Steve Carell Leaving the Office?!?

This is NOT the news an Office fan wants to hear.

Steve Carell as Michael Scott from the episode Shareholders Meeting © 2009 NBC Universal Inc.But according to Steve Carell, when his contract ends next year, he will most likely call it an end for Michael Scott.

After an interview with the BBC when Steve Carell first mentioned his plans to leave The Office when his contract ends next year, the terrible news exploded online. We all gasped and prayed it wasn’t so! Maybe it is just a negotiating tactic… Maybe it isn’t true… Please Steve, say it isn’t so…

But Access Hollywood caught up with Steve Carell and asked him if it is true that next year will be the last for Michael Scott.

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I suppose we can’t be too shocked. We have had the luxury of Steve Carell cracking us up in our living rooms for six years so far. He deserves the chance to move on to the next stage of his life — even if we aren’t ready for him to.

So tell us, will you watch The Office without Steve Carell?

I suppose I will, out of loyalty to the show and the other characters. But I am darn sure I won’t enjoy it nearly as much. In fact, I may not be able to bear it at all.


  1. Angela in Ohio says

    This will be the nail in the coffin. The Office used to be my favorite show, but its just not all that good anymore. Time to go.

  2. says

    OMG, wow. I can’t imagine, I just can’t fathom. Michael makes it all worthwhile.

    But I will probably watch. I love me some Jim and Pam, and crazy Andy. And everyone else, too. The dynamic will change, but I’ll watch – for the time being, anyway (when he goes — but we get to hold onto him for a while before that!) and see what happens!

    • says

      The rest of the cast is fabulous too. But unless there was a miracle, I don’t think the show will be as strong. It certainly won’t be the show it was.

  3. says

    I had heard this last week and just can’t imagine it without him either, although he is so obnoxious you just want to hit him sometimes. Ugh! But still, he is so that show and it’s one of the only ones I watch. Kind of like Simon on American Idol, I just don’t see liking it without him being part of it. So sad. :(

  4. Jennifer B says

    Noooooo! Of course I will still watch the show, but it will never be the same. All good things must come to an end

  5. Heather H. says

    Michael IS The Office. That show would be ridiculous without him. Like when Shelly Long left cheers and they tried to replace her with Kirstie Alley. No dice. End the show when Steve leaves, please. Don’t try to cling to shreds of a good show.

  6. says

    Awwww, I haven’t caught up to this season yet (been watching them on DVD) and I will be BUMMED if they take him out and keep going with the show. The only reason that office is so funny is because Steve is so lazy and lets everyone wander around instead of working!!

  7. Liz says

    Wow! I hadn’t heard this news until now. If Steve goes, the show is done. Maybe it’s a good thing my husband and I are canceling cable this summer. I couldn’t bear to watch the show without him.

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