Why I Love to Shop Online

by Janice

When you’ve got a rambunctious 4 year old boy, shopping online is all the more fabulous…

why i love to shop online

  1. No lineups.
  2. No public washrooms. (It seems every time I shop with my four year old son, I hear, “Mooooom, I need to poo.”)
  3. I can watch TV while I shop. Throw in some chocolate and we are having a really good time.
  4. No rushing around to finish shopping before the mall closes. (Yes, I have been that mother dragging my son through the mall while insisting a little too firmly, “hurry up – walk faster!” Why is that they can dart away from you at super speed at the check out line, but try to get a preschooler or toddler to move at a decent pace when you are racing against the clock and you have a stalled, stubborn donkey on your hands.)
  5. Less chance of my son being abducted while I try to pay.
  6. In and out of stores in a click. Absolute efficiency. Can you see me smiling?
  7. Every store around the world is in my house. From Tiffany’s to Target, I have ‘em all.
  8. The UPS guy is kinda like Santa. (Note: Some delivery personnel may refuse to wear the red hat you so generously provide.)

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Janice is co-founder of 5 Minutes For Mom. She's been working online since 2003 and is thankful her days are full of social media, writing and photography. You can see more of her photos at janicecrozephotography.com.

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1 Teething March 25, 2006 at 7:27 am

Very funny, but yes… I agree that shopping on line is the thing to do.



2 Liu Feredigo February 21, 2009 at 6:06 pm

Wow you are absolutely right..
Hahaha do want to exchange banner with me…
please contact me soon

Love you guys


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