5 Days of Huggies® — Day 3!

5 Days of Huggies Giveaway

Capturing the Spirit of Childhood…

Children instinctively want to move… they want to push their boundaries, feel their freedom and test their bodies. They want to run, to jump, to fly, to play.

spinning-olivia-juliaWatching my children run and play is one of my favorite parenting pastimes. They are so carefree and joyful, relishing in what it means to be alive. With every jump and dash and laugh, I thank God that they are healthy enough to play with abandon.

This time moves as fast as they do, so I try desperately to capture it any way I can — in photos, in words, in videos.

Today, in Day 3 of our 5 Days of Huggies® we want to encourage you to capture the spirit of your children ‘on the move.’

Get ready, get set, GO!

Because Huggies® Little Movers Diapers allow babies and toddlers to move comfortably with their unique form fitting cut, we are celebrating children on the move!

We want you to post your favorite photos of your children ‘on the move’ to our 5 Minutes for Photography Flickr Group Pool.

PLEASE NOTE: IF you do NOT want to post your children’s photos online, you may STILL participate!!! You can send your photos via email to us at 5minutesformom at gmail dot com, subject line HUGGIES. Those photos will NOT be published online and will be deleted when the contest is over.

You can post photos in our Flickr Group Pool that represent the spirit of movement and childhood – anything that captures your children running, spinning, crawling, playing sports, etc.

slide-oliviaAnd if they are pre-crawlers — no worries! Newborns are about movement too — yawns, stretches, even curling up, trying to be as tight as they were in their mama’s womb. (Gosh, those of us who carried babies in our bellies know those little creatures are kicking up a storm even before they get out!)

Your photos don’t have to be professional or spectacular. This isn’t about the best shot. This is about YOUR children and how beautiful it is to watch them move.

And if you are panicking that you have no idea what Flickr is, let alone what a Flickr Photo Group Pool is, no worries! One of our photography writers, Erin, will be posting an introduction to Flickr later this week. So pick out your shots and check back here for the 411 on Flickr!

Note: Flickr is free to join with a basic membership. And when posting in our Flickr Group Pool, YOU still own your photos and retain your copyright. If you want the chance of 5 Minutes for Mom choosing to highlight one of your photos on 5 Minutes for Mom.com, enable sharing rights and embed code. Occasionally we will feature our favorite photos from our Flickr Group Pool. If we do post one of your shots, we will always link to your Flickr account to give credit to you. If you are confused about how to ensure that we do NOT post your shots, please email us at info at 5minutesformom dot com.

5 Days of Giveaways with Huggies!

This week, Huggies® is spoiling 5 lucky winners with some incredible giveaways!

From Monday to Friday we are having fantastic prize packs that you will really want to win. So check back every day for more Huggies fun!

(To see a list of all the giveaways that have happened so far, check out Monday’s post, 5 Days of Huggies. We will add a list of the new giveaways at the bottom of that post.)

Our Third Huggies Prize Pack

Thanks to Huggies® Little Movers Diapers we have another incredible prize pack for you — to help you catch those moments of childhood as they fly by!

Toddlers feet resting on Huggies diapers Today’s giveaway is about capturing the spirit of movement and childhood.

We want you to post your favorite photos of your children ‘on the move’ to our Flickr Photo Group Pool.

You can post photos that represent the spirit of movement and childhood – anything that captures your children running, spinning, crawling, playing sports, etc. And if they are pre-crawlers — newborn and infant shots work too!

Day 3 Huggies Prize Pack

  • Coupons for $50 worth of Huggies® Little Movers Diapers. What would our giveaway be without some Free Diapers!
  • Canon Powershot SX20IS — With this 12.1MP camera you can capture your children as they fly by!
  • Two-year Flickr subscription — With a Pro Account on Flickr, you can have all the room your need to showcase your memories.
  • Blurb Gift Card — But don’t leave your memories on the computer! Blurb will let you take your photos and turn them into a stunning book!

To Enter:

To enter please post your favorite photos of your children ‘on the move’ to our Flickr Photo Group Pool by Friday, June 4th, 2010. (See earlier in this post for more information.)

You can post up to twelve photos per family. We will choose one random photo as the winner from the photos posted in our 5 Minutes for Photography Group Pool during this contest period. To be included in the draw, photos have to follow the instructions and relate to the spirit of childhood and movement.

IF you do NOT want to post your children’s photos online, you may STILL participate!!! You can send your photos via email to us at 5minutesformom at gmail dot com, subject line HUGGIES. Those photos will NOT be published online and will be deleted when the contest is over.

This giveaway is open from May 25, 2010, to June 4, 2010. We will announce our winner on Saturday, June 4th. This giveaway is open U.S. residents 18 years of age or older at the time of entry and is void where prohibited by law.

The approximate retail value of this prize pack: Canon Powershot SX20IS digital camera ($370), two-year Flickr subscription ($50), Blurb gift card ($40), and Little Movers product/coupons ($50).

For additional rules, please click here for rules specifically pertaining to our 5 Days of Huggies® giveaways.

For more information about our giveaways, please see our site’s terms and conditions of use.

*This giveaway is part of a sponsored campaign with Huggies®. Our opinions and posts about the products are completely our own — I mean, good grief, we have been putting our babies and toddlers in Huggies diapers for eight years! So no worries, as always, we post only what is truthful.

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.
You get our feed, right?


  1. Amy Brewer says

    I just added a picture of my son and niece on the trampoline having fun..It’s under brewerchickey78

  2. Judith says

    I would love to enter in day 3 but alas I have no camera. It is a crime that a grandmother of almost 8 not to have a camera. I keep entering but nope the blogsphere and camera’s are not on my side. Maybe tomorrow

  3. says

    I had so much fun going through our old photos. I added mine a few minutes ago. Our youngest had a blast watching old baby videos of him and his brother. He had to recap everything for me as I don’t remember those days or so he thinks.

  4. Maggie M. says

    Added pictures of my daughter, love this entry, so fun to look at pictures of her moving! maggiebugjuice

  5. Liz says

    Fun! I just added my daughter mid-cruise when she was mastering walking a few years ago. It’s under marcnelsonjr.

  6. Ashley says

    Just added a pic of my Macie in her huggies jean diaper! She is 5 months old, and does the army crawl 😉

  7. Melisha Poe says

    My little monkey started scooting when he was 4 months old, he finally mastered crawling by 6 months. He started walking at 10 months, now he is 16 months old and into everything. Even our entertainment center in the cabinets. He is such a ham and keeps me on my toes. I love you monkey!

  8. Shannon M says

    I added 2 under shanniesok22 from when my 3 year old was little. It’s all I had in there and my free flickr is full so I am going to send some by email to.



  10. Kat Poth says

    I posted pics of my youngest son and my daughter. I loved looking at all the pics, they were so adorable.

  11. Heather Denson says

    I posted some pictures of my 13 month old son. Its hard to choose only a few when you have thousands of pics of there every little move and mile stone.

  12. says

    Ohhhh I SO am praying that I win this one; then again, I’m sure everyone else is too :) Thank you for such a FABULOUS prize pack. I’m a picture ADDICT (with five kids, I’m bound to forget a lot, but photos help me remember so I take them ALL day EVERY day.) This camera is amazing… but SO out of our budget! lol :) As if I didn’t already love Huggies AND Janice AND Susan – I definitely do now HAHA! 5minutesformom.com ROCKS! (Again…)

    I added the max amount of photos to the Flikr Pool – I’ve got some VERY active kiddos!

  13. Aida Morales says

    Hello everyone!

    I’m looking to see if Huggies is still doing the crawling contest, and if so, I’d like to get as much info as possible.


  14. BB says

    When my niece was being potty trained she took off her diaper and stood in the potty and started hollering, “Nana, Nana, look me!!!”

  15. Jaimie K says

    I uploaded my photos! Thanks for the giveaway. Some totally cute pictures being posted on the Flickr group!
    My user name is wyomingmom.

  16. Donna Holmberg says

    As much as I would love to enter this contest, I do not post my children’s photos on public access sites like Flicker. It’s a shame that this is the only way to enter the contest.

  17. destiny says

    Thanks for the great contest, I hope I win this one I could really use a new camera. I emailed you my photos. Good luck everyone!

  18. says

    I added 3 pictures of my son after he woke up one morning and was wiggling and kicking around. The first time I saw him happy after waking up…

    My ID on there is inkedwithstars.

  19. says

    I added my little guy’s picture to your group! Hopefully, him being in his walker counts. He’s not mobile yet (besides his walker). His walker looks like a car so that is his mode of “on the move” transportation.

  20. says

    I’m in the process of adding some photos – they are not great photos, mostly because we desperately need another camera. A Canon Powershot SX20IS would do nicely :^D

  21. stacy barnes says

    a new camera would be awesome! then i can share new pics of my son to everyone on facebook! i been using diaposables and they are getting to cost way to much! please and thanks!!!

  22. Heather Clyburn says

    I emailed a photo of my 7 month-old daughter sitting in a suitcase. She is not “on the move” yet, but she is certainly getting ready.

  23. Suzanne says

    I sent an email to your gmail account. There are several photos but the one that I like to use is my favorite of the 4 kids playing in the bird bath!

  24. Krystal S. says

    Will have to check out all the handsome & precious little one on flickr!! Good luck to everyone who entered!!

  25. Lissa says

    Added a couple pics of my kids running the bases during their first t-ball game! Lots of fun to see them on the go like that !

  26. Eileen says

    My daughter just helped me send some pics to your email of our little Grandson, Hunter Patrick. I was not comfortable sending them into the Flickr site (although my son gave me permission to send them to your email).
    ENJOY…what a fun promotion! THANKS HUGGIES!

  27. Rachelle says

    I emailed pictures of my two little boys! It was hard to pick pictures but I sure do enjoy the time I get to look through all of them!

  28. Kelly says

    I could not join as I do not use Yahoo as a email site. I rather not sign up for yahoo and Flickr. I also only have one photo of my little one ~ a sonogram photo. She was moving. She did rolled over and crossed her little arms. So I sent a email of my photo. Hope it comes out clear.

  29. says

    I prefer not to post on flickr, but I’ll be emailing a picture of my mover – he went on an adventure while I showered, and he ended up under the bed!


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