Second Generation Blogging Friends

Julia, Madison and McKenna

The only thing better than getting together with MY blogging friends, is watching my girls play with THEIR blogging friends.

Julia and McKenna know each other through their mommies’ blogs. Michelle, McKenna’s Mom, is one of our loyal and longtime readers here at 5 Minutes for Mom and happens to live nearby.

We’ve been able to have the girls get together a few times now and today was Julia’s first time having McKenna over to play at our house. It was a surprise visit and Julia was thrilled.

Julia’s friend Madison also came over to play and the three had a wonderful time playing dress-up and roaring around our little home.

I just love seeing friendships form that never would have happened if it weren’t for our crazy blogging lifestyle.

So Tell Me…

Have you gotten your kids together with any of your blogging friends’ kids?



Written by Susan, Mom Blogger and Co-Founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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  1. says

    We had such a wonderful time tonight !!! Thanks for inviting us over.McKenna slept in the car home but went to bed easily so that is good!!!

    We have met a few other blog friends it’s just fantastic to be able to meet in real life!!!

    I love chatting with you on the phone Susan…

    • says

      That’s great that you’ve met up with lots of online friends. I always find that when I do meet my online friends in real life, it feels like I see them everyday and it’s not really like meeting them for the first time at all.

  2. says

    In fact, I have. McKenna was one of the first kids that my own daughter Hannah met up with, so that’s fun. We’ve met lots of other moms and kids, too. And never once have we had anything other than a great time together.

    • says

      That’s so fun Amber. I can’t wait for us to get together too. Awesome that you live so close… let’s set something up soon.

  3. says

    Let’s see, Samantha and Jackson had a blast together at Hallmark. Both my girls loved playing with Tanya from MommyGoggles kids, and my girls adore Caryn from Rockin Mama’s little boy Josh.

    I have however met a lot of my bloggy friends in person and they are awesome! I can’t wait to see them all again n NYC!

    • says

      I heard about how much Jackson and Samantha got along at Hallmark. Too fun!

      So great that your kids get lots of bloggy friend face-time.

  4. says

    My kids have only played with Renee’s son Micah at a blogging event. I’m going to have to find more local bloggers some time for a blogger playdate. Sounds like fun!

  5. says

    YES! We LOVE getting our kids together with our blogging friends…We’ve made soo many great friends via blogging. We even do childcare swaps now! I cannot wait to see where things take OUR kids and their friendships that have all started because of our blogs!

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