!
    I would also use it with my own little wonders at home because I am a mom of 3!
    I am so lucky to be able to be a mom and a teacher!!

  41. says

    I run an online music magazine and tour manager for a band that will be touring in October in Europe. I was trying to decide what device to take on my travels to do a tour blog, and capture video of the backstage/tour bus adventures! And of course to keep in touch with family & friends while on the road! This package will be IDEAL since I don’t want to be lugging around anything heavy but you are right, it is hard to type on a phone! :)

  42. says

    I would use the camcorder to record those precious moments that life is full of, especially with a close family full of young children. I would use the HP Mini to keep up with my blogs and emails as well as keep in contact with my teachers at school, especially once I start my internship.

  43. says

    I would use the camcorder for recording video of my 2 girls. I have very few videos of them. The laptop would be very useful for video editing, and also picture editing.

  44. says

    I would use the netbook the same as you! I have struggled with commenting since I started reading more blogs on my iPod touch.

    The camcorder I would use for vlogging – of course! I always have a video camera with me!

  45. Melissa says

    Meant to add – Would use this when traveling with my kids, going to their school events, etc. I would really, really love that pink beauty of a mini-laptop.

  46. says

    I would use the laptop for all those times I’m sitting waiting on my kids so I can spend some time keeping up with my google reader. The video camera would be great for all those great school events without being too big or heavy to carry around.

  47. says

    I have no way to get decent video of my kids at the moment, and my laptop, though I love it, is rather large and blocky. So to be able to be mobile and still get everything filmed for my kids and uploaded onto a computer, taken care of, and stay on the move? That would be amazing!!

  48. says

    I would take video of my kids and share them with my relatives that aren’t around. In addition, I would use the computer and camcorder during my volunteer work with my church. I know that we would get a lot of use out of it.

    Thank you for the chance!

  49. Pamk says

    I follow 5 minutes for mom and hc_pc and tweeted about this @ I would love to win this my laptop is getting old and I will have to replace it soon. and that pink definitely wouldn’t be borrowed by my boys rofl. Teen boys are funny that way. And I’d love that little recorder. could put it in my pocket and take it anywheres.
    My friend has a flip and she got fantastic fireworks pics by capturning them off that. Hopefully this would work just as well.

  50. says

    what an amazing prize!! wow! I can think of so many things i could use that recorder for – my kids, my students – making social skills videos for them (I teach kids with Autism). And My lap top is on its last leg so this new notebook would be great! thanks!

  51. says

    I would use the mini outside on my porch instead of having to sit INSIDE on the nice days trying to get blogging work done for hours on end. Today I was just wishing I had something mobile so I could be out in the sun.

    As for a digital camera, I’d be able to use something of my own instead of having to borrow all the time. I’d use it to add to my site and to try my hand at some vlogging.


  52. says

    Oh fabulous! I could definitely use the HP Mini 210 since I run my on-line art business from home, Starbucks, etc. :) and I would feel so classy using this pretty pink number! As for the camcorder, I have three little munchkins who are ready and able to perform as soon as a camera comes into view. I’d love to catch more of their impromptu concerts!
    thanks for the opportunity!

  53. says

    I could definately put both of these great gadgets to good use! The laptop would be great to have for around my house (we have a desk top) and even more perfect to take along whenever our little family travels. Plus, I’ve been wanting one of these small little mini computers for a while now. The camcorder would be used to record my two lovely little girls – I know that the grandparents would love to recieve videos!

  54. says

    I’m a mom of 5 girls and life gets really busy…I would love anything that’s small and convenient to toss in my purse and record moments of them more often….and I am pretty sure I’d find lots of fun things to do with an HP mini…I know my oldest girls would love it…it’d be amazing! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  55. Cheryl says

    I would love to win this. It would be so nice to have a camcorder to catch all the cute stuff my kids do!

  56. Niki Hawkins says

    I would love this! As a mother of two small kids, I would love to use the camcorder to catch all those moments of my kids! And the mini would be great. I would use it probably mainly to keep up with social networking. As a SAHM, sometimes it’s my only “adult” interaction that I get!

    I also tweeted.

  57. anita bah says

    That is the cutest lady like laptop. I love the pattern. My laptop is falling apart at the seams literally, I think I dropped it twice and it didn’t quite bounce I really need a camcorder to capture our milestones, it’s so cumbersome to pull out the vintage camcorder. this would be a lot quicker and easier to use!

  58. Robin says

    We’re a military family, so it would be great for helping us stay in touch with family & friends we don’t get to see much… and keeping everyone posted about our two crazy kiddos! …followed & tweeted @KLSMama

  59. says

    I would love to use this beauty of a mini laptop for my in-home- business, so I could travel easier. I Love the lightweight feature of the camcorder and mini, very “on-the-go” for todays lifestyle! Thanks for the AMAZING opportunity to win! Tweeted too…



  60. says

    I would LOVE to win these! Since our current laptop seems to be from the dinosaur age and is as slow as one, the HP Mini 210 would replace that. I like to use a laptop when I’m thinking about a blog post in bed or want to type something quickly. I would use the camcorder to get videos of my two babies, ages 4 and 2…the years seems to fly by! :)

  61. says

    Oh how I would love to win this prize. The HP Mini would be perfect to use all around the house instead of being locked up in my room on my desktop. It would also be a plus for when I need to travel for work. The Camcorder would be awesome to create memories of my family and friends, events, as well as to video the different places that I travel with work so I can share them with my son, friends, and other family members.

    I’m going to tweet right now.

  62. says

    I would LOVE these new toys or even one of these new toys! I am techie geek (to some extent) but don’t have the funds to keep up. There’s lots of great ways to use these items.

  63. says

    OH BOY can I use this. I have begun doing social media on behalf of others for some extra income (to support hubby finishing his degree) and I have the same challenge as you. I love my NEW phone but yes, it’s hard to type quick and accurate (especially with 2 tots pulling on me) and the demand for me to be more active certainly exists! This would really help me with these social media projects I am working on!!!! Thank you and HP. I am going to follow them & tweet this message as well- @breebees.

  64. says

    What a fantastic contest! I’d love to use both of these to capture all those fabulous moments with my 2 1/2 year old daughter and send them to my father, who lives in CA (I’m in NYC). I followed both and tweeted. @MacaroniKidNYC

  65. says

    That is the cutest computer I’ve ever seen! I’m a freelance stage manager, so I often have to tote my computer between my office, the rehearsal studio, the theatre and the classroom where I teach. Having something this lightweight and portable would make my life MUCH easier! (and did I mention it’s cute?) I’d use the camcorder to record the precious things my 2 1/2 year old son does to make me smile!

  66. says

    I would use the camera and computer to help my son and daughter keep in touch with their godfather. He’s been ill but wants to keep up with them and they with him. This would make the process a lot easier for the little people to communicate.

  67. says

    I would use the laptop and video camera for school! I have a lot of online classes and have to email video-taped speeches to my professors. Not having a webcam on my desktop computer can get kind of tough! Also, for my in-person classes, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the professor manually writing notes. Typing notes would be so much faster!

    I follow you and HP and I tweeted here:

  68. says

    Would love a handy new laptop and video camera to make my husband’s deployment a tad easier! I will be giving birth to our second child while he is gone and this would be a wonderful gift to help us! I would LOVE the handy camcorder to be able to capture precious moments of our new child to share with my husband. :)

  69. Sheri says

    I would use the HP Mini 210 and Camcorder to be more mobile when I am attending events for my children. I would also use the camcorder to film my children and their activities.

    I am a follower of 5 Minutes for Moms and HP_PC. I also tweeted about the giveaway. (nwgeorgiagirl)

  70. says

    LOVE the cute pink computer & the camera!! My oldest is turning 14 & she would totally love the camera (she wants a flip for her birthday but I think this is much better!) & I would use the computer at my preschool!

  71. says

    Awesome give away!! I’ve always wanted a small computer to go with me; just can’t budget it in. I would hope to be able to load the software I use to continue working on pictures and other office type work I do as a virtual assistant! Would make it so much easier to hang out with kiddo’s while continuing to work, and with the video camera to catch those grate moments while out and about. Thx for the opportunity!!

  72. Andrea says

    I will be joining school and the laptop would be a great help to me. The Digital Camcorder well that would be to capture our lil one whenever he smiles! Thank you for the giveaway.

  73. says

    I recently purchased a huge 18.4 in laptop for my blogging/graphics. But… have you ever tried to tote an 18.4 laptop around? Yeh. NOT happening. Hell, I can’t even find a sassy bag for this monstrosity! I’m wanting something more mobile, especially for an upcoming conference in October.

    The camcorder? I do a feature at my blog on Tuesdays called Just Talkin’ Tuesdays. The camcorder would bring a whole new aspect to that feature! I would be so thrilled!!!!!! (And hopefully, so would my readers!)

  74. christy says

    I am a stay home mom and teacher by degree. Right now I am thankful to be staying home with my babies making memories. What better way to capture/store them than these two prizes?!? I tweeted at
    Am following both you and HP_PC too!

  75. Eileen says

    We live in a household with our tween and two teens who are ALWAYS standing in line to get on the computer. (plus a grandson who stays with us a lot) Our family would REALLY be so appreciative to have this…especially when school starts again. I also have issues which do not allow me to go downstairs a lot to the PC.

    I have missed a ton of my kids event the past 3 years due to health, and have to rely on neighbors or other parents for pictures (I used to take) and videos (since our old 12 year old cam is dead) so this would be a GOD send!!
    ANY family would be so happy to receive such a great gift and is so AMAZING for HP to sponsor this!

    I follow and tweeted this!

    Good luck to all!

    thanks much!

  76. hippie4ever says

    I would use the mini laptop to check my email and surf the web while my husband is using our computer and the video would capture all the cuteness of my son, if that is possible :) Thanks silenttributary(at)yahoo(dot)com

  77. says

    I tweeted it and I follow you and HP!!! If I won this, I would use it in college. I’m starting college in August, and I think this would be PERFECT for me to use! Plus, it’s adorable!!! What could go wrong?? =]

  78. says

    As a mom of four I am always running around somewhere. I’d use the mini to keep in touch with all my online friends and family, and the camcorder to capture all of my girls’ antics :)

  79. Christina says

    I’d use the camcorder to record my own personal history. For many years I worked in TV and used huge cameras but it was always about other people’s lives, not mine!

  80. Julie Wood says

    I absolutely love pink and to have that pink HP would be awesome! I’m a single mom of 4 who works several jobs. I’m always having to shuffle stuff around and having a lightweight HP like that would be a dream. I also have the cutest grandbaby in the world and I would love to video her and show it off with the HP. Thanks for the opportunity.

  81. says

    I would use the HP Mini and camcorder while taking care of my 3 sons. I would also use it in my teaching as a Reading Specialist and in working with my church!

  82. says

    I would use this for my blogging needs. I’m always on the go go with 4 kids and not only need to capture the hilarious moments with the HP Camcorder but need to post on the HP Mini. Also I’m going back to college starting Jan 2011 and would use this for my studies while at hour from home every day.

    I tweeted
    and following

  83. says

    I tweeted:

    As much as I’d love to have the HP mini all to my self. Our computer, now, is unable to be used by the kids. It’s old and takes for ever to load. I hate that their computer time has been dimolished because we can’t afford a new one, so, with that said. Aside from using it on road trips and outings- I would finally have something for my girls to play games on- at and a few other favorites they share.

    for the camcorder- well, that I’d be a little selfish with. I’m a mom and I love video taping the kids at whatever they do!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Julie says

    I would use the mini to take with me while I sit through hour of football practice. I would love to have the recorder so I record the football games after said practices.

  85. says

    I’d tote the mini to work so that I can blog and read on my lunchbreak. And I hope to add a baby to our family this year, so it would be awesome to have the camera to document our journey to expanding our family!

  86. says

    I would use it as we travel around with Haylee and capture her moments living with Amniotic Band Syndrome. It would totally help me begin to make the world aware of Amniotic Band Syndrome. I could actual record more things she is doing and blog and vlog the adventures.

  87. Snowflake07 (Audra) says

    I was just thinking last night (as I watched my daughter make up a new crazy dance), that I really need a camcorder! The mini computer would be equally as awesome, considering I don’t have a laptop. That would be nice to catch up on my blogs from the couch if I wanted to. :-)

    I’m following on twitter as SnowflakeDay & tweeted:

  88. says

    I tweeted (lovingmom2boys)

    I would love this computer – it would be great for during the day keeping up with friends and family – while still running all over the house with my little boys (and with baby #3 on the way the camcorder will be great to share shots of the new babe in action with everyone!!)

  89. Anita says

    I would so love to win. The camera would be used to record the antics of my growing family and the computer would be handy to have on my “getaway days” for my B&N reader.

  90. Holly says

    Oh my… what an adorable computer! I could totally use this in my house full of boys. Pink=mama’s only! Maybe I’ll even get around to updating my started-and-then-forgotten blog with some new videos of the fam.

  91. Elise says

    Oh, we need a camcorder! All we have now is our little digital camera (which is three years old and so yesterday), and I’m constantly having to stop in the middle of videotaping my four children to quickly upload old pics and videos (to the eight-year-old laptop my husband passed on to me), just to clear the tiny memory card so I can capture the moment!

    This would be an amazing blessing- thank you so much for the opportunity!

  92. sher says

    Our family (like many) are scattered all over the place. It would be grrrrreat to have to better communicate with those we love and miss.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  93. Elisabeth says

    I’m so happy to see another blog doing this giveaway! I am so excited about even the tiniest remote possibility of winning this! I used to have both a laptop and camera which I adored, but when my brother had his stroke recently, we sold so many things to cover the outrageous cost of his rehab and medications. So I have really missed both, but especially my laptop! I don’t mind saying that I will literally be praying to win this. Thanks again for this opportunity.

  94. Stephanie says

    We so need a camcorder to take video’s of our daughter and the cute things she does. Right now I just use the video feature on my digital camera to take short clips of her being her goofy self. Plus I would love the hp mini so I don’t have to fight my husband for use of the computer :)

  95. says

    I have been looking at getting a Mini for a while now. It would be perfect to keep up with my blog and write for the sites I write for while on the go. Also, I plan on doing more freelance writing when my daughter is in school so it would be great to take along for interviews. I would use the camcorder to record the progress of my special needs daughter and of course all the fun things as well!

  96. says

    What an amazing giveaway!!!

    I’m going back to college this fall and this laptop would be so appreciated by this mid-30’s momma! And the camcorder would allow me to not miss out on any of their extra activities while I’m studying.

  97. Eileen says

    I would love to win this giveaway. I am a mom to 4 year old twins and a 22 month old. I would use it to stay in touch with my family! Plus how cute is that little pink computer, what mom wouldn’t want that!

  98. Cara V. says

    Thanks for such a cool giveaway! I’m a mom of two and a college student, so the mini laptop would be a huge help for me- I could do schoolwork anywhere, and easily carry it with me in my bag. The camcorder would also be great to document all my kids’ special moments- like our Fall Disney trip!

  99. Elisabeth says

    I realized I forgot to say how I would use these! As I mentioned before, after my brother’s stroke on 11/22/09 we ended up selling my digital camera, our HP laptop, and many other items, so that we could pay for his inpatient therapy. After the long weeks in coma/ICU, he needed an intensive inpatient rehab facility…and because he didn’t have insurance, it was $1,000 per DAY. We also sold our car, took out loans…it was a nightmare. I loved my laptop and I REALLY loved my camera but at the time the rehab had to be paid two weeks at a time, in advance…so it was “a hard easy choice”, if that makes sense.

    Anyway, the first thing I would use these items for would be stroke awareness PSAs. My brother is young, was previously healthy, and never even knew that a stroke could happen to someone in his position. He is now passionate about telling people to check their blood pressure, showing them his gnarled, broken body and begging them to take the time for a yearly physical, get blood pressure checked regularly, and purging some stress from your life…in hopes that he might reach someone.

    We’ve filmed a couple videos with my phone, and my brother found that he was able to open up to the camera and pour our so much of his frustrations, in the name of helping others avoid the same fate.

    I would use this camera and laptop to make stroke prevention PSAs with my brother, and share them with as many people as possible.

    my Twitter feed where I posted my entry is here:

    Thank you again for this amazing chance!

  100. says

    I just Tweeted about this here:

    I would love to have a mini laptop so I could blog, tweet, email and do facebook on the go! Like you said, it’s just so difficult to do these things (at any rate of speed or accuracy) on a phone. It’s almost torture! A real keyboard and a nice size screen would make all of the difference in the world!

    I always feel like I’m waiting and I’d so love to be able to put those lost minutes to use!

    Also, the camcorder would be so great so we could send family videos back and forth with grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc. We live on the west coast and all of our family is still in the south. Being able to send them videos would rock!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  101. Karen Propes says

    I follow you and @HP_PC, tweeted:
    I would use these to the fullest extent; from working, blogging, tweeting!!!! and since it’s so portable, it would be perfect after my surgeries not too bulky in the bed. I have a medical condition that has already trapped me in the bed 17 times, I have quite a few more to go.
    The camcorder, I have a granddaughter, need I say more!!!!! Thanks for this fabulous giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. says

    What a great giveaway! I’d use the mini as my “much more mobile” computer instead of my full-size laptop. This might sound geeky, but I’d prop it up in the child seat of my shopping cart and check my favorite deal sites to make sure I’m finding all of the great deals! I don’t have a smartphone (I know I’d be an addict) so this would be a compromise that would allow me to access the Internet in a much more convenient way while not being “too” convenient that I have it permanently attached to my hand like a smartphone would be! 😉

    Sure would make shopping faster and more efficient and as the mom of preschooler, I can use any edge I can get! It would also be great for entertaining him on the go as it looks like it could slip into my purse/kiddo bag pretty easily!

    The camcorder….recording on the go moments of my little kiddo, of course! Would love to make my movies more professional-looking…especially the ones of his first year at school this year!


    p.s. Following @5minutesformom already and just followed @HP_PC a second ago! I’m @jenknox BTW! Tweeted it!

  103. Teresa Pointon says

    I’d likely use the camcorder to document everyday life in my town and with my family. And I’d use the Mini for everything, everywhere! I’d use it for keeping in touch with my family and friends everywhere I go. I’d also use it to continue the research on my family tree that I’ve been working on for quite a few years now. Thanks!

  104. stuart says

    First I would like to thank you for the chance to enter this contest and explain my reasons for wanting it.
    I was working for a small company and always wanted to have my own company, but alas that has not happened yet. I then met this wonderful woman, Donna who turned out to be the love of my life, and we dated for awhile, and then as many, differed apart, only to rediscover one another sometime later. She has become my wife, partner and best of all my true friend. We have been blessed with a wonderful daughter the past 22 years. But, the story takes a nasty twist, not the fairy tale that we wanted from each other.
    I moved up in the company that I worked for, and was asked to take over the Atlantic region of the company, we talked for many hours and decided to give it a shot and move from New England to the Maryland/Virginia are for me. We took our daughter with us and packed a truck, hopped in the cab and took off for our new adventure. Donna did this for me; she has done many things for me to advance my career. Dinners, socials, trade shows, meetings, and long hours of being alone in a strange area (she grew up in New England)…..all for me.
    Then the worst happened, the dr’s appointment that was,” we need to talk to you both”. We went to see the doctor in Annapolis, and now it wasn’t about me, it was about her. All about her.
    Donna has put her career on hold for me, trying to start her own professional photography business , working in day care and raising our daughter, to volunteering at various animal rescue groups were ever we have lived. She has spent countless hours organizing, trapping, soliciting and even fostering the sick and infirmed animals that no one wanted until they got better and ready for adoption. She has photographed families that could afford family portraits, or even school type pictures for free in our area. But now, it was time that she had to focus on herself. I had to leave my job to care for her as well as our daughter. I gave up a high paying job, our house, moved back to New England, family, friends to care for her throughout her illness, over the past five years she has endured countless procedures, operations, spinal taps, blood tests, MRI’s, cat scans, poked and prodded, multiple doctors. This past January after a last ditch effort to stop all this, we found a wonderful doctor that has sent her into a state of remission. No more treatments, no more pills no more….”what next” to having my friend, my partner and best of all my wife back.
    As she starts to try and get back on track and start her life over. She has hopes of starting her own business as well as I do too. I have been working on acquiring a landscape construction business as Donna is trying to restart her photography business, all the while still volunteering to help animal rescue groups in our area, with all her organizing skills.
    This computer will be used for both our businesses, mostly Donnas, to store, plan and work on her photography work, and to help develop the different animal rescue groups that she loves to participate in. The computer will benefit non – profit organizations that care for cats and dogs that will be taken in to no-kill shelters as well as no-kill foster care programs that Donna volunteers for. Most of the work has to be done at home. This is due to the fact that she still is unable to drive and spend too much time on her feet as of yet. We could use this computer since we have moved into a small town house and have little room with our daughter, German shepherd dog, 2 adoptive cats, 2 foster cats and 4 foster kittens.
    If you chose us as the winners we would be using the computer for our personal/business as well as for no-kill /non-profit organizations in our local area. This computer will not only benefit our family, but many people as well as many animals in the future.

  105. says

    I would use the camcorder to send videos of my kids to my husband while he is deployed. And I would use the laptop to take with me when I am away from home, instead of lugging a full size laptop around.

  106. Dawn says

    What a great prize. If I were to win the PC I would use it to get a home business going. We are really in a terrible place and need some extra income and I would love to have a system that I could devote to work without having to fight the hubby or kids for computer time. Thanks for the great opportunity.

  107. Shawna OBrien says

    My son and I would use the mini hp to connect on all the social networking sites that we use to stay in touch with friends and family and also to look things up on the internet. We would use the camcorder to make family movies to share with friends and family and just to have for our own use. I follow @5minutesformom and @HP_PC on twitter and tweeted

  108. Amy Valentine says

    I am a single mom of two very active teenagers (7th grade & high school freshman), who are involved in lots of sports and school activities. I would love to win the camcorder (I do not have one now) in order to record concerts, sporting events, etc. and the HP mini to upload them to the web and share them with grandparents and friends.

    I also work full-time and am always on the go, so the HP mini is the perfect solution for my computing needs. Paying bills and staying connected socially would be a breeze! What a wonderful giveaway for moms!! Thanks!!!

  109. fiery says

    I follow @5minutesformom and @HP_PC

    Tweeted about this @tocreatefire

    I would use these prizes to capture all the great moments of a growing infant and toddler. I would love to have for my newborn the pictures and videos I have for my toddler at that age. The HPmini. Would save me from having to borrow someone else computer just to tend to basic tasks and drag along an infant and toddler to do so.

  110. Dani says

    That is an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity and God bless. This site is very informative and I am glad that I discovered it!!

  111. says

    I would love to win an HP mini 210 and a HP camcorder! If I had the camcorder I could give it a go a vlogging… something I am nervous about doing. The HP mini 210 would be perfect for throwing in my purse when I am out and about so that I can always be plugged in!

  112. says

    My husband and I were trying to have more kids. if i do get pregnant I cant sit @ my desk to work @ the computer (Dr already told me for 2nd Chile I would hafta be on bedrest for most of day). this would help me stay connected and keep my hubby from having to work overtime to buy me one. He already works 2jobs @ 6days a week.

  113. says

    I would dearly love to win these fabulous HP products. I have a 6 yr old son entering Kindergarten next month and a busy 18 mos old daughter. These products would help us out a lot!

  114. Mel says

    I would be able to use this Mini everywhere. I don’t have a laptop so I think the portability is a plus, and it’s pink!

  115. Dana Markawicz says

    This is an amazing giveaway!!! I would love nothing more then to have this! My desktop died a few months ago and i lost everytihng on it(including years of pics of my kids!) I learned my lesson and will back everything up from now on! I have been looking into getting a laptop, but havent had the funds yet. This would be amazing to have!!

    Also the mini camcorder looks great!! I have 2 boys and am always on the go so having this would be so amazing!

    thanks for hosting this giveaway!!

  116. says

    I would love to win these. IT would help me keep updated on the go, as well as record every minute of my little one’s first steps, words and special events. It’s hard keeping up on twitter and blog using my phone during the day. :)

    I followed and tweeted : Twitter: puddleduck90

  117. Lindsay K says

    I would use these products in my upcoming nonprofit organization that I am in the process of starting. The organization will bring gifts to children who are terminally ill. The laptop would give me a better outlet to organize rather than having to use my family’s computer.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  118. says

    I have been needing a new video camera! I have been using my daughter’s for all of my Vlogs lately and it is not very handy. Very difficult to work with and hard to transfer the videos to my computer. And to top it off, the place where you screw in your tripod is broken so I have to use a clamp to attach it to my tripods. AAaarrghh – It is so frustrating!
    I am following you both and tweeted!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  119. Dia Lacina says

    I’d love to win this for my mother.

    She’s spent her whole life working and taking care of everyone. But after providing in-home care for my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s she developed Spondylolisthesis (slippage of the vertebrae) and needed extensive spinal fusion surgery. Now she’s *barely* able to work because she cannot sit at her computer for more than 5 minutes at a time.

    With an HP Mini she’d actually be able to comfortably and safely work from her bed, and with the addition of a camcorder she could start one of the projects she’s always wanted — Starting a video-blog dedicated to sharing her experiences with being a primary caregiver and daughter to a mother with Alzheimer’s Disease.

    Thanks to and HP for such a wonderful opportunity to help her out!

  120. says

    For one the HP Mini would allow me to retire my current laptop which has one of its hinges duct taped on (I’m desperately afraid it will fall completely off one day). I’ve grown so attached to this laptop; my first and an HP that unless I have another HP to replace it, I’m sticking with this one. It has a larger hard drive and that would allow me to store more than I can on this one. I am a freelance writer and blogger so I like to keep my contracts and client work with me wherever I go.

    The video camera would make vlogging more of an option to me. I don’t do a lot of vlogs because I don’t like doing them with my Palm Pre Plus and I don’t think the Flip has that great of a quality. This video camera seems like it would produce much higher quality videos and be a cinch to operate.

  121. Julie Cutshaw says

    main entry: I follow @5minutesformom and @HP_PC on twitter & tweeted this wonderful giveaway and I would enjoy using the HP Mini when we camp & travel in our motorhome to keep in touch with my family & using the camcorder to record my only grandson spending time with us so I can pass those speacial times along to him when we are gone someday so he can remember us, thank you
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  122. Kirk Smith says

    Kinda perfect… A pink mini for the wife and a camcorder for both of to take video of the little people in our lives…
    Anyway, heading to twitter to start following… 😀

  123. Tammie says

    Having 4 kids 2 teens, 5, and 18month old I am busy I miss alot of moments these 2 items would truly bless our family

    I follow both (tammiego)

  124. Chavon Riggins Smith says

    Wow! What a great opportunity! This would be so grand for a busy mom of 5 like me who is a jewelry and graphics designer. The Mommy HP Pack would truly be a blessing in allowing me to be more mobile and a little less cluttered. The Pink is just fabulous! In a house full of boys and one daughter the pink just lights up our girly world. The camcorder would allow for me to catch unforgettable moments of family, sports and events.

    I follow you and HP!
    My Tweet:

    Fingers so crossed!


  125. JD Northwest says

    We’d use it to catch the kids in action (4 & 5 yrs old) and get the video off to Grandma and Granddad to enjoy.

  126. says

    Wow what a great prize pack!
    This would be a great help to save me from having to try to type on my tiny BB screen! I work from home and I am a first time mom. I do non-profit fundraising and regular event planning in my spare time. As well as just starting to help out my local area businesses by doing some social media promotions for them! Im a busy mom, so having this package would not only make my work life more efficient, but also help me to record and share all those great moments of the little one with my family(none of my family lives near me, so they live vicariously through my twitter and FB pages!).
    The preppy pink is too cute!

    Tweeted contest
    follower as well!

  127. madonnacramer says

    I totally would want to give this to my niece to keep in touch as she goes to college this fall. She could use the camera to take video and then upload it on her laptop. Plus I would of course assure my position as the favorite Aunt by doing it too.

  128. linading says

    This will definitely be a great opportunity for me if i can win this hp.
    As a teacher, my job requires me to use computer most of the time. It is difficult for me when i have to bring an over-2-kg laptop to classes everyday. it makes me really worn-out.
    Furthermore, my sister and I have only one laptop. Sometimes both of us need to use it and it’s extremely inconvenient.
    With this HP mini, my job will be more relaxing and comfortable. And when I feel energetic, I can devote more for my students. As can be seen, students will be our country’s future…
    Love to be a teacher and love to have a HP mini of my own.

  129. says

    I would use the Mini to stay connected EVERYWHERE I GO! I am currently using a laptop that is heavy, and difficult to fit into a purse with all the accessories required for my 2 toddlers, and my phone is text or call only, so I’m completely out of the loop unless I am at home on my chunky, clunky laptop.

    As for the camcorder, I would use it to capture the amazing adventures of Pickle & SugarPlum…like today, when we went swimming, and instead of snapping the 50 or so photos my MIL THOUGHT she was taking of us swimming, I found at the end of the day that the only shot that actually got taken was of the kids all wrapped up in their towels after swimming, and sitting on a chair with my SIL. :( Having it on a camcorder would have guaranteed that I didn’t miss one minute of the replay that I had planned to show hubby when he gets home from being out of town! *sigh*

  130. says

    WOW!!! What a generous and amazing giveaway!!!!! If I won, I would use it to document moments with my grandma who is turning 93 in two days. She has Alzheimers, a horrible personality/memory snatching disease. I would love the opportunity to film her while she still remembers most of us and still has some moments of her old personality left.

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!!!

    I follow @5minutesformom and @HP_PC.

    Here is my tweet:

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)
    Luvkittysgiveaways at Gmail dot com
    Butterfly Whispers

  131. Donna M says

    I would love to win this HP mini 210 and HP Camcorder. As a busy mom of 4 children and a business owner, I could use a HP mini to do my work easier while on the go. THe camcorder is so small I could always have it handy to catch those moments as our children grow up so quickly.

    I posted the following on twitter :I entered to win an HP Mini and camcorder from @5minutesformom @HP_PC! My twitter user id is donnanar

  132. Sarah N says

    As a student and single mom, that HP mini computer would be helpful in class and when we’re on the road to visit family! And that handy little camcorder will be great for preserving all of those little moments that occur.

  133. Megan C says

    I would love to win because my husband has a job that requires 50-75% travel and this would allow him to stay in better contact with our daughters (ages 5 and 2). It is often difficult because we are at school activities or TaeKwon-Do – he has missed more than one TaeKwon-Do graduation, and preschool graduation, as well – had we had this package, he could have witnessed both, even while in New Zealand. Would also be fabulous to keep in contact with extended family, as we moved out of state and live nowhere near family/friends. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

    Following 5minutesformom and HP_PC on Twitter and tweeted

  134. Tammie says

    I have a 9 year old daughter and 18 year old son. We could definately use the HP mini computer and camcorder. As you know, there are lots of events to record when you have children. I would give the mini computer to my daughter for her birthday. She would be so happy!

  135. Amethyst says

    The laptop would be used to replace this one and to store new files, the camcorder to record new momentus moments with Li’l J.

  136. Kristin says

    I would love to win these! The mini laptop would be great for working on my new business, and I could even be online when my husband is using our only other working computer! I would totally use the camcorder to get footage of my kids to send the grandparents out of state. They would love it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  137. Shanna says

    I tweeted –

    I would love to win this. As a SAHM Mother & a full time college student (ONLINE!)
    I would love to be able to have a computer so I can do my school work anywhere. Whether it be at the park, at his friends, etc. My current computer is taking a dive, and I am counting the minutes before it just stops working.

    The camcorder would be perfect for capturing those precious memories.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  138. says

    The HP mini sounds like it would be great to take out and about… to work, to a cafe… heck, any where. The camcorder looks the perfect size to throw in my purse, my son is always doing the funniest things when we’re out and about, and it would be great to be able to finally catch all of them!

  139. says

    I would use the HP mini to take to school, it would be a great little portable notebook that would allow me to take quick notes, for the camcorder I would use it for any family reunions or outings with friends to record life’s unexpected moments.

  140. Amber says

    Wow, I would love to win this! I really like the design and style of the Mini and the camcorder looks awesome. I’d like to win this so I can finally get inspired to create my own blog, and maybe even post video blog posts! I’ve wanted to do that for awhile now. Also, I am currently writing my first novel, and this would be perfect to keep just for me to write on the go! Thanks!

    My tweet:

  141. Margery says

    I would love the HP Mini and the Camcorder…My laptop is too big to carry around, I even have not found a bag for it yet it’s 17+” . With a mini I can relax in a chair or on the sofa with it and even carry it to work.

    “I entered to win an HP Mini and camcorder from @5minutesformom @HP_PC!”.

  142. says

    OHMYCUTE – this has to be one of the most adorable pieces of pink I’ve ever seen! If I won, I’d never leave home without it. I could blog from the road whenever inspiration strikes!

    Thanks for the opportunity! Off to Tweet!

  143. says

    I am a follwer on twitter of both 5minutesformom and HP, I just tweeted about this giveaway. @onestopgvwyshop !

    My daughter would just be tickled to have this laptop and our camcorder broke about 6 months ago and we really want and need a new one! I’d love to WIN!!!!

    Tara :)

  144. says

    I would love to win the laptop and camcorder for my son Philip. Philip spends a lot of time in the hospital. he is recovering from his 19th brain operation and a stroke. WE would also be able to video his therapy sessions to be able to do them at home.

    What a cool giveaway..Thank you so much

  145. says

    I wished I had one of these SO much at BlogHer! I would totally use this mini for blogging, and tweeting on the go, bring it to client meetings when I consult, and bring it to conferences! My laptop, while I’m thankful for it, is getting HEAVY!

  146. says

    I would give it to my husband so I can get my computer back and the camcorder I would use to take the kids on our daily outings and during school functions and I’d love to have a great camcorder for our vacations and hubby’s races.

  147. says

    How cute! I’d use this darling little computer for blogging about food for My Sister’s Kitchen. I’m currently assembling a set of how-to videos for kids in the kitchen, so the video camera would be awesome for that.

  148. says

    I, like you, work a lot from my phone to do daily tasks which can get very time consuming and irritating. I am always complaining about these small buttons and how they hurt my finger tips. My fiance and I are going into business together. One of our first steps will be a blog to introduce our company. It is an online shop we were interested in creating so these 2 items would be perfect. My son is only 3 months and I work full time. This would really be helpful. I have added both names on twitter. To all mommies follow me @ooomonieooo thanx!!

  149. says

    I follow both twitter accounts already :)
    i would use the mini and camera for my FUN computer/video time (rather than my new HP laptop).

    It would be great to take with me when I want to be connected but not working on wordpress sites.

  150. says

    What a fantastic double giveaway! I would love, love both of these items! My son and husband would probably commandeer the video recorder, but I’m sure they won’t touch the pink mini, so it’s all good!

  151. says

    OMG this is perfect! I’m already planning BlogHer11 (my first conference) so this would be perfect to take. My video camera is huge and my laptop is evenigantic shady piece of electronics. My laptop has a 1.0 usb port. That’s how old it is. Would looooove to win this!

  152. says

    I recently (about a year ago) moved a long-distance from my family and close friends. I moved to see if I could get my life in order and not only was I able to do that, I fell in love. I don’t plan on moving back toward them, even though I miss them terribly. I would use the laptop and video camera to send them video of my adventures in my new city, and introduce them to my new friends (who they would *so* be friends with!) here!

  153. says

    My wife and I would use the the camcorder to chronicle the lives of our 4 yr old triplets. they’ve already lived in NY, PA, and now Sydney Australia. Who knows where next? My wife is back at school so would LOVE to use the Mini to take to school with her.

  154. says

    I would love to add video to my blogs but my recorder is about as ancient as I am. Ok, not really, but in techno-years it is! Great giveaway!

  155. says

    I would use the mini for my blogging and creating digital scrapbook pages. My son likes to make stop action movies so the video recorder would be perfect for him.

  156. says

    BikerGal78 is my Twitter User Name:

    I entered to win an HP Mini and camcorder from @5minutesformom @HP_PC!

    Don’t know how to post just the one status for you. I tweeted it 3 times. lol. I’m new to twitter. Oops. lol!! If I were to win this I would use it for my blogging. I have 3 blogs. One about chronic pain, one personal one and one about my crafts/free patterns. Oh, and I made and run a 4th one for our local fire department. :) I would love to shoot video helping and supporting my followers and video of my family. Crossing my fingers. :) TY!

  157. Tami says

    That video camera would be wonderful to have for my kids sporting events and just capturing memories you wish you could without carrying a big video camera around! The laptop would be wonderful for the portability and on the road as I am with my kids and hubby!

  158. says

    I would use the laptop for myself instead of using my husbands that he has for school and we could definitely use a new camera ours is really old and has been through a whole lot!

  159. says

    This is so awesome! My mom would love to win this giveaway and when she didn’t use the laptop or camcorder, I would definitely try it out! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

    Emily N.

  160. Tomi says

    I would use it to capture the first day of school and memories to share with the grandparents and other family members.

  161. says

    This is awesome! I don’t even have a laptop yet… so the list is endless on ways I would use it but for one… so I can do some blogging, networking from the car while waiting for my kids to be done soccer practice! lol.

  162. Tommy says

    I would use it to follow my family closer everyday! My husband has a very progressive case of MS. Our two adult sons have moved away, one for work and one for college. Our 12 yr. Old daughter still has many years at home to be filmed everyday and save those memories. Plus we have a 3 yr. Old grandson we would love to use the camcorder for and place those clips and memories on the web for family and friends. Thanks for the chance to win.

  163. says

    I am an author and would use the computer to write and to take with me for notes when I speak. (Love the pink!) I would use the camera to do video blogging.
    Also, living with chronic health challenges, the computer would be very handy to help coordinate and take with me to multitudes of medical appointments!

  164. says

    My daughter and I JUST saw this at Best Buy last weekend. She BEGGED me for it, in which I thought, Heck NO I NEED that. It would definitely come in handy at conferences or simply when I need to have a time out away from the chaos…just bring Twitter in the room, lock the door, and eat some chocolate. :)

  165. says

    I am following BOTH of you guys…5M4M and HP_PC!!!!

    I would use the mini computer when it’s a PAIN to use my Android phone to type alot, etc. Also I’ve been dying for a digital vid camera to be able to take home videos, etc of my kids and be able to share them with my family far away!!!! Thanks!!!

  166. says

    My laptop is pretty heavy and since I am on the go a lot with my boys, I would love something smaller to carry around and still be connected! I agree too that I need a keyboard!

  167. says

    The computer would come in handy when I’m on the go. I love my iPhone but sometimes it’s just not easy to use out and about. I would give the camcorder to my brother and his girlfriend. They are expecting their first child, a girl, in December and the camcorder would be perfect for them to document her growing and all the fun things babies do!

  168. says

    I’d like to think I’d be more productive on the go with such a pretty pink pc. My laptop weighs more than a baby so I don’t tote it around much and, hence, miss a lot of cool stuff on the fly.

  169. says

    I would love to win these! The laptop would be great because I could actually put the computer somewhere the kiddos couldn’t get to it like the one I use now (they have done damage, let me tell you!) PLUS it would be just about the only thing I own that’s pink! And the camcorder would be the perfect thing to capture their antics for them to see when they grow up! (This contest also forced me to start a Twitter account!)

  170. says

    I follow both and have tweeted.

    I too have an iPhone but find blogging almost impossible on it. I find using my laptop hard also, as its cumbersome with the 4 month old always attached and the three year old thinks its hers (she actually quite savvy on it). A small computer would be so handy!! Camcorder would also be fun to record the kids antics. I record on my iPhone but would love better quality. Thanks for the chance!

  171. says

    i am following you both now, OliveBlueEtsy!

    I would use these practically every day because we just had our first baby in June. And we all know what cute stuff babies do!

  172. Linda Davison says

    If I won the HP mini camcorder I could video tape my new grand baby being born. Since we have no camcorder I could finally record my 14 year-old football games & other sports. Then my daughter’s wedding, of course someone else would have to hold it. I have been wanting one so bad, as many contests wants video’s and I have a funny dog that would win my the Funniest Home Video’s as he runs down the hill to beat the ball and brings it back and rolls it down again. He is entertaining for sure, but what treasures you can have by owning a camcorder. Thanks for the chance at the nice giveaway!
    Linda Davison

  173. says

    Well the only computor I have anymore is my Blackberry & that my panasonic camcorder is broken I would be totally siked to win either one! Both my daughters have laptops for school but mom is without. My youngest is an athlete playing sports so the mini cam & mini laptop would be perfect for me traveling to all her games!

  174. Kelley Koehler says

    I would love to have the little camcorder! It is small enough to have with me always so I would be ready when I need it! Also the mini computer is so portable it is perfect for staying connected on th go!!

  175. Elise Mcallister says

    I have followed both on twitter and tweeted as well.

    Having these two gadgets would allow me to become a truly mobile warrior. I can finally do a lot of computing on the go and with this portable camcorder, I will be ready to film video at anytime and anywhere.

  176. Erin Pyle says

    I follow you both and tweeted (

    I would use them both every day! I would use the HP Mini while on the go, around the house and everywhere I could so I can keep in touch and also work more places so I can make more money for my family!!! I would use the Camera to take family videos and share them with everybody!


  177. Christina says

    I would LOVE to record my college experience! :) All the memories, stress, weekly traditions, and late night get-togethers with the roommates! Oh, how lovely that would be! I would be so happy!!

  178. says

    i would use the HP mini for ME, to do all the stuff i love to do online while on the move because i NEVER have the time to do it at home. Camcorder? To capture my life. The life that is flying past me as i travel at 100 miles an hour like every other devoted and ambitious mum.


  179. Denise D says

    As a writer, thoughts and phrases come to me at the oddest times and if I don’t write them down quickly…I will forget. This happens at the grocery store or in an elevator ext. I don’t have a cell phone to text notes nor any other device. The mini computer would be my refuge! Thank you for the awesome opportunity!

  180. Jill H says

    I would use the HP mini to do all the stuff I do online while on the move and the camcorder to capture our life.

  181. Donna B. says

    The HP Mini would allow me to be productive away from home (I have a desktop), and the camorder would mean I can record all the upcoming special events in our lives – my son’s (eventual!!) college graduation, marriage, babies :)

  182. Mandala says

    I would use both for school projects as well as research and documentation when I go on field. On a personal level, just to capture wonderful experiences and life with loved ones.

  183. jamie says

    The HP mini would be great for carrying with me at all times to stay in touch and updated my work. The HP camcorder would great for taking videos of my kids like todays first day of Kindergarten.

  184. Ronnie Suggashie says

    Own one of the Hp digital camcorder 1080p very handy and reliable but the I own got damage fell into the water, I would like to regain of the same camcorder if available.


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