Why I Love to Shop Online

When you’ve got a rambunctious 4 year old boy, shopping online is all the more fabulous…

why i love to shop online

  1. No lineups.
  2. No public washrooms. (It seems every time I shop with my four year old son, I hear, “Mooooom, I need to poo.”)
  3. I can watch TV while I shop. Throw in some chocolate and we are having a really good time.
  4. No rushing around to finish shopping before the mall closes. (Yes, I have been that mother dragging my son through the mall while insisting a little too firmly, “hurry up – walk faster!” Why is that they can dart away from you at super speed at the check out line, but try to get a preschooler or toddler to move at a decent pace when you are racing against the clock and you have a stalled, stubborn donkey on your hands.)
  5. Less chance of my son being abducted while I try to pay.
  6. In and out of stores in a click. Absolute efficiency. Can you see me smiling?
  7. Every store around the world is in my house. From Tiffany’s to Target, I have ‘em all.
  8. The UPS guy is kinda like Santa. (Note: Some delivery personnel may refuse to wear the red hat you so generously provide.)


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