I can’t believe it is almost over…

Another summer vacation is almost “in the books.” And while it seems like it was only a couple weeks long, Susan’s and my bulging bellies prove that two months really have come and gone. (We are in the final stretch now, with less than six weeks to go. We are due just four days apart. But we are soooo bad about getting our photos taken, we still don’t have any shots of us together!)

Susan and her family didn’t get away for much fun this summer, (her husband had used up his vacation time for their Italy trip in the spring – plus with Susan’s kidney stone and all the work we had to do, Susan really wasn’t in traveling mood.)

My little family did however manage to squeeze in some getaways. In the beginning of the summer, Phil, Jackson and I went up to summer camp where we volunteer at a junior teens camp. It is so beautiful there and, as usual, Jackson had a great time.


At the end of July, Phil, Jackson and I went to my family’s cabin for a short getaway.


And when we weren’t away, Jackson enjoyed life with four sets of day camp! He went to two weeks of bike camp,


one week of hockey camp,


and one week of soccer camp.


So what about you? What did you do this summer?
If you have a post about your summer vacation, make sure you leave a comment so people can click on over and read all about it…


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    We spent many weekends visiting my sick MIL but were able to get away on a family vacation last week. 1000 miles of driving (in one direction) with 6 kids and hubby. The drive up was great, the vacation was fantastic but the drive back down was horrible. I am about to post about that little trip into suburbia hades!!

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    I’m sad summer’s over too. That means its back to university for me. We didn’t do anything to exciting, a few trips to the beach and a lot of park time.

    We need belly shots!

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    I love the pictures… your son is so blessed to have experienced all of that. I know it was fun.

    I never thought about it; I’ll have to post about our summer. Thanks for the idea!

    Whew!! I know you guys are ready for the big days! Wouldn’t it be something if you delivered on the same day?

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    Looks like you all had a wonderful fun filled summer vacation! Camps are so nice for kids and I am envious of your cabin – growing up we had one as well. Wish we had a fun summer vacation to blog about but my husband has worked every weekend since Memorial Day. However we are going to the beach in October (at least it will be ALL OURS) for a long weekend. Still…I get the girls out a ton so check out our blog to see what we have been up to!

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    I am glad you all could squeeze some fun in your busy summer. Come on over to watch our family’s summer movie! You girls really must have some belly shots. It must be so cool to go through pregnancy with your twin. I was always the lonesome pregnant woman!

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