Eucerin Skin FIRST Pledge

Eucerin’s motto is, “It’s time to treat skincare like healthcare.”

And I must say, that little sentence got me thinking. How do I treat my skin? As the largest organ in my body, my first line of defense against the elements, am I giving it the protection IT needs?

Eucerin was one of the sponsors of the More Magazine Reinvention Convention this spring and brought me to Chicago for the event.

More, a fantastic magazine which targets women in their 40s and over, put together an inspiring, informative conference which I recommend for women looking to attend a women’s conference for women over 40. (I will cover “more” about the More Reinvention Convention in an upcoming post.)

While I was at the conference, I had a chance to talk with Jennifer Walsh from Better TV about ways to protect our skin from the environment — and take the Eucerin Skin FIRST Pledge.

Head over to Eucerin’s website to take the Eucerin Skin FIRST Pledge and learn more about how Eucerin can help you to treat your skincare like healthcare!

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom. Tweet with me at @5minutesformom and @janicecroze.

Please Note: Eucerin covered travel and conference costs and paid me a nominal fee for appearing in the Better TV video.


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    We love Eucerin. I used Aquapfor for my 2 little one’s eczema and have been using Eucerin myself for years. Thanks for the great link :)

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