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The first time I saw Cheryl Hines on Curb Your Enthusiasm I thought, as did most, that she was Larry David’s wife. I just thought Larry had married a really funny woman!Cheryl-Hines-Larry-David

But I soon figured out that Cheryl is not in fact the real “Mrs. David.” Cheryl Hines is a talented improv actress keeping up with the antics of Larry David with wit and grace.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is written as retroscripting — Larry writes the plot outlines and the actors improvise to create the dialogue. Cheryl told me that they don’t even discuss the plot before the cameras turn on!

Cheryl is partnering with Hebrew National this weekend for the Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic Tour to kick off the summer grilling season. The Tour fires up community grills in nine cities and will begin at Randall’s Island in New York City on May 22, 2010 with free Hebrew National Beef Franks for park visitors, entertainment and activities for the entire family and Cheryl Hines.

hebrew-national-logo-180pixWith the picnics, Hebrew National and will support various community organizations, like Feeding America, that support those in need, making the picnics fun, more meaningful and BETTER than a Picnic. At each picnic, moms within each of the nine communities on the Tour schedule will hand select an organization in need and create a custom service project for each. All picnic goers will be able to participate in the fun, interactive projects for an opportunity to give back.

All picnic details are available at and Join the Hebrew National page on Facebook for updates, pictures for our events and tips on throwing your own Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic this summer.

Yesterday, I got the chance to chat on the phone with Cheryl Hines.

She dished about going from an unknown actress to “Larry David’s wife,” shooting Curb Your Enthusiasm with retroscripting, how Larry David really is in REAL life, her role on Brothers and Sisters, and her partnership with Hebrew National.

Click on the podcast icon below to listen to my full interview with Cheryl Hines.



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      Yes Alicia – I did feel very lucky to talk with Cheryl. But she was so friendly and laid back it just felt like chatting with a friend.

      Yes, the whole cast of Curb Your Enthusiasm is so talented!


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