Today HP Is Launching Their New Photosmart Printer… And We’re Giving One Away!

HP Photosmart PrinterThis is hot-off-the-press, high-tech fun!

Today, Tuesday August 28th is the big launch date for the HP Photosmart A626 Compact Photo Printer.

Girls, this is something to be talked about. I have to admit, I’m not one for playing with electronics and high-tech gadgets, but some are made with a mom in mind and this Photosmart Printer has ‘mom-must-have’ written all over it.

I imagine many moms can relate to the dilemma of never having time to get their digital photos printed.

When you look around my house (or Janice’s house), you’d never know we actually have thousands of photos of our kids. In fact, basically the only photos anyone has ever seen of our kids are those we post here on 5 Minutes for Mom. All the other memories are reduced to bits and bytes that fill up our hard drives.

Sound familiar?

We love our digital camera and we’d never go back. But the only snag in the process is the photos find themselves stuck on a hard drive and we never make time to send them to the printers.

And as much as I love it that each time I get milk from the fridge I see a picture of a one-year-old Julia pushing her doll stroller last summer, I think I’m now going to tack up a picture of her pedaling her trike.

But enough about photos on my fridge… you probably want to know more about this gem of a photo printer. Well, let me tell you…

  • It’s tiny!
    Don’t start thinking you need to clear off a shelf for another full size printer. This cute little Photosmart Printer needs almost no space. It’s only about 10 inches wide, 4.5 inches deep and 5 inches tall.
  • The print quality is exceptional.
    I was astounded at the quality of the photos I printed. I do not believe anyone would be able to guess which photos I printed on this printer and which I had professionally printed.
  • It’s portable.
    A little handle makes it easy for you to take your printer with you to scrapbook parties, and you do not even need to bring your computer. It can run on batteries, or you can plug it in to any power outlet. Then you can simply pull your memory card from your digital camera, plug it into the printer and start printing. So as you scrap you can decide which photos you want to print and at what size.
  • You’ve got lots of options of how to transfer your photo files to the printer.
    The folks at HP really made sure this printer supported your favorite way to transfer files. You can use a memory card such as an xD-Picture Card, Compact Flash I and II, Memory Stick or a Secure Digital MultiMedia Card. Or you can send photos directly from your computer using either a USB cable or an HP Bluetooth wireless printer adaptor. If those aren’t enough options, you can also connect a PictBridge digital camera, or a USB flash/thumb drive or even an iPod!
  • You can print different sizes of photos.
    The printer can support several different sizes of paper including the commonly used 5 x 7 and 4 x 6. It can also print panoramic photos on 4 x 12 photo paper, and several other sizes such as 4 x 8 photo cards, photo stickers and more.
  • It can connect to computers running Microsoft Windows and Mac computers.
    If you’re using Windows XP or Vista, or Mac OS 10.3x or 10.4x your computer will be fine connecting and sending files to the printer. But remember, you can use the printer without a computer.
  • You can customize your photos directly on the printer.
    You don’t even need to load your photos into a photo editing program on your computer. You can remove red eye, sharpen blurred photos, improve brightness, color and contrast at time of printing. You can also get creative by drawing on your photos or adding frames, captions, clip art and special effects.
  • It’s so easy to setup and use.
    You can have your printer setup and printing in minutes. (And no, you do not need to call your husband. LOL) The printer comes with a quick setup guide and the printer’s online help guides you through the steps as well.

If you’ve got a hard drive full of photos and you’d like to get printing, leave a comment and let us know. If you also link back to this post to let your readers in on the scoop, we’ll enter your name in the draw for a free HP Photosmart printer.

Non-bloggers can still enter. We understand you can’t link back, but perhaps you can email a few friends… I’m sure they’ll be thanking you. US Shipping addresses only… so sorry to our Canadian friends.

We will draw the lucky winner on Monday September, 10th.

I recommend you add this printer to your list of Mom’s Back To School Supplies. Just think of all the quick hand-made birthday cards you can make for those countless birthday parties and Thanksgiving cards and Christmas cards. Not to mention covering your fridge with photos of the kids at soccer and trick-or-treating and on and on…

So, if we don’t draw your number or you just can’t wait until the 10th, hop over and order your own HP Photosmart A626 Compact Photo Printer at Best Buy or

Happy Photo Printing!


  1. says

    Oh my luck is not good these days. My printer has recently gone on strike and although it used to print beautiful photos. That is no longer. Can I have it?:)

  2. says

    THIS would be a life saver! We live out of state from all our friends and family and I mean well, but I don’t get as man photos off as I’d like – because I don’t always have the time. I would LOVE to have my own little photo shop at home! :)

  3. Zukppr says

    I’ve often wondered if I’d ever get these bits and bytes into my photo albums. Looks like this would be the trick into setting up a scrap booking table. Does it come equipped with time?

  4. pegg says

    How great this would be to start scrapbooking. So convenient not to have to send out for photos!! Thanks for the chance!

  5. Lisa says

    Wow! We could sure use this — we’d probably have to set up a sharing schedule to prevent arguments about whose turn it was to print photos!

  6. says

    I’m dropping my poor printer off today – hoping to be fixed. Winning one of these would be a godsend :) I have too many photos wanting to be seen! thanks for the opportunity!

  7. says

    Oh my – I have thousands of photos, just waiting for the right printer to come along… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please enter me and I’ll link to the contest today as well!

  8. says

    This would be great. With family spread all over the country I’d like to print out the pictures I get via email from them. Thanks!

  9. says

    I received a photo printer for Christmas last year that produced poor quality pics. From what I read about this one, this is the bomb! As a scrapbooker and avid picture taker, I WANT IT! :)

    Will put a post today about it…

  10. says

    Just put a link here on my site. I’ve got tons of pictures on my hard drive, just needing to be printed. I had an older version of this (way older), but gave that one to my Mom so she could print pics easily.

    I’d LOVE to have this printer! I’ve had a run of bad luck lately (2 sprained ankles & a shampoo/scooter accident at the grocery store) stop by my blog to read about all the ‘excitement’.

    Please enter me in your give away. Thanks!

    This printer would change my luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. says

    I am so hooked on digital photography…but like you ladies…my hard drive is packed with photos…so desperately need something so perfect for moms to use…this is a great give a way!!!!

  12. Tracy says

    I have take lots of pictures but like you don’t print them. I just emailed a bunch of friends about this new printer.

  13. says

    I have a laptop full of photos, and it just keeps growing, especially since I received my digital camera for my first Mother’s Day last May. I wold love to have this printer.

  14. ~Lana B.~ says

    Not a blogger but i would still love to be entered. I have yeeeeears of pictures waiting to be printed!
    Thanks so much!!
    ~Lana B.~

  15. Erika Uggen says

    Hi! I would love one of these printers! I have so many pictures trapped on my hard-drive!!! I’ve emailed my friends too!
    Thanks for a great contest!

  16. Rebecca says

    I would love to win, we are expecting our first child in less then a month, this would be another great addition!!

  17. says

    Wow, that IS awesome. I hardly ever print out pictures either, all of ours around the house are a couple or three years out of date!

  18. says

    wow, this is really awesome. I have a years worth of pictures piling up in my harddrive and that I desperately need to print. I don’t have a printer and this would be perfect. not only for me, but for my mother in law who is a teacher

  19. says

    Oh, I really, really need this!! I have over 3000 pictures on my hard drive now and twice that many backed up on cds!! We take about 100 pictures and sometimes more a week and I am going to be getting a new camera in a couple of months so that amount I am sure will double.

  20. Kelly K says

    I too would like to be entered. not a blogger though. I did email my friends and family about this.
    what a fab win that would be. My dn who is almost 16 would love that. She LOVES taking pictures. She is going to be a photojournalist.
    thanks !

  21. Jill H. says

    I so could use this! I hate my current printer, huge and ugly – and the pictures aren’t even very good…count me in!

  22. says

    My photos are still on my camera from the Christmas before last. I could really use this to rescue all those great photos from the camera.

    My post is up.

  23. stephanie says

    Now THIS is something I really need. Great-grandma never gets pictures because she doesn’t have a computer…

  24. says

    I have the old HP photosmart printer and I love it, but it only prints 4X6. When I bought it, I didn’t realize what a scrapbooker I would become and how much I wanted other size pics! Enter me in the drawing, please!

  25. says

    What a neat item! I’ve been “meaning to” print photos that I want to scrapbook of our son’s first 6 months– hopefully this would inspire me!

    Will soon be posted on our blog…

  26. says

    I’m so tired of running to the drugstore to print pictures. I’d love to be able to still get that quality of print yet be able to do it while I’m still in jammies!

  27. Kate says

    After loosing my middle sons entire first year of pictures, this would be perfect for the pictures we have saved but need to print.


  28. says

    I would LOVE to have this printer! I recently had a complete hard drive failure and lost a year’s worth of photos, so I’m starting over from scratch and determined to print out more. Sign me up! :)

  29. Jenn in AZ says

    Ooooohhhh, yes!!! This would be a WONDERFUL addition to my electronic family! :) I am a Sunday School teacher (3-4 year olds) and would LOVE to be able to take pics and print them out immediately for personal crafts or cards. GREAT GIVEAWAY! Thanks 5M4M and HP/Best Buy!

  30. says

    I am in need of one of these. I have photos on my computer, CDs, and my memory stick still! I keep saying I’ll get around to printing them one day. That day has NOT arrived yet! Maybe this way I will actually print them.

  31. says

    What a great giveaway. With a baby due in October and a deployed husband, this would make things alot easier. No more standing in line to print pictures to mail to Iraq.

  32. Ally P says

    I could really use this… my photo printer died on me (it was a different brand than this)…

    A little note about HP…I have a cheapie regular HP printer (not photo) that I have had for about 4 years now… I think HP makes the best quality printers.. everyoine I talk to that has an HP printer haven’t had issues with them unlike other brands they have had before… before I got my HP printer I went through a new printer every 6 months. I bet this photo printer is AWESOME because it’s a HP!!!
    Good luck everyone!!!

  33. JewelsHud says

    I need this . . . by the time my guy was 1 – I already had over 1000 digital photos. I will definitely share the love on this one and spread the word.


  34. says

    My husband and I moved out of state last year and just had a baby July 22. I never realized how few people in our family had internet or how time consuming it could be to take, order, pick up, and send pictures to them. Having this printer would be SOOO convient. Then Grandma would recieve pictures more than every 4 weeks. :) Help me out here please!!!

  35. Elizabeth Silence says

    Oh I really want to give this to my mom.. who takes pictures of my kids all the time. Please count me in.

  36. Cole's Mama says

    I’ve been bugging my husband for AGES to get me a photo printer! I would love to win this!! I don’t have a blog, but I told my friend, Alise, to enter!

  37. says

    Oh wow, that would be wonderful. I’m always printing out pictures of my kids, it’s like $.30 each. I spent about $30 the other day cleaning off my camera!

  38. says

    Oooh – Pick me, pick me!! I have 5 gigs of photos to print from this year alone… and that’s after I narroed them down to the really nccessary ones.

    I posted this on my blog – at the website link above.

  39. Jill Bretsen says

    I just emailed about 10 friends and told about this.
    printing photos off my hard drive has been on my back to school list of things to do and this would really help.
    I might even start a blog to celebrate!

    Please pick me!!1

    Jill from Omaha

  40. says

    I would sure love one of these for my birthday on Sept. 10th! It is also the day I will be meeting my daughter in China, so I am sure I will have tons of photos to print! Count me in. jp

  41. Joanne Schultz says

    oooh, nice prize- and blue is my favorite color! Hard to show off photos that reside on my desktop computer! This would be great to print out my best photos to show them off!

  42. says

    Of course, count me in!! I have a gazillion bajillion photos I need to print…and scrapbooking season is just around the corner. SB is one of my winter hobbies! lol! Thanks for the contest!!

  43. says

    I want one too! This is so neat. If I don’t win… I may just have to go out and buy one… or have my hubby buy one for me! That would be even better.
    count me in.

  44. Tara Larison says

    This would be so awesome. Just upgraded to digital a couple of months ago and my four year old printer isn’t too happy about that! LOL

  45. Sandra Jensen says

    What a wonderful new printer! I have never had one – have to go to Walmart or Lewis to print my photos. Thanks for having this contest.

  46. Penny Pierce says

    Great prize!!! I have a beautiful 3 year old niece and my computer is full already imagine what it will be like in a few more years.

  47. Alisha Cunningham says

    My mom has one of the first versions of these! It’s super sweet! I bet the new one is way cooler too.
    I would love one of these for my birthday.

  48. says


  49. brandy says

    i would love to win this. having two kids and one on the way i take tons of pics. i emailed a few friends about it too.

  50. Mary Helen says

    This is a great contest and I would love to win the HP Printer. I have 4 precious grandchildren, and I always have pictures that need to be printed.

  51. says

    This is every mother’s dream. Mine in particular. I have 6 CD’s full of pictures I keep meaning to get printed and another couple of hundred from this year taking up space on my hard drive. This could mean the end of my procrastination and the beginning of filling up my empty photo albums and scrap books. I’m tossing my hat in the ring,

  52. Debbie Childers says

    would love to own this beautry my printer went out along time ago and could never replace it since I lost my job

  53. says

    Oooooo, pick me, pick me!!!! I have at least a year’s worth of undeveloped pictures — but at least they’re burned onto a CD, not just sitting on my harddrive, waiting for the next crash. I could really use a photo printer.

  54. Julie Donahue says

    Pick me please! I am pretty geood with the computer, but most photo printers make me feel completely incompetent.

  55. Lester Boe says

    the printer would be perfect for me, one of my daughters had her second son and my 6th grandson, also on disability, have cancer and am a vietnam veteran, with little income, to buy a nice printer like that one.

  56. Jo says

    Ummmm is still having pictures from EIGHT years ago on my computer count as needing to print them up? I kid you not! Awful isn’t it? Please enter me in your contest as well.

  57. Elizabeth Ray says

    I’d love it! I was thrilled to get my digital camera – i was so tired of taking pictures that didn’t turn out, only I wouldn’t know they didn’t turn out until it was too late. (I had several rolls that didn’t turn out of a trip to New York in early 2001. Can’t tanke those again!) With this printer, I could have prints of my good pictures! (Too many times have I picked up prints only to have to guess what the picture was supposed to be.) I’d love this!

  58. says

    This printer would be great for my real estate flyers. I know HP products are great and when the other agents see what great flyers I am producing they will want a photo printer like mine.

  59. rebecca says

    I love your site and all the great tips you keep sending our way. I don’t have a blog, but I’m an avid photographer with a hard drive FULL of photos I’d love to print at home. Thanks for the great offer and letting me play along.

    Rebecca (

  60. Dorothy Davidson says

    This would be great, having a printer dedicated to photos, good quality and no more changing paper in my printer.

  61. says

    ooooo that looks perfect for me. I have God only knows how many pictures in my computer and so few on hardcopy. I need to actually back them up on a disk now that I think of it lol. Please add me I will add a thing to my blog this afternoon.

  62. says

    I would love to win this photo printer. Just the other day, while visiting my parents, their camera of 40 yrs. went out. I told my dad that he ought to buy a digital camera, but he said, “How would I get the pictures printed?”, and viola, I heard about this giveaway. How exciting!


  63. Tamara says

    Wow it would be great to take this along to Grandma’s house when we visit, instant pictures for her to treasure!

  64. Patrice Pruitte says

    We recently got our first digital camera, and this would be wonderful to go along with it. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  65. says

    Have you been spying on me??? After reading this post, it’s seems like it. I’m totally guilty of hording un-printed digital photos. Help me!


  66. Barbara Jones says

    I am a recently retired school teacher with two small wonderful grand children. I can definately put this printer to good use.

  67. says

    Oh I could so use this
    my daughter will be 2 and i have yet to develop really any pictures since she was born off my digital…i fear i will lose them all if i dont develop them soon but its gotten to be such a huge costly job this mom dosent have the funds for
    i would LOVE to win this one!
    count me in please

  68. techchick says

    I love, love, love HP photo printers! This would be a terrific win! Thank you for having such a great contest!

  69. says

    This would be great for the photos that we have now but WONDERFUL for the ones that we are fixing to have with a new BABY!!! I would love to have it.

  70. Marla says

    I recently became a grandmother and have lots of pictures I would love to use this printer to print off. Thank you for offering to give this away.

  71. Rita Melton says

    I’m new to your website & not a blogger — but what an awesome introduction to a win of this great photo printer would be!


    I have a regular photo printer which pretty much sucks, so this would just be a real blessing for myself and my family. Please give me a chance to win it!!!

  73. says

    An amazing item! I would finally be able to get those precious memories out of digital status and have actual photos without spending a fortune! Not bad.

  74. Kellie Ingram says

    I don’t have a printer or a way to print my own photos, so I lost tons of precious pictures of my kids when my computer crashed (and I forgot to back it up). If I had one of these, I could print the pictures and not lose them, and get them into photo albums or scrapbooks once and for all.

  75. Cheri Goodloe says

    I’d love this printer. Grandchildren keep me so busy, I never get my prints from the computer to the store!

  76. Linda Taggart says

    I have a budding 11-year-old scrapbooker here at home that could really use this great printer! Thanks for offering it!


  77. Darlene says

    What an awesome prize! This would be so handy to have. Thanks for offering such a gift! Pick me, pick me, pick me….

  78. Erin says

    As sit here looking at the boxes of pictures I have to organize, I’m thinking that maybe it is a good thing that the last five years are on the computer!! HOWEVER, it sure would be nice to print one every now and then!! I’ll be telling all my friends about this one!

  79. adina weinstein says

    My friends and family would be so pround to see great pictures and would relate much better to each other.

  80. says

    WOW! I love it! Amazing technology–seems like it’s made for someone like me (aka—NOT technology minded.
    I would love to win it!
    Posting about it now….

  81. says

    I’ve never been interested in getting a photo printer until the last four months when I’ve not had the time or energy chose the pictures I want, upload them to a website, pick the sizes I want, and then pay for them and pick them up. So it would be fab to win this otherwise I’ll keep trucking along until I find a great deal.

  82. Kathy Swenson says

    Winning this would SERIOUSLY end the desperation of waiting for my daughter to get me prints of my 2 beautiful little granddaughters!
    I’m planning on buying a digital camera to replace my broken formerly gorgeous (but old) 35mm Minolta (now discontinued)! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!

  83. says

    My hard drive is so full I have to put photos on, upload them and take them off the computer right away. This printer would be awesome! Enter me please!

  84. says

    Oh boy! Would I put THIS to good use!! I print pictures just about every day. I’ve just recently gotten interested in scrapbooking again too, so that has increased my photo printing. :) The printer that I currently have is just about totally worn out, so I’d love a new one! :) Thanks! :)

  85. says

    I would love to have one of HP photo printers. My daughter is really sensitive to chemicals and thus we don’t print pictures or anything in our house. But for the grandparents and great-grandparents, they just don’t understand and want “hold in your hand” pictures. We could use this in our garage (wireless internet or SD card) to print and send pictures.

    Thanks for reading anyway and giving away such a great toy!

    My simple blog is at

  86. says

    Oh how I would like to get a picture printer. That would be so much better than going to Walmart or Meijer to print pictures. Thanks for the great give-away. God bless you, Elizabeth

  87. says

    You can’t imagine how much I want this!! I have so many photos stored online and on my computer that need to be printed. See my website link for the link back to the contest!!

  88. Margaret Williams says

    It’s amazing how HP can put so much technology in such a small printer. I love the idea of editing my photos without turning on the computer!

  89. Jean Medina says

    Got the digital camera almost a year ago & with 3 kids, we take A LOT of pictures. I think I have printed 10 of them. That’s because we needed them for a school project or someone kept bugging me for a copy of something. Never pics for us… I have a lot of empty scrapbooks & photo albums waiting to be filled. I have dial-up so I don’t have a blog or webpage or anything. Help me get with the times. I’d love this printer!

  90. ghotch says

    This would be such a needed item in my home with the kids and their sports activities, it would be used ALL the time!!!

  91. says

    I would love to win, espcially since my dd has taken up photgraphy and this would be an awesome gift for her.
    I have listed your site on my blog.

  92. KimmyL says

    OOh I would so love to win. My baby girl will be 16 in September and she loves taking pics and scrapbboking. This would be so perfect.

  93. says

    wow, it would be so nice to print your photos rather than have them uploaded and then ordered and then mailed to you… if that ever happens! :)

  94. says

    This is great! I hope I win it. I love taking and printing photos. I scrapbook so this would make that process go even faster… (wishful thinking I know).

    Have a blessed day!

  95. says

    A friend of mine is Sunday School teacher. she brought one of these to her class last Sun, took pics of each her students then turned around and printed them immediately to hang on the bulletin board. How convenient.
    I could really put one of these to good (and frequent) use.

  96. Michele McHenry says

    I am like you in the fact that all my pics are now on the hard drives and discs! But, now that I have the craft room and someone was generous enough to give me all kinds of material to make photo albums and pages…I plam to make my kids each their own album now that they are on their own. Plus…I want to have one ready to go for WHEN the granchildren come….can’t wait!!
    This would help so much to get the pictures out and in the open…thanks for the chance!

  97. Deborah says

    OH I hope I win because I have a millon pictures that I would LOVE to be able to print at home! I have the cutest little baby girl and 3 year old boy in the world…so I’ve got to print out my photos to prove it :)

    Pick ME!!!

  98. Joanna Smith says

    I am the biggest Photo Diva! I must print about 50 pictures a day! This printer will get a lot of mileage in my house!

  99. Amber Hillman says

    oh, I would love this! I scrapbook and have tons of pictures that I need to print from off! Well maybe not tons on my camera but I use it daily!!

  100. Chelsea says

    This would be so convenient. I have so many pics on my computer that need to be printed and this would be so handy.

  101. says

    We have a few relatives who don’t have computers and I never seem to have time to get pictures printed at the store, so this would definitely keep me in Gram’s and Grandma’s and Mom’s good graces.

  102. Rebecca Furlong says

    I have been using my current HP printer for many years now, and it has been a real dependable workhorse with wonderful quality; but I sure would love to have a new one, that can print photos of the grandchildren…

  103. Christie Moreira says

    I take pictures of my four boys all the time. I upload them to Shutterfly and wait for them to be sent. This would save a lot of time, energy and money. Thanks for the oportunity to win something fantastic. My boys and myself would be so estaic if were to win especially my 6 year old who thinks he is a photographer.

  104. Lindsay says

    If I were like my young toddler, I’d point at this printer and whine or yell until you gave it to me…instead I’ll ask nicely. May I have it, please?

  105. says

    I’d love to win this! I have tons of pics that need printed. I have a great camera, but no printer. BTW, I’m putting your link on my page! Great contest and I am looking forward to browsing through your site! =)

  106. says

    Please pick me. I am a teacher and I don’t have a good printer. I would use this when I take pictures of my physical education students. We like to have pictures around the gym to inspire kids to “keep moving!” I would be honored to have this printer to keep pictures moving throughout the gym. (We get pictures of our kids made in black and white with our school printer.) Thank for an opportunity to share my story! kt

  107. says

    It’s now been one year that my daughter and I have been a family! Let’s see some of those photos! Would love the printer and have posted a link.
    Muriel’s Mom!

  108. Cathy says

    I would love this! I have triplets and I am so far behind on printing their pictures! Thanks for the chance to enter :)

  109. says

    I bought the Hp photosmart printer sometime ago, I sure would like to have another one. The pictures turn out just beautiful. I am on a fixed income and really cant just go out and buy another. I know mine is about to go on the bum.

  110. says

    I haven’t developed pics of my kids in about 3 1/2 years. I think this would be a great help in my scrapbooking adventures, which are now non-existant. Even though I have two kids who have never been scrapbooked, or had pics developed, lol.

  111. Dee says

    OMG !…This would be a dream come true.
    Have always wanted one of these…would be so great to PRINT my own pictures.
    Thanks for a chance to WIN.

  112. Brian E. says

    …looks like a great photo printer: works with PC or Mac, and you can do some photo editing with the printer itself…I’m sold !

  113. says

    Do you know how many times I go to scrap & realize I forgot to print one picture I need or wish I had a 5×7 printout? I want this printer. Thanks! Will post today.

  114. says

    What a lovely printer… It is about time for me to replace my other HP so I will link back to the poast and keep my fingers crossed! I found you thru Mik~~~
    Thanks for the info!

  115. Candice Domerese says

    I would love to have one of these printers. I usually send my photos directly to my account. I can crop, enhance and order online. Very easy. But I then forget to pick up my order. They only keep photos for 30 days. Ahhhh, technology! Anything is possible from the comfort of your own home.

  116. says

    What a Wonderful printer! So portable! HP makes the best equipment!
    Have been wanting, needing & L@@king for a printer like this!!
    Would be Delighted to WIN this!!! Please enter me!!!
    Thank You!!!

  117. says

    I love the look. This is kind of exciting. I love getting stuff. But, I guess you are the one who has to make the choice. I would love to have it. Well, HAPPY CHOICE!

  118. vanessa hunter says

    My daughter has been BEGGING me for a printer, but I am a single mother with severe rheumatoid arthritis who is forced to stay at home. It would really brighten up my children’s day if we could win such a wonderful gift.

  119. says

    You mean you can actually print those pictures that you put on your computer? What a concept! :) And then I guess they could actually be put in a scrapbook! Sounds like a great product!

  120. Marie Noguerole says

    I don’t have time to blog, occasionally post in a forum and definitely will share this mom-must-have with my friends.

  121. says

    Oh this would be such a blessing to have. With so many family and friends out of state it would be great to have this to help share the moments of our family with them.

  122. Dorothy Davidson says

    I have lots of pictures, just waiting as a file on my hard drive, that need to be printed, and see the light of day.

  123. Scott A.W. says

    Photography has been a long-time passion o’ mine,so this printer would surely go to excellent use!
    “Thanks for the promo!!!”

  124. Betsy Pauzauskie says

    Size, quality and portability!!! This is the kind of practical high-tech gadget every Mom NEEDS . . . me included! :)

  125. Jean Bieb says

    I would love to win this printer…it would be such a great thing to be able to take to scrapbook retreats so I could print as I went. What a great product!

  126. Karen Polcha says

    My kids could really use some new pictures on the walls and tables. Any Mom realized how hard it is to get their kids to get(professional) pictures taken. After five or six, they never want to sit still, lol.

  127. P. Harmon says

    I was the only one at my son’s preschool graduation with a disposable camera and I still haven’t developed the film.