Four by Four

My son Jackson is a bit obsessive about certain things. He has his rules that dictate how he puts on his shoes, where he sits, how he eats etc. I suppose many four year olds are this way. But I swear I could start a regular column sharing his little obsessive habits. I think I will begin collecting them for a Thursday Thirteen list.

So here is today’s installment:

My son has to eat everything in fours – for a family. I have to cut his toast, his carrots, his pizza, etc. into four family members. The sad part is – as many of you know, he is an only child. Yes – he has some unmet needs. So my niece is his “baby sister” and she is included in his food family. Once I picked up his plate and headed to the kitchen to add his main course and he thought I was going to throw out his carrots before he had finished eating them all. He let out a bloodcurdling scream as if I just killed a family member.

Yeah – I know – I better start saving for therapy. But at least it helps him finish his vegetables.


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    I think that that is too cute…cherish those moments, they grow up so fast. My Jackson (my baby) just turned 6…ugh and my oldest is 15 (and a 1/2). thanks for sharing. :)

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    Funny!! My 3-yr old Carter has to have “three foods, mommy” on his plate, because he’s three. SO, I have to make sure he has three different foods on his plate for every meal. I guess that is a good way to keep things balanced! He’ll be 4 next week… hope this doesn’t keep up for the years to come!

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    Yes that does sound like a Jackson thing. My fouryear old doesn’t count things like that but take away his ‘wee wee’ (blanket) and there is …… to pay.

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    Lol. This made me laugh. My little girl has a fear of bananas. If one comes near her she reacts as if a tarantula has landed near her! Even if the banana is a few feet away she insists she can smell it. The funny thing is she will eat school bananas, she says they are different, special school bananas

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    Isn’t it a funny stage? I don’t know if it is a control issue or a comfort issue, but my kids have all gone through an OCD phase!

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    Cute, cute, cute. At least he is OCD over how to eat not what to eat. My 19 year old when he was 4 obsessed over his socks. They NEVER felt right. It was almost impossible to walk out the door. He grew out of it though…more’s the pity, he’ll be walking out the door to college 3 hours away in August and we all are suffering already.

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    You know, we all have our little things we are ‘goofy’ about. Like you said, at least Jackson is eating his veggies. Hope you had a great Canada Day today with lots of fun :smile:.

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    Four-year-olds have the most amazing imaginations. Don’t worry too much about it. My first child had half a dozen imaginary friends until her sister was old enough to be a playmate. She actually had to tell my husband not to sit in a certain place because he was about to sit on one of her friends. They’re just so cute at age 4!

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    Kids. They’re somethin’ else. =) Our Bean will be 2 in August, and boy…is it getting interesting around here. =)
    And I’ll highjack this post to say “Thanks!” for stopping by and checking out my Saturday Photo. That was my 2nd post and I’m really enjoying it.
    And I’ll return your “long comment about nothing” here. 😉
    And yes, my husband and I are huge Third Day fans. Matter of fact, we just saw them last night (along with an up and coming (hopefully, because they were really good) band called Leland and HyperStaticUnion (which I believe is actually my new favorite band). It was an awesome show at Knights (baseball) Stadium in South Carolina. Fantastic!
    We’re Gomers (if you don’t knwo what that is, you will after you visit their site) and it’s always fun to meet up with the other Gomers before the show and hangout, etc. =) We’ll have our pictures up from the show last night on their message boards soon. Some of the others have already posted theirs (and they have WAY better cameras than we do). We were front row, center (general admission tix & we were there at 2:00 for a 7:00 show). =)
    Hope you’re having a great holiday weekend!


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